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Sculpture in the Vineyards


Wollombi, in the state of  NSW, Australia, is already a home to many artists, writers and performers, and it provides fertile ground for the staging of the annual Sculpture in the Vineyards event. Set in the picturesque Wollombi Valley,  over 100 large-scale outdoor and site-specific works by local, regional and city-based artists are located in the 5 Wollombi vineyards. The 10th annual outdoor sculpture exhibition is the largest in Australia and features contemporary art in wonderful rural settings amidst the trees and vines of Millbrook Estate, Undercliff Winery, The Village Vineyard, Wollombi Wines and Stonehurst Cedar Creek winery. Unique local wines can also be sampled. The following sculptural art is from the current 2012 exhibition along with  other sculptures that were displayed in previous years along the Wollombi Valley Wine Trail.

Seed Form – Rae Bolotin    2012

” This work was inspired by tiny seeds I found on the edge of my studio in Wollemi National Park. “

Moon Flower – Ro Murray   2012

This sculpture is inspired by circular moon gates found in Chinese gardens.

Descending the Mountain  – Linda Bowden   2012

Totem – Col Henry 2012

Symbiosis –  Emilia Krumm

Harvest – Ro Murray   2012

These bundles represent sheaths of wheat, traditional symbols of plenty, prosperity and blessing.

Custodians – Nardka Williams   2012

Spun Out – Ella Szpindler, Pam Dunne

Shushi Fish – Will Coles

Seven Gods of  Good Fortune – From The Bottom of Memory

Akira Kamada :-


  ” through the traditional Shichi Fukujin Gods I pray for the people who suffered from the disasters of Japan, remembering the stars of the Northern Hemisphere that I looked at as a child. ” 2012

Curlique –  Gary Boote  2009

Unearthed – Stevie Croquette  2012

Emerging from their past to reveal their happy disposition, these works are inspired by the mysterious giant carved monoliths of the Moai on Easter Island.

Rhythms of the Wind – Scott Imgrams  20012


Who are we ? ( In between-ness ) – Kazuko Chalker  2012

Shadow Dancing – Suzanne Davey  2012

Shadow Dancing examines the tensions between the economic importance of the coal industry to the Hunter Region and nostalgia for its natural beauty.

Walking in your footsteps – Jesse Graham  20012

Fanciful – Linda Castle  2012

  Dandelion – Al Phemister

Flock – William Macquire  2011

Dancers in the Vineyards – Malcolm Fry  2009

Motherloade – Ben Denardi  2006

Millbrook Estate, Wollombi Valley

A contemporary sculpture leaning against an Australian gumtree  provides a poignant contrast.

une Autre Reflection – Janik Bouchette 2007


Giri – Christine Shoji  2011


   Manipura to Muladhara   – Ross Fletcher   2006

Boxers – Paul Dimmer 2007

Boxers captures the movement and beauty of two large male kangaroos in ritual competition.

Jimmy Rix – Greater Grater

Like so many, the artist has worked as a chef to support his career as a sculptor. The work pays homage to the restaurant industry for providing these opportunities.

Wooden Holden parked at Wollombi Village Vineyard

Antipodium Venus – Paul Dimmer 2008

Inspired by the well known Paleolithic figurine, the Venus de Willendorf, discovered in the early 1900’s and carbon dated as 28,000 years old. Paul’s work combines the formalism of the reproductive rites symbolised by this icon with the casual pose of sensuality. Uniting the sacred with the profane, it is both ritualistic and playful, injecting a contemporary sensibility into an historical artifact and the associated cultural meanings surrounding fertility.


The Timeless Clocktower  – 2012 Jiri Kirpac :-

On arrival  to Australia in 1969,  I spoke my first English sentence. which I learned on my journey over. I announced to the  to the Immigration Officer , ” Time and Tide waits for no Man ” – I am still following this quote !

Framed – Sue Roberts

Pierre the French Bulldog – Geoff Harvey ( best known for his whimsical depictions of dogs ) 2012

 Tenacity – Gary Boote  2009

Imdustrial – Dan Lovegrove  2009

This particular body of work is dealing with the figure and the idea that the incomplete figure can very much represent the whole.

Untitled – Miguel Olmo

Trio —  Dora Rögnvaldsdóttir  2009


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