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Indigenous Australian arts compilation



Jean Baptiste Apuatimi Tiwi Islands Art

Jean Baptiste Apuatimi, Tiwi Islands


The exposure of Aboriginal art to the West had its inception at the aboriginal community of Papunya in the Western Desert of Central Australia. Just like the vivid wildflowers that fill the local ochre terrain in the middle of winter, their art was a rare juxtaposition adapted from the Australian landscape. Although the indigenous art was originally developed for body painting, bark & cave art and ceremonial ground paintings, once the Papunya artists were introduced to canvas and tube paints in the 60’s, they quickly adapted to the new medium. Many of the key artists from this era were highly respected senior men with full ritual and ceremonial knowledge. The paintings were steeped in ancient mystical knowledge and had an intimate connection to the mythological beings of the Tjukurrpa or Dreamtime. They were eager to teach, and to maintain a record of their dreaming country, as well as paint for profit.


 Chern'ee Sutton - Jurutu - Painting of a Goanna Lizard

Chern’ee Sutton – Jurutu


The diversity and quality of Australian Indigenous art reflects the richness and deep heritage of Indigenous culture and the distinct differences between tribes, languages, dialects and geographic landscapes. Art has always been an integral component of Aboriginal life, connecting past and present, the people with their land, and the supernatural and reality.
Many paintings by Aboriginal artists, such as those that represent a “dreamtime story”, are shown from an aerial perspective. The narrative follows the lie of the land, as created by ancestral beings in their journeys or during creation. Australian Indigenous art is the oldest ongoing tradition of art in the world dating back more than 30,000 years. Details gleaned from these drawings are the merest fragments of a rich and extensive mythology that exists around the natural features of the country.



Cultural-Artefact,-Jimmy-K.= - two ceramic figures

Cultural artifact ceramic figures – Jimmy Thaiday



Honey Ant Dreaming ground painting

‘Honey Ant Dreaming’ ground painting


Robert Edwards (past Curator of Anthropology at the South Australian Museum, stated  –
“Each line and design has symbolic importance and has its complement in the dance and song performed at its making and its ceremonial display. Preservation of the ritual, unaltered down the ages, demands strict adherence to traditional form and design but natural desire for aesthetic expression promotes the development of elegance, technique and delicacy of touch.”
The artists of Papunya and those at other indigenous art centres have followed a collaborative path of preserving and sharing the knowledge of their ancient stories and symbols with their fellow artists. Their arts have been an excellent vehicle for unity and continuation of their traditions and providing an opportunity to share it internationally.


Star-Ark---Arone-Meeks indigenous Australian art painting

‘Star Ark’ – Arone Meeks

The Art Vault



Sunken-History-Arone-Meeks aboriginal art painting

‘Sunken History’ – Arone Meeks

The Art Vault



Aaron-Meeks-Irukandji II - black and white figure painting

Aaron-Meeks  –  ‘Irukandji II’

The Art Vault



Torres Strait-Islander-artists-Ellarose-Savage-and-Jimmy-Thaiday,

Torres Strait Islander artists — Ceramic sculptures by Ellarose Savage and Jimmy Thaiday



figure lid vessel by Irene-Entata

Irene Entata



Alison-Milyka-Carroll aboriginal ceramic artist

Alison Milyka Carroll




Ngayuku-Walka-VII,-2015,-ceramic pot

Incised ovoid pot  Anne Thompson

Ernabella Ceramics, Ngayuku Walka VII, 2015





 Melanie Hava — ‘Brolga Greetings’



Anne-Thompson ceramic cylindrical vessel tapered

Anne Thompson




At-Play--Artwork-by-Paul-Roget 3 aborigiinal children

‘At Play’ – Paul Roget



David Corby Tiapaltiarri - painting Women's Dreaming,-1972

 ‘Women’s Dreaming’ – David Corby Tiapaltiarri – painting





Part of the game-(Chris Lewis),-covered vase Anita Mbitjana Ratara

‘Part of the game (Chris Lewis)’, covered vase by Anita Mbitjana Ratara

2015 Hermannsburg Potters, Northern Territory




Anne-Thompson,-Ernabella-Ceramics,sgrafifito vase

Sgraffito vase – Anne Thompson

Ernabella Ceramics, Sabbia Gallery




painting of the Rainbow Serpent with aboriginals of Australia

‘Birth of Rainbow Serpent’Paul Roget

Salt of the Earth series

‘Salt of the Earth’ is an illustrative journey into the traditions and magic of indigenous Australian’s seen through a western surrealistic eye. A pictorial witness of an indigenous cultures beauty, dignity, and deep partnership with their land.




