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Evolved Resolve virtual exhibition




Andrea Claire Studio —  ‘Constantin 4′



Evolved Resolve is an exhibition curated by Female Design Council founder Lora Appleton for the September 2020 LA Design Festival. We are thrilled to partner with Incollect, who is providing the platform to share this extraordinary group of works. This stellar collection of works consists of furniture, art, sculpture, lighting, jewelry, and ceramics, with a focus on strong and unique forms. Womxn-made and designed, masterful in construction, at times delicate and subversive, these pieces reflect the spirit, and dedication of our makers.



Fanae Aaron . Lani Adeoye . Malene Barnett . Yolande Milan Batteau . Kate Casey . Andrea Claire . Liz Collins . Kate Duncan . Rachel Duvall . Libs Elliott . Estudio Persona . Rebecca Claire Ford . Debra Folz . Yen Ha . Sadé Hooks . Lisa Hunt . Mary Little . Elise McMahon . Beverly Morrison . Maria Moyer . Eny Lee Parker . Sienna Patti: Gabriella Kiss Kalkidan HoexMallory Weston . Zoë PawlakArati Rao . Amanda Richards . Judy Ross . Andreea Avram Rusu . RxART: Lesley Vance Mansi Shah . Gabrielle Shelton . Alyse Stone . Stoneleaf Retreat: Rebecca ReeveMichele Varian . Juliana Vasconcellos . Jennie Wilde Yard Concept: Dina Nur Satti


Amanda Richards - Pearl Pendants

Amanda Richards – ‘Pearl Pendants’


Amanda Richards--design---prism sconce

Amanda Richards–design—‘Prism Sconce’



Amanda Richards—–‘Prism Sconce’


Artist Andrea Claire Studio_Stabile 202

 Andrea Claire Studio — Stabile 202


 Andrea Claire Studio — ‘Stabile 202′

This sculptural standing lamp, inspired by Alexander Calder sculptures, will animate any residential, commercial, or hospitality project.





Andrea Claire StudioCassiopeia-13-Porcelain--Three-Stems

Andrea Claire Studio – ‘Cassiopeia 13: Porcelain – 3 Stems

Cassiopeia 13: Porcelain – 3 Stems is a horizontal mobile with 15 glowing hand-cast porcelain polyhedrons



Andreea Avram Rusu Confetti Pink

Andreea Avram Rusu  – ‘Confetti Pink’



Link Chadelier-Avram Rusu Studio

‘Link Chadelier’ – Avram Rusu Studio



YUGEN SERIES – NO. 1  – Beverly Morrison


In Japanese, Yugen means having a profound awareness of the universe that triggers an emotional response.

‘When I started creating these pieces, “The Universe Speaks” was a phase that kept repeating in my head. Every piece is unique, yet attempting to convey the birth, death and energy of the cosmos…..the divine spark.”




‘Sora’ – Beverly Morrison

In Japanese, Kū or Sora, most often translated as “Void”, but can also mean “sky” or “heaven”. Representing those things beyond our everyday experience, particularly those things composed of pure energy. The word seemed to fit the vision I had when sculpting this piece. I was staring down into a pond, watching the shadows above me being cast down onto the waters surface. The shadows of the tree danced with life, fueled by the wind around me, yet reflected a void. Sora represents life in the stillness of the void.

Details: A process of combining Stoneware Clay, Porcelain Slip and Metallic Gold Glaze



Beverly Morrison--Moon ceramic sculpture

Beverly Morrison — ‘Moon’

H21.5 inches

“Moon” is about the interconnection of harmony and discord. The sculpture was created with two distinct clay bodies that have differing shrinkage rates. During the firing process they meld together, yet pull apart all at the same time creating cracks and imperfections in a harmonic way.


‘Rain’ – Beverly Morrison, LA

H 14” x W 19” x D 13” in


” Back in 2012 I went on a ceramics tour in Japan. I had the pleasure to be introduced to the work of Hiroshi Senju, a contemporary Japanese painter best known for his large-scale monochromatic depictions of waterfalls. This piece is dedicated to his work.”

 Hand-built; Cone 5/6 Oxidation Firing; Slips & Oxides



Photos-by-Eduardo-Acosta---Antiguo -- Beverly Morrison

Antiguo’ — Beverly Morrison

Photos by Eduardo Acosta



Euclid Shelf--rPeg Woodworking Kate Casey

‘Euclid Shelf’ — Peg Woodworking Kate Casey — Peg Woodworking



Euclid Bench--Peg Woodworking --  Kate Casey

‘Euclid Bench’ — Kate Casey– Peg Woodworking



Peg Woodworking-by Kate Casey-Fireside Bench

Peg Woodworking by Kate Casey – ‘Fireside Bench’



Kate-Casey,wooden Una-Chair

Kate Casey –  ‘Una Chair’





Sally Suzuki, Kate Casey, Catherine Woodard — Peg Woodworking

Photo by Alex Schaefer


Kate Casey,Totem wood sculptures

Kate Casey, ‘Totem’



