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Shambhala Gardens Crystal Castle



Shambhala-Gardens Mullumbimby

Shambhala Gardens, Mullumbimby

QLD, Australia



Naran and Sono King have created a remarkable lush botanical and crystal scupture garden paradise in the sub tropical Byron hinterland that attracts many nature addicts, crystal lovers, selfie seekers and New Age Eastern Art afficiondos. The natural beauty and serenity of the location is filled with a unique tanquility.



crystal circle

Rose crystal circles




Guardian crystals

Crystal sentinal – @earth_flow_yoga



Garden Buddha –  Shambhala Gardens Crystal Castle



Naran-and-Sono-King----Crystal Castle

Naran and Sono King



The Damanhur Spiral at Shambhala Gardens Crystal Castle



Dewi Sri is known as the Goddess of Rice

Dewi Sri

In Bali, Dewi Sri is known as the Goddess of Rice. Rice is considered a sacred food given to humankind by the deities to sustain us in a way no other food can.



giant-fuchsite crystal

Huge Fuchsite crystal,   370kg

The mystic lore of Fuchsire is ‘Rejuvenation’ It is the green variety of Muscovite and gains colour from high concentrations of chromium. Fuchsite is a healer’s stone, used to find the root cause of disease within the body and facilitate deep healing on many levels. It is said to enhance one’s connection and appreciation of the beauty in nature.



Black Obsidian grounding sphere

Black Obsidian grounding sphere



Tropical datura flowers

Datura flowers, Shambhala Gardens



Amethyst-angel wings

Amethyst angel wings




@khtunga----worlds largest amythest cave

Worlds largest amethyst cave – Shambhala Gardens Crystal Castle



Orchid  – @matt_nulley



Giant amethyst geods

Giant Amethyst Guardians –  largest pair of crystal geodes in the world

Sourced in Uraguay, Height 5.7 metres — @matt_nulley


Buddha statue@silviaaluucena

Sublime Buddha statue – @silviaaluucena




Garrden Bubddha statue

Sitting Buddha – Shambhala Gardens and Crystal Castle





Massive eight ton Uruguayan Treasure Chest, with green and pink Jasper on the outside and lavender amythest and yellow calcites on the inside




Lakshmi in tropicaal setting





yogic sun salute

Sun salute – @sweetmedjool



local green frog

Local frog



labradorite crystal piece

Labradorite crystal



giant rose crystal sculpture

‘Rosie’ the Rose Quartz crystal of love



The amazing Shambhala Gardens statues are hand carved from volcanic rock from Gunung Merapi (mountain of fire), the same stone used to carve the famous Buddhist monument Borobudur in Java, Indonesia.



Aqua-Aura crystal at Shambhala Gardens

Aqua-Aura crystal

Created by infusing natural Clear Quartz with pure Gold, this spectacular Aqua Aura has been used to facilitate illumination and awakening of one’s spiritual self. It has been used also to assist in cleansing and removing energy blockages.


Ancient knowledge petrified wood

Ancient knowledge petrified wood




Genius Stone, Fluorite, represents the highest state of mental achievement.




Avalokitesvara Statue-at-Crystal-Castle-&-Shambhala-Gardens

Avalokitesvara Statue



Black-Green-tourmaaline ruled by Zeus

Black/Green tourmaline ruled by Zeus





Celestite crystal — promotes discernment and higher spiritual awareness. A calming, soothing, gentle stone that radiates an uplifting energy and is good stone for gaining understanding and promoting inner peace.



mystical castle

Mystical castle




Sodalite chair – for obvious reasons it is associated with the water signs, especially the Cancerian crab, with the qualities of insight and intuition.




Large Citrine-crystal

Citrine crystal

Citrine is known as the crystal of manifestation, abundance, and creativity…⁠ ⁠ Citrine crystals are said to carry a strong fire element energy which works with the sacral and solar plexus chakras to support self-confidence and empowerment as well as bringing clarity about any energy blockages towards abundance and manifesting.




