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Greenware and Impressionism



Ovoid Camille Faure Art Deco Vase with geometric and abstract patterns in greems and black

 Camille Faure Art Deco Vase – 1920’s



This post isn’t about environmentally friendly  pottery, but simply about  clay objects  that that have the colour green. Not that ” green ” enviroware isn’t worthy of being mindful about. The gemstones of aquamarine and jade are related to the planet Neptune and hence the colour green is associated with this planet along with its actual aqua appearance. During the middle of 2011, Neptune completed its first orbit of the Sun  since its discovery in 1846. This took 165 years and astrological tradition believes that the full force of a planet doesn’t occur until it has fulfilled its first orbit.

Planet Neptune



The ancient Egyptians acknowledged the existence of Neptune and called it Nu and similar to current beliefs believed it was connected to deep subconscious impulses, dreams, mystery, intuition, creativity,idealism and the abstract.. At the time of its discovery it was transiting through the sign that it rules ( Pisceas ) where it has enhanced powers and during this time the Impressionist movement took shape. Art moved away  from the literal representation of form and structure, replacing it with a dreamlike “impressionistic” use of colours and textures. The most conspicuous characteristic of Impressionism was an attempt to accurately and objectively record visual reality in terms of transient effects of light and colour.

Classically trained Édouard Manet ( 1832 – 1883) decided he wanted to capture impressions more immediately in one sitting with his models and developed brush techniques to realize this. He painted in patches of colour which was later adapted by other impressionists like Monet and Renoir, breaking up Manet’s colour patches into much tinier patches, flecks, and dabs of colour. Without adopting Manet’s alla prima (“at once”) technique they couldn’t have painted fast enough to capture the shifting effects of light. The much slower application of layers was replaced by a mercurial,  intuitive choice of colours which added vibrancy to their art. At the Cafe Guerbois near Manet’s studio, he was the unofficial head of the twice-weekly meetings, which included  Monet, Renoir, Degas, Alfred Sisley, Émile Zola, Paul Cézanne, Camille Pissarro, and others to pioneer this new impressionistic style. Their early camaraderie was probably needed to survive the early rejection by critics of their radical impressionism.

Claude Monet describing his shift in focus to another painter  –– “When you go out to paint, try to forget what objects you have before you — a tree, a house, a field. . . . Merely think, here is a little square of blue, here an oblong of pink, here a streak of yellow, and paint it just as it looks to you, the exact color and shape.” He believed in following his intuitive perception and first impressions. Among the Impressionist painters, Claude Monet seemed to be the most “rebellious” in the eyes of the critics during that time, preferring to work outdoors then in the studio ( most artists at the time rarely vestured beyond the studio ) . His passion was to capture the scenes of the countryside as well as the scenes of everyday life–considered simplistic by his critics.Claude Monet Impression: soleil levant

Impressionistic like  textures and colour styles can occur naturally when firing pottery, especially with the techniques that have an unpredictability to them like Raku , where the mystery seems to lead to an ethereal appearance. Now that Neptune, the cauldron of the imagination , has had its first birthday and returned to Pisces for the next 14 years , it will be interesting to see what new art styles manifest.


Emili Biarnes Studio Art Pottery Sculptural Modernist Vase

Emili Biarnes Studio Art Pottery Sculptural Modernist Vase Vessel

Carbonation similar to metallic lustre process , worked with bismuth , silver and copper after a hard reduction in a gas kiln to produce this lustre glaze.



Green Van Briggle Nouveau Vase with botanical decoration

Van Briggle



Vince Pitelka pitcher with pressed geometric patterns

Vince Pitelka  clay marquetry pitcher



Sylvac pottery jug- Art Nouveau botanical styling with heron handle

Sylvac green glazed pottery jug -1960




Art Nouveau Fruit bowl carried by a putto

 JUGENDSTIL ( German Art Nouveau ) ceramic, Gmunden

 Fruit bowl carried by a putto. { Lessing Archive }



 Turquoise glaze teapot with twisted handleTurquoise teapot



Grueby gourd shaped green vase

Grueby gourd shaped vase



Adrienne_Fierman-contemporary bowl

Adrienne Fierman



Song Dynasty porcelain pillow

Song Dynasty porcelain pillow




Paul Dachsel Vase with raised pine cones for decoration

Paul Dachsel Amphora Vase

( Treadway Toomey Galleries )