ADIRE I--stoneware-Malene Barnett

‘ADIRE I’ — Malene Barnett

stoneware sculpture

Redemption critiques the relationship between social relevance and inequality. Every piece, though built by hand in Brooklyn, pays homage to the traditional hand-building techniques found in the Yorubaland region of south-western Nigeria. Using the Gele-headwrap as a signifier, Malene blends her two-year-study of the slab building technique with an enquiry into the uncertainties of life to construct sculptures in rippling layers of clay. She gathers inspiration for her twisted sculptures from the unpredictable obstacles we encounter in life. The bold, organic patterns are etched freehand using underglazes and wax to reference the dye resist technique used in Adire textiles.


Malene Barnett



Folded--Malene Barnett - carved geometric clay built

‘Folded’ — Malene Barnett



Alyse-Stone painting

Alyse Stone



Alyse Stone


Alyse Stone-Alchemical Manual Coelum Philosophorum

Alyse Stone – ‘Alchemical Manual Coelum Philosophorum’



Alyse Stone-Unequivocal Black Metroid Specimen

Alyse Stone – ‘Unequivocal Black Metroid Specimen XY’



‘Kintsugi’  —  Alyse Stone



  A tribute to black women from many years past. Kintsugi is the Japanese practice of repairing broken ceramics with gold. The black texture is designed to be reminiscent of the system of slavery. The sculpture stands tall, as the colors create a stark, visual contrast showcasing the elegance, despite the obstacles. This piece is made with clay and metal patina. 



Ten Million Degrees Celsius by Alyse Stone

‘Ten Million Degrees Celsius’ – Alyse Stone



Alyse Stone ceramic vessel

‘Fountain Of Youth’ – Alyse Stone

2019 – clay + metal patina


Debra Folz - X West Elm Collection

Debra Folz – X West Elm Collection



Deborah-Folz design

Ribbon Wall Mounted Bedsides  —  Debra Folz




Yolande Milan Batteau-Grey, Kintsugi, Gesture with Pearls

Yolande Milan Batteau – Grey, Kintsugi, Gesture with Pearls



Yolande Milan Batteau Gesture 5.16

Yolande Milan Batteau —  Gesture



Yolande Milan Batteau - Meiji Tapestry

Yolande Milan Batteau – Meiji,  Tapestry




Yolande Milan Batteau – Gesture 16



Yolande Milan Batteau


Batteau studied philosophy and painting at the Sorbonne in Paris, San Francisco Art Institute, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Having traveled the world early in her career, Batteau has a strong affinity for a wide range of cultures and their arts. Many of the techniques, motifs and materials she has fallen in love with on her travels manifest in her artwork. Belgian simplicity, French decadence, African complexity, Japanese refinement, and American bravado are all equally beloved, alongside a host of more niche, less easily-definable aesthetics.




2019--Linen and natural dyes--24”-x-24”Rachel Duvall

Linen and natural dyes– Rachel Duvall – 2019



Woven works by Rachel Duvel, interior design by Mary Valaika Design

Carley Rudd Photography



Caroline-Geys digital art

Caroline Geys digital art



Liz Collins



‘Ball and Chain’ – Wall art – Liz Collins

Can be hung in at least 3 different configurations – 36ins H




Distancer Pursuer_Liz Collins-Mullin

‘Distancer Pursuer’ – Liz Collins

Mullin Art Gallery

Tactile and energetic, Collins’ large-scale wall works recall the geometric abstract weavings of the Bauhaus, and the “retinal titillations” of Op-art painting. As always, Collins queers these influences to create an erotically charged language of hot color and frenetic pattern. “When I think about my work related to Maximalism,” she shares, “it makes sense in relation to the dualities I’m preoccupied with like pleasure and pain, chaos and order, restraint and release – extremes that are interdependent.” Tightly woven areas are juxtaposed with luxurious swaths of loose, flowing threads, and allusions to the body erupt amidst the stricture of grids.


Liz Collins-Mullin Art Gallery-at-Occidental College-in-Los-Angeles,-CA

Liz Collins – Mullin Art Gallery, Occidental College, LA, CA

The maximalist impulse is subversive by nature; excessive and decadent. Not only does it flout bourgeois notions of taste ala “less is more”, but it also flagrantly reconfigures them. Jean Genet brilliantly summed this up in The Thief’s Journal when he wrote: “To achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance.” With their electric, bombastic hues and dizzying, graphic patterns, Liz Collins textile works exemplify such harmony.