Buddha with garlands

Buddha decorated with floral garlands



Crystal Castle Labradorite

Crystal Castle Labradorite




Rose quartz spherical fountain-spins-each-and-every-day

Rose quartz spherical fountain



Buddhas footprint sculpture

Buddhas Footprint

A hand-carved, sandstone sculpture from India. Buddha’s feet is known as Buddhapada, one of the symbols to represent Buddha and his teachings. The Buddhapada has a central motif of a chakra wheel, representing the techings of Buddha and the eight spokes represents the Eightfold Noble Path. The Buddha’s feet here has 108 symbols, including the toe symbols.


children runnning past Ganesh statue


Children running past Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, at the ‘Buddha Walk’. The Hindu religion believes that honouring Ganesh before new ventures and during life changes assures easier trasition and success. He is also revered as the god of education and literature, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

The ‘Buddha Walk’ is a unique half kilometre walk offering spectacular views of Byron’s hinterland. On the walk you will discover giant crystals, lush sub-tropical gardens, enormous statues, a bamboo walk, and beautiful spaces for contemplation and meditation.



 Elestial quartz crystals are said to have an extremely high vibration

 Elestial quartz crystals are said to have an extremely high vibration and they are layered with markings and multiple points of terminations.



Green Apophyllite---Earth's Magic crystal

Green Apophyllite—Earth’s Magic crystal



Large Ruby Fuchsite crystal

Large Ruby Fuchsite crystal




Bubddha head



Lotus pond at Shambala Gardens

Lotus pond at Shambala Gardens




Enchanted Amethest Cave —  @_shoushou__

This gigantic crystal of the Enchanted Cave is approximately 5.5 metres wide and weighs over 20,000 kilograms,
(20 tonnes)



Labradorite!⁠ crystal

Labradorite! crystal



Girl traversing-the-labryinth

Walking the labryinth



Kalachakra World Peace Stupa




Mystical blue labradorite free form

Mystical blue labradorite free form



Ancient Nautilus fossil

Ancient Nautilus fossil



Photo by @joymeetsworld___Lotus Mosaic – by Turiya Bruce

Lotus Mosaic by Turiya Bruce

‘Blessing Buddha’ –  4 metres high and weighing 14 tonne

Photo by @joymeetsworld___



Rose Quartz table under a mango tree



Shambahla Gadens Sodalite crystal

Shambahla Gadens large Sodalite Crystal



Descending on the Bamboo Walk

Shambahla Gardens


Amethyst Guardian sentinels

Amethyst Guardian sentinals







Shambala Gardens Crystal Castle nesteld in the Byron hinterlands



Jasper with quartz vein and golden tiger eye bead

Jasper with quartz vein and golden tiger eye bead

Crystal Castle store


Nandi the Bull volcanic rock statue

Nandi, the bull represents joy attained through celebration and also through strength and restraint




Amethest, Agate and Chlorite heart

Heart shaped Amethest, Agate and Chlorite crystal



Sparkly Fairy Spirit quartz

Sparkly Fairy Spirit quartz

Spirit Quartz is known as the crystal of harmony and universal love.



Photo-by-@danielavianna--amethyst gateway

Photo by @danielavianna—Amethyst gateway



Red headed rock agama lizard

Red headed rock agama



holding a black Tourmaline crystal

Purifying black Tourmaline crystal



Treasured in many ancient civilizations, the Pyrite crystal stone

Pyrite crystal stone – Treasured in many ancient civilizations



The Earthkeeper... This incredibly rare one-tonne Clear Quartz crystal was found in Brazil in 2006@jayne.elizabeth.lightlife

‘The Earthkeeper’… This incredibly rare one-tonne Clear Quartz crystal was found in Brazil in 2006




The Smokey Quartz grounding crystal throne

The Smokey Quartz grounding crystal throne



Tropical Cryatal Garden Ganesh

Tropical Crystal Garden Ganesh




Amythyst Wizzard Hat

Amethyst Wizard Hat



Spectacular piece of Chrysocolla & Malachite!

Chrysocolla & Malachite crystal



Inspirational Shambhala Gardens scroll




More art from the Byron region


Dingo by Nick Warfield

‘Dingo’ by Nick Warfield

Brunswick Heads Nature Sculpture Walk, Byron Bay



Melissa Hirsch--'Jellyfish Tree'

Melissa Hirsch–‘Jellyfish Tree’




Nick Warfield -–- ‘Nunguu Stance’



Sculptural walk Brunswick Heads

Sculptural walk Brunswick Heads



Buddha-at-Gaia Retreat

Buddha at Gaia Retreat



Pandanas Seed People-–-Antone Bruinsma

‘Pandanas Seed People’ -–- Antone Bruinsma




Byron Hinterland