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Los Angeles ceramic sculptor – Beverly Morrison


Beverly-Morrison ceramic -sculptures- California

Beverly Morrison ceramic sculptures

“Intentions are very important to me and I begin every sculpture with a very a concrete motive. I empty myself, infusing my ‘will’ upon each piece and the clay absorbs it. Working with the female form has proven to be a natural vehicle for expressing and displaying this type of ‘saturation’. I never grow tired of the unending possibilities it presents.”


Graceful and sensual figurative sculptures with a theme of elemental like forms merging with flowing abstract shapes and natural textures. Beverly Morrison sums up her sculptural journey when she says, ” along with the female form, I am constantly in awe of the natural world. I use different techniques of texturing and coloring, inspired by nature, to assist with my exploration of certain ‘conflicted states’ in my work. Figures may exude a sense of balance and harmony or a sort of sensual tranquility; while, superficially, textural surfaces influence them with a type of emotional conflict. ”
“The figure is a subject matter that embodies so many enticing and seductive qualities and being able to combine such differing characteristics is intoxicating: supple in body, graceful in line, elegant in form; and yet exuding a presence of strength and emotional intensity all at once. It’s this fusion of characteristics that radiates an unending supply of motivation for me as an artist.”




Celestial-Chaos-Sculpture-by-Beverly-Morrison ceramic bust

‘Celestial Chaos’ by Beverly Morrison



Ceramic bottle sculptures - "Saisho" - With Inlay (left) & The "Seed" (right)  - Beverly Morrison

“Saisho” – With Inlay (left) & The “Seed” (right)  – Beverly Morrison

Meaning ‘The First’, the Saisho has been cast in glacier white porcelain, and enhanced with a colored slip inlay. The surface has been sealed and buffed to a slight sheen.The Brushwork Series makes a statement on mindfully living in the moment and capturing that instant through a ‘playful gesture’ of a brushstroke.



‘Earth Mother’ — Wall Sculpture — Beverly Morrison



The Gemini Sculpture by Beverly Morrison -- two females back to back

The ‘Gemini Sculpture’ by Beverly Morrison



Beverly-Morrison portrait photo

Beverly Morrison



Beverly-Morrison Morphic series abstract ceramic sculpture

‘Morphic Series Shape C’ – Beverly Morrison

Height 12 inches



Female bust sculpture by Beverly Morrison

‘Asana’ – Beverly Morrison


‘Amused’ – Sculpture by Beverly Morrison



Meridian-Series-abstract sculpture -- Beverly-Morrison

‘Meridian Series’ – Beverly Morrison




Meridian-Series-Beverly-Morrison--abstract ceramic sculpture

‘Meridian Series’ – Beverly Morrison


‘The Meridian Series is about the beautiful illusionary restraints we place on our natural selves throughout a lifetime.’



Lost-in-Translation-Sculpture-by-Beverly-Morrison sculpture of a naked woman

‘Lost in Translation’ — Beverly Morrison




The-Seed---Black-Clay-vessel - Beverly-Morrison

‘The Seed ‘—Black Clay — Beverly Morrison

height 14.25 inches




Limbo Stoneware, reclining nude female sculpture - Cone 6, Slips and Acrylic Stains By Beverly Morrison

‘Limbo’ Stoneware, Cone 6, Slips and Acrylic Stains By Beverly Morrison



Ceramic Leaf-Sculpture-by-Beverly-Morrison

‘Leaf Sculpture’ by Beverly Morrison



Growth'-female head bust ceramic Sculpture-by-Beverly-Morrison

‘Growth’  — Beverly Morrison

height 16.5 inches

This is one of my favorite pieces to date. I keep her in my home as a sort of spiritual guardian. She reminds me of where I was, what I have accomplished and where I am going.

“From beneath the darkened murky waters the Lotus grows.
Navigating her way towards the warmth of the sun.
The filth of circumstance falling away as she awakens to the new possibilities of life.”




Growing Pains By Beverly Morrison naked emental figure sculpture

‘Growing Pains’ By Beverly Morrison




‘Sway’ — Wall Sculpture — Beverly Morrison



Waizu'---In Cream Beverly Morrison - ceramic sculptural bottle

‘Waizu’ — In Cream–  Beverly Morrison



Yume'--In-Silver-Beverly Morrison Two female busts

‘Yume’ In Silver – Beverly Morrison

9.5 inches



‘The Seed’  — Mixed Clay — Beverly Morrison




Yellow Woman---Beverly Morrison---Ceramic-Sculptor

‘Yellow Woman’ — Beverly Morrison




‘Morphic Series Pair – In Black’ – Beverley Morrison

“The Morphic Series” is a Limited Edition Collection that explores movement and interaction.



Beverly-Morrison---Ceramic nude standing female with wild hair

Beverly Morrison—Ceramic female nude sculpture




The Dyad---Twin Souls-Beverly-Morrison cojoined female sculpture-

‘The Dyad –Twin Souls’ – Beverly Morrison




‘The Dream’ Stoneware sculpture, Cone 6, Slips and Patinas By Beverly Morrison



Morphic-Series the gathering---Shape-B-Sculpture-by-Beverly-Morrison

Morphic Series ‘The gathering’ by Beverly Morrison



'Moon'-small-wall-sculpture-Beverly-Morrison- naked female bust

‘Moon’ small wall sculpture  — Beverley Morrison



Release-Sculpture-by-Beverly-Morrison Height 32"

‘Release’ Sculpture by Beverly Morrison

Height 32 inches

‘It’s only until you fully Accept the circumstances that life has presented to you, can you then fully Surrender to it… By surrendering you can then finally release it and move on…’ – BM





‘Otōto’ ceramic sculpture bottle with Brushwork – Beverly Morrison

height 7 3/8 inches



‘Saisho – In Deconstruction’ – Beverly Morrison




‘Sadness’ Sculpture by Beverly Morrison



Saisho'---Mixed-Clay-Sculpture vessel-by-Beverly-Morrison

‘Saisho’ —Mixed Clay Sculpture vessel – Beverly Morrison




‘The Bernini Sisters’ — Two figurative ceramic sculptures — Beverly Morrison



The-Bernini-Sisters---Ceramic---Sculpture by Beverly Norrison

‘The Bernini Sisters’  — Beverly Morrison



‘Mini Muses’ Series — Wall Sculpture – Beverly Morrison





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