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pottery wizard master pottery extruder.

At the age of 21, David Hendley decided his career path was to be a professional potter. His clayart trajectory took him from Big Clay Pottery in California, to having a studio at Clay Suppliers in Dallas, to selling his wares on the art fair circuit across the U.S . He finally wound up at the Old Farmhouse Pottery in Maydelle Texas, which he set up as a pottery studio and shop in 1980. All the pottery he produces here is made in a wood fired kiln and he exploits clay extrusion techniques to great effect.

David’s pottery is both refined and amusing. His dancing vases look like they have been waiting eons to be liberated from their rigid symmetrical verticals. I’m not sure if  it’s his background as a musician or his wizard scorcery that gets his “apprentice” vases to look so animated. All pots are fired at 2400f , making a hard , durable surface with rich colours and David formulates and mixes all the clays, slips, colors, and glazes. The results he achieves are multi coloured glazes leaning towards an oriental style and each piece he creates is an original.

Lidded vase, white slip and cobalt-green glaze

Lidded vase, white slip and cobalt-green glaze

pottery  canisters

wood fired kiln stoking

Stoking the Kiln

Pottery Extrusion Class

Asymmetrical gourd bottles

Asymmetrical gourd bottles

dinnerware tenmoku plates

pottery  spire jar

A spire jar made using clay extrusion.

Wavy vase,  salmon slip


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