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SOFA – Sculptural Objects, Functional Art and design



Chicago art fair SOFA


Founded in 1994, SOFA CHICAGO (Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design) is Chicago’s longest continuously running art fair and the world’s foremost fair displaying masterworks of contemporary art and design in all media. It is dedicated to bringing together the spheres of design, decorative arts, and fine arts. Artists, collectors and designer workshops, demonstrations and lectures are also featured.

The SOFA Chicago art fair attracts collectors, art patrons, curatorial staff and art historians who attend to admire the unique works of art and mingle with galleries and artists. In all, around 37,000 people attended the Fair in 2016, presented by more than 70 established and emerging galleries from across the globe. On display were the very best in ceramics, wood, glass, fibre, studio jewelry, metal, painting, sculpture, photography and works on paper.

The premier showcase event has its 23rd exhibition of decorative and functional artistic pieces coming up on NOV 2-5, 2017 at Navy Pier.





‘Seaforms’ – 2013 – Michael Behrens

Habatat Galleries




‘Pasha’ – Jan Huling  —  Duane Reed Gallery

SOFA 2013




Vivian Beer – Bridge Bench steel, patina and ferrocement (concrete)

Wexler Gallery


Peaceful-Morning-stoneware Miyashita-Zenji,-2009

‘Peaceful Morning’ by Miyashita Zenji

Stoneware and applied layers of colored clay..

Joan B Mirviss




Erskine Hall Coe-Shozo_Michikawa-Natural-Ash-twisted-vase

Shozo Michikawa – Natural ash twisted vase

Erskine Hall Coe, London



Sally-Rogers-Cradle---Represented-by-Thomas-R-Riley Galleries

Sally Rogers – ‘Cradle’

Thomas R Riley Galleries




Daedalus----steel and marble - Sally-Rogers---Riley-Galleries

‘Daedalus’—-steel and marble – Sally Rogers

Riley Galleries




SOFA-Chicago--Jan-Huling beaded head sculpture

Jan Huling beaded head

SOFA Chicago



Ceramic 'Architectural Volume (Blue) 1', 2011 -Bodil Manz

‘Architectural Volume (Blue) 1’, 2011 -Bodil Manz





SOFA Chicago, 2010




SOFA Chicago glass vessels



Allison Mercer--sculpture-Maria Elena Kravetz Galeria

Allison Mercer sculpture

SOFA – Maria Elena Kravetz Galeria



Katherine Glenday_Vessel-243

Katherine Glenday – Vessel 243

SOFA – Amaridian Gallery, NY


Andy-Nasisse-TeaBowl koala bear inspired

Andy Nasisse ceramic ‘Tea Bowl’ ( koala bear inspired?)

Sherrie Gallerie



Ani-Kasten ceramic vessel with horizontal ribbing

Ani Kasten



Bart-Johnson-ceramic-vessel--Eight-Modern Hand drawn face motifs

Bart Johnson ceramic vessel

Eight Modern



Benjamin-Sewell,-black and white striped vessel-David-Richard-Contemporary

Benjamin Sewell – ovoid striped glass vessel

David Richard Contemporary





Black and red urn pair – Peter Pincus

Wexler Gallery, SOFA 2016



Les-Namingha ceramic pots

Les Namingha – SOFA, Chicago

  Blue Rain Gallery / Santa Fe New Mexico




Bruce-R.-Macdonald wall art panel

Bruce R. Macdonald wall art panel



Calvin Ma - 'Let It Go' sculpture


Calvin Ma – ‘Let It Go’

“I utilize the action figure form in my sculptural work to explore personal issues and struggles with social anxiety.”