Charlotte Read ceramic tile art nouveau

Charlotte Rhead  Ceramic Tile ( Meridian Gallery )




Large Green Oribe Sculptural vase by Kato Yasukage

Large Oribe Sculptural vase by Kato Yasukage

Robert Yellin Gallery



Mid-Century ceramic vessel - Palshus, Denmark

Mid-Century ceramic vessel – Palshus, Denmark




Moorcroft Chapada Sun Conure Vase with a bird in a tree with white flowers

Moorcroft Chapada Sun Conure Vase




Catalina art nouveau vase- twin handled

Catalina Vase



Hayne Bayless teapot

Hayne Bayless



Christy Knox green glazed juice jug

Christy Knox juice pitcher



Green and maroon raku pottery vessel

Raku vessel



Earthenware tray with floral hand painted decorationby Joseph Théodore Deck

Earthenware tray by Joseph Théodore Deck

( Detroit Institute of Arts )



 Weller Fru Russet urn/vase with twin handles

 Weller Fru Russet urn/vase

( Pats Pots )



Antique Portugese Palissy Snake Vase

Antique Portuguese Palissy Snake Vase



Chinese Song Dynasty Green Celadon Vase

Song Dynasty Celadon Vase



Tall Telco green vase

Melville P. White for Gates Potteries (TECO) , Illinois , “Chrysanthemum,” ca. 1905



Anne Ginkel ovoid vessel

Anne Ginkel ovoid vessel



American Roseville Montacello vase with twin handles

Roseville  Montacello vase



Lisa Holt green vessel

Lis Holt ( NPA )



French ceramique vase by Clement MassierClement Massier

Musee D’Orsay Paris



Meisenthal Cristallerie glass Vase

Meisenthal Cristallerie Vase- France



Vase Arts

Sperical vase with small flared neck in lavender and purple Lavender and purple vase with small flared neck




Royal-Doulton-porcelain-vase,-circa-1886---1902 Gold flower and leaf decoration

Royal Doulton porcelain vase

circa  1886—1902





Vintage Tonala Mexican Pottery Burnished Green Feathered Vase with Handle



Newcomb College Bulbous vase with four small handles

Newcomb College Bulbous Vase




Moorcroft vase - Eventide Collection


Moorcroft Even Tide Collection “The Secret”




Roger Guerin vase, Belgian, gourd shape with indented sides.

   Roger Guerin vase, Belgian, gourd shape with indented sides.



A vase is a home away from home for flowers and has the unenviable task of hosting  objects that are very consistent and diverse in  their beauty. Despite the level of  competition they have faced for splendor, I think vases have managed to hold there own in this battle. Ceramic artisans throughout the ages have given them a dignity with their original designs.. For vases,  a single colour will suffice for most of the time. It’s all too easy for them to clash with the rich array of colour that flowers tend to project. But for the more monochrome flower displays,  the vase gets the chance to strut its stuff.  Of all the ceramic ware, vases carry the most decorative responsibilities and have always been a favorite with collectors. They also have the most scope for displaying more shape then the other ceramic forms.They have been style beacons for many different era’s such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau, but unfortunately of late they have been a little deprived of a definitive style. As long as there is  flowers, there will be a place for vases and they will always be welcome on my mantlepiece.


 Bernard Bloch vase, Art Nouveau design with naked nympth figure and long neckBernard Bloch vase, elaborate Art Nouveau design.




Amphora Vase Ivory Porcelain with twin handles and botanical themeAmphora Vase Ivory Porcelain.


  Art Deco Pierrefonds vase, covered in a green and blue crystalline glaze Pierrefonds vase, double handled shape, covered in a green and blue crystalline glaze.



Art Deco Vase, Limoges in red,pink and white geometric patternsArt Deco Vase made with coloured enamels on silver-plated copper, designed and made by Camille Fauré for Limoges. Image : Marie -Flickr



Weller Sicard cylindrical vaseWeller Sicard vase, cylindrical shape, covered in a colorful metallic glaze with etched organic designs.




Royal Bonn Vase in lavender and grey tones with gold trim

Art Nouveau  Royal Bonn vase, double gourd shape under a matte glaze in multiple shades of gray and lavender.

