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Contemporary clayartist concepts




Accretion vases by the Haas Brothers


Many horizons ago, I’m sure that the first time someone held a lump of clay, the feel of its malleable tactile mass would have tempted them into forming some biomorphic shape. Followed by the conclusion that it’s so much easier to make a bowl this way then sculpting it from rock or carving it from wood. When a child holds clay, their instinctive reaction is to begin shaping an object. It would have to be one of the easiest and accessible means of 3d creation that exists. The ancient Egyptian god Ptah held this bountiful substance in such high esteem that he decided to create a whole human race with it on a pottery wheel from an egg shaped form.


contemporary-clay-and-museum-culture-google-books-ancient-egyptian-god-ptah drawing-by-mella-shaw-after-e

Ptah throwing clay


Concept, design, form, colour, surface integration, materials, and techniques all become part of the challenge for creating ceramic art and even though it is one of the oldest art forms in existence, it is still evolving. Its utilitarian practicality has endured while more diverse decorative applications keep appearing.  The language of clay makes many amusing conversations and some intriguing new chapters of design ideas in the clayarts are presented here.


Haas Brothers




Accretion vase – Haas Brothers




Accretion sculpture –  Haas Brothers



accretion-vase-by-the-haas-brothers-gold and pastel pink vase

Accretion vase – Haas Brothers




accretion-vase-by-the-haas-brothers - turquoise colour

Turquoise accretion vase




accretion-vase-by-the-haas-brothers-contemporary ceramic vessel in white

Twin neck accretion vessel – Haas Brothers




haas_august_2016 accretion vessels

Accretion jungle of vessels – Haas Brothers





Long twin neck accretion vase – Haas Brothers




Lidded accretion vessels – Haas Brothers



accretion-vessels-by-the-haas-brothers-strong textured ceramic

Pastel white and lavender accretion vessels




Accretion vessel gathering – Haas Brothers



Hella Jongerius


These animal-filled porcelain bowls were meticulously crafted by hand and designed by Hella Jongerius for a commission by Nymphenburg, a Bavarian porcelain manufacture since the mid-18th century. The series was produced as a celebration of the animal collection found in their archives, and incorporates 3D creatures within the simple glazed bowls.


Hella Jongerius for Nymphenburg




Hella Jongerius for Nymphenburg





Ann Agee, ‘Blue Painting’, 2012,

Wall art – glazed porcelain, steel armature



indefinite_vases_studioeq black free form vase with pink triangle base

Indefinite Vases – Studio EQ




‘Lume’ – salmon pink candleholder with gold details by Alessandro Zambelli  




Sixties Danish ceramic sculpture



Atelier Vierkant



Atelier Vierkant – half clay pebble seating of the ‘K- Series’





Atelier Vierkant ‘aht 150′ series mixed clay planters




atelier-vierkant-kbo-series ceramic modules

Atelier Vierkant ‘KBO’ series



kbo-series - Atelier Vierkant contemporary ceramic floor seating

Atelier Vierkant ‘KBO’ series, ceramic seating




National Gallery Singapore Atelier Vierkant 'pebble' floor seating

 Atelier Vierkant ceramic ‘K Series’  pebble floor seating

National Gallery Singapore




A set of stackable bowls with different colours and patterns are by Matteo Cibic



barbara-nanning ceramic pumpkin with golden extensions

 Ceramic pumpkin with golden extensions – Barbara Nanning




Carole Feuerman hyper-realist sculptures



Back of a woman all sculpture – Carole Feuerman





Female bodyboard surfer wall sculpture – Carole Feuerman




carole-feuerman-hyperealist-sculptures setaed lady in a blue bikini with gold swimming cap in meditiation

Blue bikini meditation hyperrealist sculpture – Carole Feuerman




Scholten & Baijings


Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings tableware set based on the archives of hand-painted porcelain company Arita – 1616




Scholten and Baijings porcelain tableware




Scholten and Baijings porcelain tableware



Laura Carlin


700_lion-tiles-new-craftsmen laura-carlin

Lion ceramic tiles – Laura Carlin

The New Craftsmen




Leopard ceramic tiles – Laura Carlin

The New Craftsmen



Anders Ruhwald



Anders Ruhwald ‘Bowl for a timeless house’


Photo – R H Hensleigh & Tim Thayer




Anders Ruwhald – ‘Crystal Ball (the future)’

Photo – R H Hensleigh & Tim Thayer



 Afreaks exhibition at Design Miami, 2015 by Haas Brothers




Afreaks ceramic surreal creatures by Haas Brothers




Afreaks ceramic animals – Haas Brothers



Afreaks exhibition – Haas Brothers

Design Miami 2015




Afreaks ceramic surreal creatures by Haas Brothers





Afreaks ceramic creatures by Haas Brothers





Haas Brothers gold ceramic bench and floor lamps

R-company, New York




Shell house or Nautilus by Architect Javier Senosiain



Roger Arquer Studio



‘Touch Lamp Vase’ by Roger Arquer for Bosa 2

Touch is an hybrid between a light and a flower base. The flowers work as a switch for the light, when they are touched, the light goes on or off.