Abmeyer-+-Wood Fine Art—2014



Chris-Antemann-porcelain-sculpture naked couple having tea

Chris Antemann porcelain sculpture



Chris-Gustin ceramic-vase - wavy form

Chris Gustin ceramic vase, SOFA Chicago



Clare-Beck-ceramic vessels at-Adrian-Sassoon

Clare Beck curation for Adrian Sassoon




Lino Tagliapietr — ‘Strombol’

sofaexpo 2009



Colin Schleeh wood sculpture vessel_WilliamZimmerGallery

Colin Schleeh wood sculpture vessel

William Zimmer Gallery




Mikyoung-Jung-blue sculpture-vessel

Mikyoung Jung sculpture vessel



Cristina-Cordova-La-Conquista'-wall sculpture Ann-Nathan-Gallery

Cristina Cordova – ‘La Conquista’ wall sculpture

Ann Nathan Gallery



David-Regan-ceramic-sculpture 3 bicycle riders

David Regan

SOFA Chicago 2010, Barry Friedman



Devyn-Baron-ceramic-sculpture heads

Devyn Baron-Griley

Morgan Glass Gallery



Diego-Romero-ceramic-head sculpture in black-white and gold

Diego Romero ceramic sculpture, SOFA



Donna-Schneier-Fine-Art---Lino-Tagliapietra galss sculpture

Lino Tagliapietra

SOFA Chicago – Donna Schneier Fine Art




Don Reitz ceramic sculpture bowl

SOFA NY 2009, Lacoste Gallery



SOFA Chicago figure-sculpture




Sofa-Chicago-red glass-vessel

SOFA Chicago



Emil-Kazaz-sculpture female warrior

‘Judith’ – Emil Kazaz female warrior sculpture




George Rodriguez_Red Lion sculpture

George Rodriguez – ‘Lion’

Foster White Gallery – SOFA-Chicago 2015



Frank-Boyden-and-Tom-Coleman, ceramic jar

Frank Boyden and Tom Coleman vessel

Sherrie Gallery



Gareth-Mason-ceramic pot-Mindy-Solomon-gallery

Gareth Mason ceramic vase

SOFA – Mindy Solomon gallery



Henk Wolvers ceramic bowl -- Flow Gallery

Henk Wolvers ceramic bowl

SOFA Flow Gallery




Irina Zaytceva porcelain



Jason-Walker-'-Expecting'-ceramic penguin sculpture--Ferrin-Gallery

Jason Walker- ‘Expecting’ -ceramic penguin sculpture

Ferrin Gallery

Sofaexpo – Flickr



Maurine-Littleton-Gallery---Allegra-Marquart---Beaver-and-Turtle glass panel


Allegra Marquart — ‘Beaver and Turtle’ glass panel

Maurine Littleton Gallery




Jean-Nicolas-Gérard-ceramic-vase in mustard and brown

Jean Nicolas Gérard ceramic vase




Joey Watson zany ceramic sculpture

Joey Watson — 2016 SOFA Chicago



Kang Hyo Lee-ceramic vase Mindy Solomon Gallery

Kang Hyo Lee, South Korea

SOFA, Mindy Solomon Gallery




Keith Schneider, SOFA Chicago



Kirra-Galleries---Crystal-Stubbs-glass sculpture

Crystal Stubbs glass sculpture

SOFA, Kirra Galleries

Sofaexpo – Flickr




Kurt Weiser— ‘Princess’ ceramic bottle

SOFA, Ferrin Gallery




Kyohei Fujita Kazaribako Hand Blown Glass Box Casket




Lacoste-Gallery---Don-Reitz-wall panels

Ceramic wall panels – Don Reitz – 2011

Lacoste Gallery

Sofaexpo – Flickr




Lacoste Gallery—Ronnie Gould



Lindsay-Pichasek long horned animal sculpture

Lindsay Pichasek



Maria-Elena-Kravetz---Bob-Clyatt-three male sculpture figures

Bob Clyatt — “Three Standing Men”, 2012

Noborimia-fired porcelain on ceramic

Maria Elena Kravetz Gallerie




Michael-Eden contemporary ceramics

Michael Eden’s “Grey Bloom” recalls the forms of antique ceramics, but is made with 21st-century materials and processes.

