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Clayart elegance

Beauty in the design of the clayarts can purely be the consequence of merging form with function in the most pragmatic way. The method ( pottery wheel ) also has a strong influence on dictating the outcome through the resultant curves and the balance inherent in the symmetry. Graceful lines that flow seamlessly in defining the object can lead to a form that becomes a vision  of calm and subtly. Then there are the gifted clay artisans blessed with an innate ability to consistently infuse their forms with beauty and sophistication. This can be further enhanced by their  love of creativity and the desire to share this with others. For some artists it can be a spiritual experience, for others it’s more like sheer work, but they still create captivating pieces. The manipulation of texture, colour and form can lead to a fascinating conclusion, where all these elements combine to create ceramic works reflecting refinement and a timeless elegance. The following collection of ceramics have been chosen for their soft, pastel colours and styling that is uncomplicated, gently dynamic and soothing to the observer.



Les Blakebrough :

Ceramic bowl - Les Blakebrough



Ceramic bowl -Les Blakebrough

Ursula Morlay-Price :

Ursula Morlay-Price contemporary ceramic

Antoinette Badenhorst :

Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist



” If some elements from my experiences are apparent in my ceramic art and people can connect with those aspects of my life, I would consider myself successful. ‘

 I had to overcome technical challenges in all aspects of ceramic at the beginning of my career. There was little time to pay attention to artistic matters. My work changed over the years from stark and clumsy pots to elegant expressive pieces of art and I realized that I was expressing the surroundings in which I grew up.
While living in South Africa I became aware of the rhythm of nature. Rhythmic ripples in sand dunes and dry river beds in the semi-desert areas of Namibia, warped and gnarled trees, struggling for survival and varying stones, stacked on top of each other or scattered guilelessly by Mother Nature, was part of my everyday experience.
Mississippi with its singing Mockingbird and luscious trees exposed me to different rhythms and new nuances developed often in my work. Tornadoes, abundant water and extreme climate changes offer new opportunities for expression.
Now, living in Chicago where I am adjusting to the long and harsh winters, I am still in awe when the first snow of the season brings peace and quietness over the city. Summer and winter are equally beautiful and I started to incorporate the beauty of it all into my works.

Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist




Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist




Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist




Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist




Antoinette Badenhorst French ceramicist

Victor Greenaway :

contemporary ceramics - Victor Greenaway


Claire Lindner :

Ceramic arts - Claire Lindner

Tina Vlassopulos Céramiques :

“ The pots are all made with an eye to the possibility of function, although this is always balanced by the sculptural strengths of the forms. They are pots made contemplatively, for contemplation.”

Simon Olding, Ceramic Review

Tina Vlassopulos elegant ceramics

‘Sigh’ – Tina Vlassopulos

Tina Vlassopulos elegant ceramics

Ceramiques 23


Tina Vlassopulos elegant ceramics

Tina Vlassopulos


Her inspiration comes from movement and dance. The result are these understated pots that are packed with potential energy. The viewer is left with a feeling that the pots have been caught in a moment of time – with the potential to spring back to life at any moment. ( online ceramics )

Tina Vlassopulos elegant ceramics

‘Honk’ – Tina Vlassopulos

Tina Vlassopulos elegant ceramics

Tina Vlassopulos

Hein Severijns 

Hein Severijns crystalline glaze ovoid vessel

Porcelain Vase with Crystalline Glaze

Avital Sheffer

Avital Sheffer ceramic bottle

Ceramic form, with text from ancient documents printed on it’s surface.

Sven Hofverberg :

Sven Hofverberg blue ceramic bottle

Sven Hofverberg

Roberta  Polfus :

 I have always been attracted to natural objects, at least as long as my clothing has had pockets. My carved and sometimes gestural pieces are intimate forms that fit and feel good in the hand. While they are generally not representations of actual objects, they reflect the shapes, patterns, colors and surfaces that I am drawn to in nature. 

ceramic art Roberta Polfus

A pale yellow porcelain vase with burnt orange rosettes



ceramic art Roberta Polfus - porcelain pod

Porcelain pod in golden tan with black seeds


 I was introduced to porcelain about 14 years ago and we’ve been inseparable since then. I use a combination of wheel thrown and handbuilt forms that are altered, carved and sprigged. With a variety of airbrushed matte and gloss glazes that enhance the surfaces, the pieces are fired to a high temperature in a gas kiln, cone 10 reduction, around 2340 F. 