Funnel Vase is a ceramic flower-vessel with one opening on the side, as a funnel shape. The funnel helps to change the water without having to remove the flowers. The old water can be easily poured out through the funnel and replaced with fresh water, without a mess.




Matthew Plummer Fernandez


Everyday items such as detergent bottles and a watering can are 3D scanned using a digital camera and subjected to algorithms that distort, abstract and taint them into new primordial vessel forms. “The algorithms basically deform the shape by mathematically repositioning its set of coordinates,” Plummer Fernandez told Dezeen. “Different equations create different effects – the simplest are simple multiplications to stretch an object, while more advanced formulas can twist or smooth the object or go as far as adding new features such as spikes.” The designer sends the altered files to be 3D printed with colourless sand particles and tinted resin.
Matthew holds a BEng in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering from Kings College London and an MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art.



Digital Natives vessel by Matthew Plummer Fernandez




Digital Natives bowl by Matthew Plummer Fernandez




Digital Natives vase by Matthew Plummer Fernandez




Digital Natives jug by Matthew Plummer Fernandez






Multi faceted Digital Natives vase by Matthew Plummer Fernandez





Elena Salmistraro dog figurines referencing a merry-go-round, replacing horses with Molossian Mastiffs



 Eleonor Bostrom 


Eleonor Bostrom ceramic drinking cups with internal dog figures

Coffee cups with internal dog figurines – Eleonor Bostrom




Internal dog figurines cup – Eleonor Bostrom




Erosion Set –  Studio Floris Wubben, Nl


Studio Floris Wubben designed an installation inspired by the solar system with which unique textures can be created in sequence. Within this installation, a gas burner’s flame etches a texture onto an unbaked porcelain object. The porcelain reacts to the high temperature, causing various layers to burst from the object. By combining different glaze techniques with this etching technique, contrast arises in colour and texture.



Studio Floris Wubben flame textured bowl

Kiln fired by Cor Unum ceramics



Gas fired swivel flame and rotating base apparatus –  Studio Floris Wubben




Studio Floris Wubben flame textured bowl

Kiln fired by Cor Unum ceramics




Studio Floris Wubben flame textured bowl

Kiln fired by Cor Unum ceramics




Studio Floris Wubben flame textured tumblers

Kiln fired by Cor Unum ceramics




Studio Floris Wubben flame textured bowl

Kiln fired by Cor Unum ceramics



Studio Floris Wubben epoxy clay pressed vessels


During the manufacturing process the epoxy-clay is pressed through the extrusion profiles with a diversity of possible combinations.


Studio Floris Wubben




Studio Floris Wubben pressed vase with red tints





Floris Wubben press machine



Guillaume Delvigne


guillaume-delvigne Porcelain embroidery bowl for self decoration

Porcelain embroidery bowl – thread your own pattern – Guillaume Delvigne





Porcelain embroidery bowl – Guillaume Delvigne




Guillaume Delvigne’s DPI Lighting for Industreal- pendant lamps are available in black or white unglazed porcelain.




Icelandic designer Garðar Eyjólfsson has created a range of yellow ceramics by melting and moulding sulphur.


Carolyn Genders


“I work spontaneously, creating forms and surfaces that evoke the feeling I have when I am part of the landscape, striving to convey nuance of shape, balance and mass and creating mood and atmosphere. I’m interested in creating pieces that have harmony of form & surface. Landscape & seasonal change loosely interpreted is inspiration for my new series; noting atmosphere, mood, rhythm & texture . Coiling is rhythm attuned to this natural beat. Inspired also by paintings of British artists of 1930’s 40’s 50’s.”


carolyn-genders mid-century abstract style vessel

Carolyn Genders




carolyn-genders abstract polychrome decorated vase

Carolyn Genders



alupoaie-andrei-entitiy-2015 abstract ceramic sculptural form

‘Entity’ Alupoaie Andrei





‘Incense Burners’ – Ionna Vautrin





Jesse Small – ‘Triton Ghost 1’




Juliette Clovis


French artist Juliette Clovis produces hybrid works that merge nature, history, and myth with the female form, covering simple porcelain busts in wildlife, flora, and spikes.