‘Birth Of The Moons’ – Ainslie Roberts




Christina Gollan The-leafy-sea-dragon-relief vase

The leafy sea dragon relief vase – Christina Gollan




Clifford-Possum-Tjapaltjarri - Pupanya dot art painting

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri – Papunya dot art Corroboree painting




-Ainslie-Roberts painting - Creation-of-the-Coorong-Birds

‘Creation of the Coorong Birds’  – Ainslie Roberts




Derek-Jungarrayi-Thompson, vase Ernabella-Ceramics,

Australian indigenous vase ‘Kungkarangkalpa II’ – Derek Jungarrayi Thompson

52 cm height, Ernabella ceramics,



Derek Jungarrayi Thompson,-Ernabella Ceramics

‘Kungkarangkalpa–Seven Sisters’ – Derek Jungarrayi Thompson

2015, Ernabella Ceramics, Sabbia Gallery



Derek Jungarrayi Thompson,-Ernabella Ceramics - Watersnake Story

Derek Jungarrayi Thompson, Ernabella Ceramics – ‘Watersnake Story’




Earthbow---Paul-Roget - painting of 3 aboriginal men dancing on a rock

‘Earthbow’ — Paul Roget

Salt of the Earth series



Ellarose-Savage ceramic sculpture ochre colour

Ellarose Savage




Ernabella Ceramics, Derek Jungarrayi Thompson - SOLD Liru Kutjara II, 2013,

‘Liru Kutjara II’, Derek Jungarrayi Thompson  stoneware vessel with sgrafitto decoration

Ernabella Ceramics, Sabbia Gallery




‘Wanampi I’ – Derek Jungarrayi Thompson, 2014

Ernabella Ceramics, Sabbia Gallery


‘Waubin and Epili,’ Gordon Hammond 2014

Gab Titui Cultural Centre

Photos: George Serras, National Museum of Australia



Derek-Jungarrayi-Thompson---SOLD-Wanampi-II,-2014 sgrafitto vase

Derek Jungarrayi Thompson — ‘Wanampi II’, 2014

Ernabella Ceramics, Sabbia Gallery



Ernabella Ceramics ,Ernabella Womens Grouping,-2016

Ernabella Ceramics , Ernabella Womens Grouping of ceramic vessels

Sabbia Gallery, 2016




Derek Jungarrayi Thompson—‘Wanampi Muni Ngintaka’,

Ernabella Ceramics 2013

Sabbia Gallery




Ernabella Ceramics, Janelle Muwitja Nakamarra Thompson – ‘Ngayuku Walka II,’

2016, stoneware with sgraffito, H 48.5cm




Ernabella Ceramics, potters Ngunytjima Carroll & Derek Thompson, 2014





Ernabella Ceramics, Pepai Carroll – ‘Walungurru II’

2015, stoneware with sgraffito, H 45.5




Ernabella Ceramics, Pepai Jangala Carroll ~ ‘Tali’, 2012, stoneware,

Ernabella Ceramics, Sabbia Gallery  Height 30 cm




Doris Bush Nungarrayi painting~ Tjurrpinyi (Swimming at Haasts Bluff), 2013

Doris Bush Nungarrayi painting ~ ‘Tjurrpinyi (Swimming at Haasts Bluff)’




Rachael Mipantjiti Lionel - Kapi Wankanya, 2016, stoneware with sgraffito, H 46

Rachael Mipantjiti Lionel ~ Kapi Wankanya

2016, stoneware with sgraffito, H 46cm


Ernabella Ceramics, Rachael Mipantjiti Lionel ~ ‘Ngayuku Walka XX’,

2015, stoneware, H 29 cm




Ernabella Ceramics, Rhoda Tjitayi – Anumara Tjukurpa ~ ‘Caterpillar Dreaming’

2015, stoneware, H 31 cm




Dreamtime-Sisters--Colleen-Wallace-Nungari aboriginal dot painting

‘Dreamtime Sisters’ ~ Colleen Wallace Nungari




 Yaritji Jack - Ngayuku Walka III, 2016, stoneware with sgraffito, H 49

  Yaritji Jack ~ ‘Ngayuku Walka III’

2016, stoneware with sgraffito, H 49 cm

Ernabella Ceramics, Sabbia Gallery




Three amorphic dishes with aboriginal art decoration

Gorrogarrah Binjdil — Three amorphic dishes




Derek Jungarrayi Thompson---Ngintaka, 2017,-stoneware with sgraffito ceramic vessel

Derek Jungarrayi Thompson — ‘Ngintaka’ stoneware with sgraffito vase






Ainslie-Roberts,-Sound-of-Wind painting of a leaping frog in the reeds

Ainslie Roberts, ‘Sound of Wind’



Jack-Dale-~-Wandjina,-2007 dreamtime spirit

Jack Dale ~ ‘Wandjina’ 2007




Lavinia Ketchell (Erub Arts), necklace




Lawrence Omeenyo Umpila Missus and Mister Croc 2013 earthenware

Lawrence Omeenyo Umpila ‘Missus and Mister Croc’