Liz Collins – ‘Phase12 H20′


Rebecca Claire Ford - Calenda lamp-red

Rebecca Claire Ford – Calenda lamp



Hand tufted rug-by-Rebecca Claire Ford

Hand tufted rug — Rebecca Claire Ford



‘Tantuvi’ rugs–Arati Rao


Arati Rao-Claystone woven rug

Arati Rao – ‘Claystone’ woven rug



Hand-built-ceramic-bodyStar Stamp Ceramic Stitch Stool

‘Star Stamp Ceramic Stitch Stool ‘- Eny Lee




Eny Lee  — ‘Camel Lamp’ large



Eny Lee – three planters


Eny-Lee ceramic lamp pillar

Eny Lee ceramic lamp pillar



Eny Lee Parker – ‘Oo Lamp’   



Eny Lee Parker is an architect, artist and writer. Born in Saigon, she lives in New York City, where she co-founded Front Studio, an architecture firm.




Kini Chaise -- Lani Adeoye--Studio Lani contemporary leisure chairs

Kini Chaise — Lani Adeoye

Studio Lani



Studio Lani--Sis Eko

Studio Lani — ‘Sis Eko’ floor lamp



Lani Adeoye-Talking Stool-

Lani Adeoye – ‘Talking Stool’




Mansi Shah-Interlocking Vessels ceramic sculpture

Mansi Shah – ‘Interlocking Vessels’




 MM(Maria Moyer) – Thisness series




Maria Moyer



Maria Moyer–Untitled after Euglena




Maria Moyer-wall installation



Fanae-Aaron mirror

Fanae Aaron



Fanae Aaron

PARTS + ASSEMBLY (Fanae Aaron)


PARTS + ASSEMBLY uses a mix of material and color surfaces to make geometric compositions for the wall.



Sade-hooks-jewellry adornment

Sade Hooks jewellry



Sade Hooks-jewellery

Sade Hooks


Sade Hooks-Nazar Ring

Sade Hooks- ‘Nazar Ring’



Sade Hooks jewellry



MJ Tyson — 93 Crestwood Road

Sienna Patti Contemporary



Libs Elliott

Elizabeth (Libs) Elliott is a textile artist and designer exploring the intersection of technology and traditional craft by using generative design to build handmade quilts.



Libs Elliott



An Impossible Arm to Hold

‘An Impossible Arm to Hold’  –  Zoe Pawlak


Zo Pawlak-Somehow Held painting

Zo Pawlak – ‘Somehow Held’



Zoe PawlakFalse Notice for False Leaving

Zoe Pawlak — ‘False Notice for False Leaving’



portrait photo -- Zoe---Charly West

Zoe Pawlak — photo Charly West



Duality-zoe-pawlawk painting

Duality – Zoe Pawlawk



White and gold ink on paper

‘White and gold ink on paper’ — Yen Ha



She Could be Bac Nam -- YHa

‘She Could be Bac Nam’ — Yen Ha

Yen is an architect, artist and writer. Born in Saigon, she lives in New York City, where she co-founded Front Studio, an architecture firm.


1Asymmetrical Vessel with Sculptured MovementDismorphic Tail---Jennie Wilde

‘Asymmetrical Vessel with Sculptured Movement,Dismorphic Tail’ — Jennie Wilde



Different Cloth Jerrell Gibbs

‘Different Cloth’  –  Jerrell Gibbs



Natural African Mahogany and Juta FiberJuliana Vasconcellos and Matheus Barreto

Natural African Mahogany and Juta Fiber – Juliana Vasconcellos and Matheus Barreto



Kalkidan Hoex-The NEW tribe Ring

Kalkidan Hoex-‘The NEW tribe Ring’ 17



Kalkidan Hoex



Colette Hillel – Estudio Persona 

Estudio Persona was created by Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young in 2014. Working as part of a deeply collaborative process, their unconventional designs are inspired by natural forms and follow sculptural lines; a distinctly neutral and minimal take on the monochromatic melancholy of their native Uruguay. Based out of their studio and showroom in Los Angeles, Estudio Persona work with natural materials in brilliantly contrasting ways

Jessie Young&Emiliana Gonzalez-H Chair

Jessie Young & Emiliana Gonzalez – H Chair



Jessie Young Emiliana Gonzalez-Arrow Side Table

Jessie Young / Emiliana Gonzalez – ‘Arrow Side Table’



Gabrielle Shelton

Gabrielle Shelton



Gabrielle-Shelton-Stair Coffee Table

Steel Stair Coffee Table – Gabrielle Shelton



Contemporary decor--Michele Varian-Fleurish Minor Chandelier

Michele Varian – ‘Fleurish Minor Chandelier’



Michele Varian - Fleurish Sconce

Michele Varian – ‘Fleurish Sconce’



Michelle Varian

Michelle Varian



Michele Varian--granite stoneware clay Face Vase

Michele Varian — granite stoneware clay Face Vase



Michelle Varian ceramic vessels

Michelle Varian ceramic vessel collection



Johanna Goodman

Johanna Goodman collage



Dina Nur Satti-Habba Vessel

Dina Nur Satti – ‘Habba Vessel’



Dina Nur Satti – ‘Acacia Vase’



Contemporary furnitur-Juliana Lima Vasconcellos Studio

Juliana Lima Vasconcellos Studio – ‘Confetti Chairs’



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