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Master Dutch Potter – Willem Stuurman



Ox blood red jug – Willem Stuurman




Willem Stuurman giving a pottery demonstration

Willem Stuurman



Zenith_art deco jug Stuurman,-Willem

Zenith art deco jug- Willem Stuurman


Willem Stuurman-dutch pottery crimson red ovoid vase with black floral motif

Willem Stuurman is recognized as a great artist in Dutch Pottery who was born in Amsterdam in 1908. He started pottery in 1922 at the age of 14 in the Quellinusschool ( Amsterdam ) by taking courses from Bert Nienhuis. In 1927 he began teaching at the Institute of Applied Art  school in Amsterdam. In the period !928 – 1934 he worked as an artistic director in the pottery factories at Eskaf in Huizen, Kennemerland in Velsen, St lucas in Maarsseen and Zenith and Goedewaagen. He designed around 300 Art Deco potteries for Zenith and some of them went on to become famous.

Because of this, he left his mark on art around this period. From 1932 he worked as an independent ceramist. In 1938 he rediscovered the so-called “Royal Blue”. This was  a blue glaze, used by the Egyptians around the time of the New Kingdom (c. 1567 BC). It was widely  used for amulets and pottery, Ushabti  ( funery figurines ) and beautiful objects. The  knowledge of how to make these blue glazes had been lost.

Lourve-Museum Egyptian-shabti

The special feature of the ” King Blue ”was that when two objects such as a blue glazed” Delft “blue plate was placed alongside  a plate in ” Royal Blue “,  the ” Delft ” plate no longer looks blue but purple.

His first major international exhibition was in Boston, USA in 1938.

Also  around that era in the Netherlands, all major cities had exhibitions of his work. He also taught pottery to Princess Beatrix. There were purchases of his ceramics made by Queen Wilhelmina and the Museum. Major assignments during that time,  included a mosaic of eighteen square meters, various war memorials and murals in public buildings. He was a guest designer in 1940 at the Royal Glass Industry in Leerdam. In 1948 at the exhibition in Montreal his work was represented as the Dutch entry. After a lustrous career, he died in 1995 in Amersfoort in the Neverlands.

bulbous white vase with blur flowers motifWillem Stuurman

Willem Stuurman floral vase



Willem Stuurman ceramic jug

Willem Stuurman jug



Black lidded vessel by Willem Stuurman

Black lidded jewellry box – Willem Stuurman



Willem Stuurman crimson red vase

Ox blood red vase – Willem Stuurman



Matching green colour ceramic bowl and plate by Willem Stuurman

Willem Stuurman



Light blue Zenith jug by Willem Stuurman

Blue Zenith Jug – Willem Stuurman





Arnhem Pottery



Willem Stuurman jug



Black art deco jug by by Willem Stuurman

Art Deco Black jug – Willem Stuurman


Dutch ceramicist Willem Stuurman turquoise jug

Turquoise jug – Willem Stuurman



Teal coloured art deco pitcher by Willem Stuurman

Teal Pitcher – Willem Stuurman

Ovoid vessel with abstract motif - Willem Stuurman

Ovoid vase – Willem Stuurman

Willem Stuurman dish with abstract swirl motif

Dish with abstract motif – Willem Stuurman



Willem-Stuurman-dish-with flying white seagulls

Flying seagull plate – Willem Stuurman



Willem Stuurman black jug with orange and white abstract motif

Willem Stuurman Art Deco jug



Black and orange jugs by Willem StuurmanA black and an orange pitcher – Willem Stuurman



small ceramic vessel - Willem-Stuurman




Teal dish by Willem Stuurman

Willem Stuurman



Zenith jug in red, black and yellow by Willem Stuurman

Zenith Vase designed by Willem Stuurman



Willem Stuurman small creamer

Willem Stuurman ceramic creamer



” Love Couple “ by Willem Stuurman


( Stedelijk Museum )

Willem Stuurman red jug and sugar bowl on a red tray

Red creamer and sugar bowl, tray

Willem-Stuurman-dish---Zenith-Gouda-Snavelkan - jug in teal green

Teal green jug – Willem Stuurman



Willem Stuurman black tulip vase

Willem Stuurman tulip vase




Willem-Stuurman art deco -jug

Willem Stuurman jug




Zenith Gouda vase, Holland