ceramic art Roberta Polfus

Pastel blue porcelain lady vase



ceramic art Roberta Polfus textured tea pot in green and brown

Textured porcelain teapot green & brown



ceramic art Roberta Polfus

Porcelain urchin vase with curlicues in peach and white and pink



ceramic art Roberta Polfus

Pale blue and yellow carved porcelain tulip vases



ceramic art Roberta Polfus

Carved porcelain pale yellow and orange squat vase



ceramic art Roberta Polfus

Pale lemon yellow & white creamer and sugar bowl set


Bente Hansen :

Denmark ceramics-Bente Hansen

Meander –  Denmark  2005

Titan yellov rich salt glazed

Joanna Howells :

ceontemporary from - Joanna Howells

Chthonic 1 – Joanna Howells



Elizabeth Strasser :

Vase by Elizabeth Strasser

Elizabeth Strasser

Limoges Rorstrand Ovoid Coffee Cup

Rorstrand Ovoid Coffe Cup

  Musee Andrien Dubouche, Limoges

Sean O’connell :

Chawan by Sean O'Connell

 Chawan – Sean O’connell

Dawn Dishaw Dawn Dishaw – ceramics – blue and salmon bowl


Polia Pillin  –  Tall vase painted with woman and fish

dual handled bowl byYuri Wiedenhofer

Yuri Wiedenhofer – Bowl

Peter Linden Collection

Peter Linden Collection

Gertrud Vasegaard contemporary ceramic vessel - mustard brown with black and white triangle panel

Gertrud Vasegaard


Judith Taylor

Judith Taylor vase

White & Brown Pirouette Vase   19″ tall

( earth dances pottery )

Judith Taylor vase with split flared top

Beige & Turqoise Split Dancing Vase

( earth dances pottery )


“There is a narrow window of time in the drying process during which the consistency of thrown clay is very flexible yet self-supporting. During this brief but intense period, I feel like I dance with the emerging vase, as together we discover new ways to move, unfold, bend, and balance.

These novel shapes, while still excellent for flower arrangements, are more sculptural than the traditional vase and provide greater surface area for glaze and other color treatments. Each dancing vase is unique in its movement and expression.”

Clayart elegance updated →

Ceramic Nuclear Jug type (back) by Rose Yard Raku Studios

Nuclear Jug type (back) by Rose Yard Raku Studios


 Geneviève Gay – Centre céramique contemporaine La Borne

X1-Jonathan-Middlemiss UK

 Jonathan Middlemiss

Natzler bowl, elegant flaring and footed shape

 Natzler bowl, elegant flaring and footed shape

Nancy Bauch contemporary ceramics

 Nancy Bauch contemporary ceramics


‘Nurbs’ – Mauro-Rubio.


 Martin McWilliam ceramic sculpture


 John Maltby

French Mont Joye Art Glass Vase - Hydrangeas

 Mont Joye Art Glass Vase – Hydrangeas

Glass Art - Etsuko-Nishi-~-Orange-Princess

‘Orange Princess’ – Etsuko Nishi

My current series was influenced by the delicacy of the “cage cup” of the Roman Empire and the softness and warmth of the Pate de Verre by the 19th century artist Albert Dammouse.

Weller Sicard lustre glaze vase

 Weller Sicard lustre glaze vase

Elizabeth Fritsch vase with geometrical motif

 Elizabeth Fritsch vase with geometrical motif

Ceramic art - 'Traveling Under Watery Skies'-Jacques Vesery-Sea Forms

‘Traveling Under Watery Skies’ – Jacques Vesery


born of the flame.E: GOLDEN FEATHER DUO Kay Lynne Sattler - Hawaii

‘Gold Feather Duo’ – Kay Lynne Sattler


Charles-Cotteau-- grazing deer art deco geometric vase

Charles Catteau deer vase



Maggie Jones

Turtle Island Pottery NC


Marion-Angelica floral decorated potteryteapot

Marion Angelica teapot



Kyoung Hwa Oh


Charles-Catteau Recherche---Pierre-Bergé-&-associés

Charles Catteau, Belgium


Glass vase by -Pierre D'Avesn with floral motif

Pierre D’Avesn Art Deco glass vase