2013 earthenware



Leah-Jackson twin handled vase with pink flowers

Leah Jackson




Linga-of-Ayers-Rock-Ainslie-Roberts Painting of Uluru

‘Linga of Ayers Rock’ – Ainslie Roberts



Lyerrtjina (budgerigar) 2016 by hermannsburgpottery -Judith Pungkarta Inkamala

‘Lyerrtjina (budgerigar) ‘ – Judith Pungkarta Inkamala

2016 by Hermannsburg pottery




Nellie-Marks-Nakamarra-aboriginal dot painting

Nellie Marks Nakamarra



Pepai Jangala Carroll, Walungurru, 2015, Stoneware, H 20

Pepai Jangala Carroll, ‘Walungurru’,

2015, Stoneware, H 20 cm



Paul-Roget---Tribal-Clensing Painting of an aboriginal girl bathing in a rock pool

Paul Roget — ‘Tribal Cleansing’ 



Rainmakers-At-Dawn'-by-Ainslie-Roberts. Two Kookaburrahs in a tree painting

‘Rainmakers At Dawn’ by Ainslie Roberts.





Rachael Mipantjiti Lionel, Ernabella Ceramics, ‘Ngayuku Ngura VIII’

2015, stoneware with sgraffito, H 53 x D 15.5cm



Creation of the Southern Cross aboriginal theme painting - Ainslie Roberts

‘Creation of the Southern Cross’  –  Ainslie Roberts



Roberts,-Ainslie,-Death-of-the-Moon-Woman landscape with reclining woman

Ainslie Roberts,  ‘Death of the Moon Woman’




Ainslie Roberts,-,-The-Dancing-Echidna--painting of an airborn Echinda

Ainslie Roberts, ‘The Dancing Echidna’



Robyne-LathamRobyne-Latham-ceramic Pod

Robyne Latham ceramic ‘Pod’



Robyn-Latham 3 terracotta pods Shepparton Arts Museum

Three ‘Pods’ – Robyn Latham



Rupert-Jack,-Maku,-2014 Indigenous Australian art painting

Rupert Jack, ‘Maku’




Salt-of-the-Earth Paul Roget

‘Salt Of The Earth’ – Paul Roget





Suspended shells with aboriginal children as pods by Paul Roget

‘Seed Pods’ – Paul Roget



Paul-Roget painting of an Aboriginal woman rock painting and the male artist

‘The Birthing’ by Paul Roget




Ainslie Roberts – ‘The Desert Ice-Men

From central Australia comes the myth of the Ninya, or desert ice-men, whose hair is made of icicles. In the summer, the Ninya hide away in their caves, but they emerge on winter evenings and cause cold and frost to fall upon the land. As sunrise approaches, they rush back to their caves before they melt and this rapid movement creates the icy winds of desert mornings.



The-Happy-Goana-Mama.dot painting-by-Ousha-Jenamoia-in-2011

‘The Happy Goana Mama’ dot painting by Ousha Jenamoia




The-Origin-of-the-Playtpus - Ainslie Roberts

‘The Origin of the Playtpus’ – Ainslie Roberts



The Patient Fisherman---Paul Roget - painting of a man standing in a boat waiting for rain

‘The Patient Fisherman’ — Paul Roget



The-Sound-of-Lightning-Ainslie-Roberts -- thunder man Mamaragan, roaring with laughter, beats the great stones of the sky together.

‘The Sound of Lightning’ – Ainslie Roberts

In the wet season, the thunder man Mamaragan, roaring with laughter, beats the great stones of the sky together.




Aboriginal art by Walter Tjampitjinpa ~ ‘Water Dreaming’



Tjimpuna Williams, --Piltati Tjukurpa - A Story from Piltati I, 2015, Stoneware, H 80

Tjimpuna Williams, ‘Piltati Tjukurpa – A Story from Piltati I’,

2015, Stoneware, H 80 cm

Ernabella Ceramics, Sabbia Gallery




Tjimpuna Williams, Ernabella Ceramics, SOLD Tali - Sand Dunes, 2015, Stoneware, H 47

Tjimpuna Williams,  ‘Tali – Sand Dunes’

2015, Stoneware jar, H 47 cm

Ernabella Ceramics, Sabbia Gallery




Turning-Fire -Paul-Roget Aboriginal man in a fire pit

‘Turning Fire’ -Paul Roget



aboriginal dot art painting Univers Mininga

Univers Mininga



Alison Milyika Carroll, Rachael Mipantjiti Lionel, Alison Milyika Carroll @pukatjapottery @sabbiagallery

Alison Milyika Carroll, Rachael Mipantjiti Lionel, Alison Milyika Carroll @pukatjapottery @sabbiagallery





Tjunkaya Tapaya with works by fellow Ernabella women - Alison Milyika Carroll and Carlene Thompson.

Tjunkaya Tapaya with works by fellow Ernabella women – Alison Milyika Carroll and Carlene Thompson.










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