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Captivating ceramic creations

More diverse permutations of that flexible, versatile substance known as clay, displaying a myriad of possibilities for the ceramic forms. Clay adaptions that are innovative, original and captivating.


Anne James clay abstract forms

Anne James – ceramic sculptures


“My ideas come from many sources including the traditions of pot making which use burnishing, African, Native American, Indian and Mediterranean cultures.  My interest in Ethnic textiles has influenced the surface decoration.”




Contemporary vase Lisette Savaria in collaboration with Guy Elliche

Lisette Savaria in collaboration with Guy Elliche

Atelier Modplatre




Ceramics-by-Peter-Ilsley-at-Studiopottery.co.uk---Silver-on-tan crystalline vessel

Peter Ilsley ( 1932-2014 ) – sliver and tan crystalline glaze


Ilsley’s porcelain pots were sprayed and/or dipped with zinc silicate containing zinc and silica which are often but not always, “seeded” with titanium dioxide at 1300°centigrade to form the nuclei of the spectacular flowers which then develop organically in the glassy magma during a soak between 1100°c and a 1000°c on the cooling cycle lasting up to five hours. The peak temperature is critical – a few degrees too much will cause most of the glaze to run off the pot.




Carstens-Tönnieshof mid century vessel blue glaze

Carstens Atelier 7088-25 – designed by Gerda Heuckeroth in 1968, prehistoric style design




Angela Mellor bone China cup

Green and Gold spray series – Angela Mellor

Bone China and Paperclay

“My work investigates the translucency of bone china and its potential for the transmission of light.”




Alejandrina-Cappadoro standing figure abstract sculpture

Alejandrina Cappadoro, Argentina




annabel-faraday cramic up with dandelion motif

Annabel Faraday




Anne James three contemporary vessels

Anne James




‘Ready for Rain’  –  Melanie Ferguson





Barbara Chadwick vase

“My pieces often incorporate highly decorative surfaces which are inspired by nature, graphic design and textiles but I can find inspiration anywhere really. I work both intuitively and intellectually, trying not to design too much ahead of time. Much of my current work reflects an ongoing fascination with collage.”

Mudfire Gallery




beate-anderson ceramic bowl

Folded stoneware dish – Beate Anderson

Strandstræde Keramik





Boyan-Moskov carved black ceramic bottle

Boyan Moskov bottle




Carol-Peace female ceramic figurie

Carol Pearce





Contemporary Shiro Hagi Chawan by Shibuya Deishi

Contemporary Shiro Hagi Chawan by Shibuya Deishi




lamp-planter - Green Lantern by Nudelab

‘Green Lantern’ by Nudelab

The lamp extends as an organic horn-like shape with a plant at the top of the base. The GeenLantern lamp also have energy-efficient strip of LED lights. The low-energy bulbs enhance the appearance and also emits a warm luminous glow which helps the plant grow by supporting the photosynthesis process of the plant.



Dish by Tapio Wirkkala,-Finland

Dish by Tapio Wirkkala,- Finland



Cliff Lee paste blue ovoid ceramic vessel

Cliff Lee Porcelain “Prickly Melon” vase in celadon glaze




Etiyé- Dimma-Poulsen African ceramic scullpture

Etiyé Dimma Poulsen




‘Amour’ – exhibition in St Antonin Noble Val




Feathered Friend--Jan-Jacque-combines-ceramics-with-wood..

Wood and ceramic sculpture – ‘Feathered Friend ‘— Jan Jacque




Found-on-cmckay.kilnhorse.com Christine McKay Lidded chick a dee pot

Christine McKay Lidded chick a dee pot




Lady figurine in red – Ellis Zijlstra, Nl



Hand-painted-Nippon-Mug with two birds on a branch

Nippon Mug





Qing vase early 20th Century




Hans Vangso crackle glaze tea bowl

Hans Vansgo




Eric ASTOUL french ceramicist vessel

Eric Astoul, France




‘Bethesda House’ – Lesley Baker




Magnificent-Figural-Circa-1890-Austrian-Vase-With-Woman-&-Lily flower

Amphora Art Nouveau vase






María Oriza Pérez

Galería de Arte Rodrigo Juarranz




Melanie-Ferguson ceramic vessel contemporary

Vessel with rich texture and palete – Melanie Ferguson



Melanie-FERGUSON crackle glaze abstract vessel

Melanie Ferguson



Mia Tyson vase

Biomorphic abstract bottle – Mia Tyson




Patricia-Volk red sculptural vessel with white drip glaze streaks

Source ( brown ) – Patricia Volk, UK




Ralph-Eberlein--female motif vase blue, yellow, black and white

‘The River’ – Ralph Eberlin, Australia


Shapiro Auctions




Rising Moon-II,1999-Jeff Mincham

‘Rising Moon II’ – Jeff Mincham






Elaine Hind - vase with lavender coloured flowers

Elaine Hind




Alex Bernstein sculpture - glass triangle within a crescent moon

Textured abstract sculpture – Alex Bernstein





Ceramic box with lid-Robert Lawarre in brown and turquoise

Robert Lawarre –  lidded box






Shae Bishop sculpture – earthenware, glaze, nichrome wire, polyester string




tribal-ewer-Michael Anderson Black and white mid century pitcher

Michael Andersen Denmark – A Modernist Tribal Ewer Vase




Tri Lukne




Elephant-with-Crows-by-creaturesfromel-on-Etsy Ellen-Jewett-Sculpture

‘Elephant With Crows’ – Ellen Jewett Sculpture

creaturesfromel – etsy




Brimming  –  Gareth Mason

7 inches height – England 2009







Grayson Perry





Wu Tong, China




Pair-of-Chinese-Crackleware-Vases 1st Dibs Nick Brock antiques

One of a pair of Chiinese crackleware vases

19th century

1stDibs – Nick Brock Antiques, Dallas TX