SOFA – Clare Beck at Adrian Sassoon Gallery


Michael-Lucero-octo teapot

Michael Lucero

Donna Schneier Fin Art



Mindy Solomon Gallery-Ree_Soo_Jong ceramic vase

Ree Soo Jong ceramic calligraphy vase

Mindy Solomon Gallery -SOFA



 Jin_Morigami sculpture

 Jin Morigami –

TAI Gallery, SOFA Chicago 2012




Kim Myungjin



Jenny Pohlman & Sabrina Knowles — ‘The Linguist’ (Man as a Series), 2009

Duane Reed Gallery




Onishi Gallery_Tamagawa_Norio Flower Vase_No-425-2015-SOFA-Chicago

Norio Tamagawa Flower Vase No 425

2015 Onishi Gallery_SOFA Chicago




Donna Schneier Fine Arts---Viola Frey

Female figure sculpture — Viola Frey

Donna Schneier Fine Arts



Les-Namingha-ceramic pot--Blue-Rain-Gallery

Les Namingha ceramic seed pot

Blue Rain Gallery




Philip Moulthrop ceramic vessel - _Sarah Myerscough Fine Art-sofa-2012

Philip Moulthrop ceramic vessel

Sarah Myerscough Fine Art – SOFA 2012



Hand carved Queen Mothers Pipe,Bamun-Cameroon Douglas Dawso -Gallery,-Chicago-IL

Hand carved Queen Mothers Pipe, Bamun Cameroon

Douglas Dawson Gallery, SOFA Chicago



Irina-Zaytceva Red Admiral Butterfly Cup Jane Sauer Gallery

Irina Zaytceva ‘Red Admiral Butterfly Cup’

Jane Sauer Gallery, SOFA



Robert-Lugo-lidded ceramic jar-Wexler-Gallery

Robert Lugo lidded ceramic jar

Wexler Gallery




Sergei Isupov





Seth Rainville ceramic chair

Ferrin Gallery, SOFA


Intuit Show Opening Night---Tiffany Massey

SOFA Chicago Intuit Show Opening Night—Tiffany Massey



Seth Rainville ceramic teapot with face motifs

Seth Rainville ceramic teapot

Ferrin Gallery


KéKé-Cribbs---Scott-Jacobson-Gallery---Catalina -- glass sculpture boat

KéKé Cribbs — ‘Catalina’ glass sculpture -Scott Jacobson Gallery



Kirra-Galleries---Crystal-Stubbs turqupise and blue glas sculpture

Kirra Galleries — Crystal Stubbs





Sheryl Zacharia-abstract ceramic vessel

‘Rapture’—Sheryl Zacharia—Jane Sauer Gallery





Sheryl-Zacharia-Pinstriped ceramic sculpture vessel

Sheryl Zacharia ‘Pinstriped’



Shozo Michikawa---Koniki-Pot-2009---Gallerie Besson

Shozo Michikawa — Koniki Pot 2009

Gallerie Besson, SOFA



SOFA-Chicago ceramic-vessels

SOFA Chicago





Ypichi Ohira---Notturno con due Montagne Vase,

Ypichi Ohira—Notturno con due Montagne Vase

SOFA, Barry Friedman



SOFA Chicago ceramic sculpture

SOFA Chicago



SOFA-Chicago Sculptural objects, functional art and design

SOFA Chicago


Dorte-Visby ceramic raku vase

Dorte Visby raku vase

SOFA Chicago




Sculptural objects, functional art and design SOFA NY

SOFA, New York



Sue-Averell-and-Joseph-Woodford lidded ceramic vessel with blue face motif

Sue Averell and Joseph Woodford

Gallery Sausalito


Sunkoo-Yuh-ceramic-artist SOFA

Sunkoo Yuh ceramic sculpture



TammyGarcia-BlueRainGallery-salmon ceramic tile

Terry Garcia Wall panel

Blue Rain Gallery




Wayne Higby ‘Stone Gate’ 2007

SOFA Chicago  Photo Brian Oglesbee




Yamamura-Shinya-box Ippodo-Gallery

Yamamura Shinya

Ippodo Gallery, SOFA



Koji-Hatakeyama---Ippodo-Gallery-Eight-Faces - hexagonal vessel

Koji Hatakeyama  — ‘ Eight Faces’

Ippodo Gallery



Blue-Rain-Gallery---Tammy-Garcia-bronze-panel of a bear

Tammy Garcia  — bronze bear panel

Blue Rain Galler




Jan Hopkins -- Forbidden---Jane-Sauer-Gallery

Jan Hopkins — ‘Forbidden’

Jane Sauer Gallery




See more SOFA photos on Flickr