( treadway toomey gallery )




Amphora vase, monumental shape with, boldly painted stylized leaves and berries, overall iridescence.  Amphora vase, monumental shape with a bulbous bottom, spiraling neck and four openings at waist, boldly painted stylized leaves and berries, overall iridescence.

Picture from House of Amphora, by Richard Scott.




Gouda vase, unusual form with carved serpent in black against a green and ivory backgroundGouda vase, unusual form with carved serpent in black against a green and ivory background.


 Amphora vase, unusual design probably by Paul Dachsel. Amphora vase, unusual design probably by Paul Dachsel, black and white landscape with gold trees.



Mettlach Vase with bamboo and birds surface decoration

 Mettlach vase, monumental shape with detailed raised and painted scene with birds and bamboo.




Paul Dachsel Art Nouveau Vase in grey and black glaze and stylish twin handlesAmphora vase, designed by Paul Dachsel.

Picture in House of Amphora, by Richard Scott.




Amphora vase, designed by Eduard Stellmacher, large form with a sculpted dragon .Amphora vase, designed by Eduard Stellmacher, large form with a sculpted dragon surrounding the entire body.



Moorcroft Vase " Hidden Dreams " Drakesbrook AntiqueMoorcroft Vase ” Hidden Dreams ”
Drakesbrook Antique



Art Nouveau Amphora vase, Gres- Bijou series, "Lightening Bolt" decor,Amphora vase, Gres Bijou series, “Lightening Bolt” decor, large form with cut-out designs and applied colored stones.



Van Briggle VaseVan Briggle vase, c. post 1920, large tapered shape with stylized floral designs, covered in a blue and green matte.

Amphora vase, designed by Nikolaus Kannh with art nouveau female motif

Amphora vase, designed by Nikolaus Kannh,

Amphora vase, designed by Nikolaus Kannh user, titled Allegory of Germany Amphora vase, designed by Nikolaus Kannh, titled ‘Allegory of Germany’

Fulper vase, large double handled form, cucumber crystalline glaze.Fulper vase, large double handled form, cucumber crystalline glaze.


Image Credits: Treadwaygallery.com



Raku Zebra Vase - Marc Hacker Pottery

Raku Zebra Vase – Marc Hacker Pottery



Incised baluster raku vase by Christopher Mathie

Christopher Mathie incised leaf pattern vase



Zsolnay Art Nouveau serpent vase

Zsolnay Antique Serpent Vase ..  see  more here




Twin lug flambe-glazed vase, fanghu.

A flambe-glazed vase, fanghu. ( Photo Sotheby’s )

 Est. 8,000—10,000 GBP. Lot Sold 25,000 GBP 




Avocado green cylindrical vase with sculptured horses along the bottom edge

A carved lime-green-glazed brush pot. Daoguang Period

 ( Photo Sotheby’s )



George Ohr folded ceramic Ssculptural vessel

George Ohr Sculptural Vessel ( marbelised clay )



Sarreguemines Art Nouveau vase with tree in white and gold on lavender backgroind

A superb example  of an art nouveau vase by the French pottery, Sarreguemines.




Art Nouveau vase with flower decoration

Art Nouveau vase with incised surface decoration in floral style




Poole Pottery Art Deco Egyptian revival pot designed by Truda Carter

Magnificent art deco Poole Pottery vase, 14” high with a pattern designed by Truda Carter.

( Flickr – Psychoceramicus )




Blue Newcomb College vase with incised geometric pattern

Newcomb College Vase



Black gloss glaze Amphora Art Nouveau vase

Unusual art Nouveau Amphora vase, designed by Eduard Stellmacher, c. 1900




Pewabic bulbous vase

Pewabic vase



Rockwood Vase 1900 in a black and olive green glaze

Rockwood Art Nouveau vase – 1900





Roseville 8 color Della Robbia vase designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead

Height 20 inches

Morphy Auctions




1900-1905-Edmond-Lachenal French ceramics

Art Nouveau vase – Edmond Lachenal





Jean Gerbino Mosaic Vase – Vallauris




Michael_ Andersen_vase_brown_relief_Marriane-Starke

Michael  Andersen vase with brown relief Probably by artist Marriane Starke