Blue and white porcelain bust –  Juliette Clovis





Blue and white porcelain bust –  Juliette Clovis



Joanne Jaffe


bering-straits-viii-joanne-jaffe in green

‘Bering Straits VII’ – –  Joanne Jaffe




‘Jungle Speak’ — Joanne Jaffe




judit-vargac ontemprorary ceramic sculpture

Judit Vargac 




les-manning-ceramics vase

Les Manning




Leah Jackson


leah-jackson contemporary ceramics

Leah Jackson


leah-jackson ceramic vessels

Leah Jackson




max-lamb-black basalt-crockery-collection

Max Lamb basalt crockery collection




michelle-summers ceramic cup

Michelle Summers 





Pepa Reverter’s ‘Secret Love’ trinkets are a place to keep secrets or something that you love

Bosa trinket Collection






‘Sweet Souvenir’ by French designer Constance Guisset is for sending secret messages or hiding small objects

Bosa trinket Collection


Jessica Harrison



Jessica Harrison-tattooed figurines




Jessica Harrison-tattooed figurines





Cup from the Bosa Table Collection by Jaime Hayon

Bosa trinket Collection




white unicorn jonathan-adler-ceramics

 Jonathan Adler contemporary ceramics unicorn



larisa-churkina figurine sculpture of a man playing a singing cello

Larisa Churkina ceramic and paper mache sculpture






A modest ‘Venus of Willendorf ‘  in a bikini Fat Lady Coin Money Box by Madamepomm—Artfire





‘Bull Terrier Money Box’ –  Madamepomm Artfire





‘Dalmatian Mug’ – Madamepomm – Artfire



Claire Partington


Claire Partington ‘Hoops’ sculptures portray a whimsical concept that plays with perception. The avant-garde art pieces are delicate and demure, depicting monarch-resembling subjects that are draped in beautiful textiles and dressed in the most ornate of jewelled accessories.” I started making sprigged vessels inspired by the salt glazed “bartmann” vessels, but with the look of tin glazed earthenware from the 1600’s. This evolved into the fully figurative vessels I’m making at present, starting with the bottle shaped mantua dresses. The figures often have interchangeable head “stoppers” to reflect the transformation of the subject and to allow a sense of play with the object.”



Claire Partington ‘Hoops’ sculptures





Claire Partington ‘Hoops’ sculptures



suhama-tomoko eramic sculpture 2013

Suhama Tomoko



Summer architectural  sculpture project 2017, Abruzzo Italy


Founded in 2011, Farm Fonte Trocchi is located in Abruzzo in the mountains next to the Adriatic sea in Italy. In the spring/summer of 2017 they are hosting an earth architecture gathering to construct an inhabitable sculpture in clay that is finished with terra-cotta elements made in their wood fire kiln located on the farm. The main structure will be constructed using a mixture of clay and vegetal fibre (straw from cereals or hemp) They also create furniture with the same method

They are extending an invitation for interested participants and are offering free accommodation and meals prepared from local organic produce for a duration of 4 days included in the price of the workshop. Farm Source Trocchi now has 3 independent houses and 2 hectares of cereals, legumes and vegetables, with fruit trees, medicinal plants,hens and pastures in rotation with crops, to house and feed a variable number of people (5 – 15)



Dimora Energia Workshop

2 – 5 April 2017  – location: Fattoria Fonte Trocchi, Tufillo, organic farm in the South of Abruzzo/ Italy


A workshop for ceramists, architects, archeologists, bakers, housebuilders and anyone interested in getting to know how to construct the wood fired Roman oven, developed by Enrico Poggiali, for cooking ceramics, bread baking and heating the house all at the same time,
maximizing the thermic benefit of the combustion.

We will have the possibility to share experiences from different fields of knowledge, ranging from archeology to historical architecture, from natural history to the knowledge about natural materials and techniques such as the use of raw clay in architecture and the cooking of ceramics.

Lectures from Enrico Poggiali, Luigi Lisi, Bernhard Neulichedl

Number of participants: minimum 8 persons, maximum 15 persons –

Cost: 180 euro + membership of Dimora Energia

Organic food and accommodation in clayhouse, normal house or tent is for free for the duration of the workshop
and 10 euros a day for who wants to stay some days longer on the farm after the workshop

info about the workshop: www.dimoraenergia.org  mail.: [email protected]  tel.: 338 830 7779
info about the farm: www.fattoriafontetrocchi.wordpress.com  mail.: [email protected]




Farm Fonte Trocchi.

Abruzzo, Italy



abruzzo-clay-innovation - Farm Fonte Trocchii Italian organic farm

Clay construction, Farm Fonte Trocchi

Abruzzo, Italy




Farm Fonte Trocchi, sculptural clay structure frame





Abruzz0, Farm Fonte Trocchi



Fattoria Fonte Trocchi



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