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The magnificence of Rene Lalique



Rene Lalique’s superb Art Deco and Art Nouveau designs



Rene Lalique pale blue spherical vase

 Frosted pale blue spherical incised glass vase – Rene Lalique



French Rene Lalique- Art nouveau brooch

 Opal and gold pendant – Rene Lalique


If you are an aficionado of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, it’s hard to ignore Rene Lalique’s remarkable designs. Lalique, in his time was recognized as an artist, designer, jeweller, innovator, glass-maker,  industrialist and a visionary ! His creations in jewellery were seen as  revolutionary and he was one of the most outstanding exponents of Art Nouveau. His masterful work in glass, and exquisite jewellery design  came to epitomize the Art Nouveau style and adorned the most exotic women of Paris.


Art Nouveau jewellry by Rene Lalique


“Give a woman the best product you can compound. Present it in a perfect container (beautifully simple, but of impeccable taste), charge a reasonable price for it and a great business will arise such as the world has never seen. “  These words from Lalique proved to be prophetic because he succeeded in being a  creative artisan who combined the sensual charm of his objet d’ art with the possibility of mass distribution using mechanization and industrialization. He fulfilled the ideal of producing high quality designs at modest prices and using mass production so every consumer could own a piece of Lalique. His products cleverly supplemented the mechanical processes with finishing techniques to make the pieces appear less manufactured.


Martigues charger by Rene Lalique

Born in Paris in 1860, he was apprenticed to a Parisian jeweller, at the age of 16, while simultaneously doing night school at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts. The young Frenchman went on to attend the School of Art in Sydenham, England where he was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the time, particularly in graphic design. His love of flora and fauna motivated  him to use  naturalistic features in his designs.. In 1885 Lalique purchased a small workshop in Paris and produced his own interpretation of the emerging Art Nouveau style jewelry.

He also produced art glass especially in the form of vases which he became widely known and noticed for. In the 1920’s he also produced wares in the Art Deco style along with car mascots (automobile hood ornaments) and clocks. His highly imaginative creations were populated by a magnificent world of fantastical beings – dragons, serpents, lilies, peacocks, butterflies, orchids, and Symbolist women, who metamorphosed into dragonflies, lotus blossoms, or terrifying Medusas. Lalique favoured the use of Nymphs and ” Femme Fatales ” with voluptuous figures in his creations, reviving a style which had been neglected since the renaissance.

Rene Lalique purple brooch

His output of glass spanned the time of Art Nouveau through to the Art Deco Period, and extended up to  World War II.  At the height of Rene Laliques production at his Wingen-sur-Moder ( France ) factory, Lalique employed over 600 workers. After his death in 1945 Lalique’s son Marc reopened the factory. Lalique is run today by his granddaughter Marie Claude.



Blue sauterelles-grasshopper vase by Lalique

‘Sauterelles’ vase of clear and frosted glass with blue and green patina, c. 1912

Rene Lalique



Rene Lalique Art Nouveau pendant

Rene Lalique pendant


Raised relief Ronces vase in a dark amber by Rene Lalique

Rene lalique ‘Ronces’ vase of dark amber glass, c. 1921



Rene Lalique Le Mans vase of cased opalescent turquoise

‘Le Mans’ vase of cased opalescent turquoise glass, c. 1931

Rene Lalique



Rene Lalique Grenade vase of black glass

‘Grenade’ vase of black glass with white patina, c. 1930




Rene Lalique perfum bottle Leze i Pachne

Leze I Pachne Perfume bottle – Rene Lalique





Lalique Chrysis car mascot frosted glass lady mascot

 Lalique ‘Chrysis’ car mascot in clear and frosted glass, c. 1931



Courges vase of electric blue glass - Rene Lalique

RENE LALIQUE ‘Courges’ vase of electric blue glass



Plum coloured vase - Rene Lalique

RENE LALIQUE ‘Monnaie du Pape’ vase of plum glass, c. 1914



Lalique bacchantes vase - blue dancing unde females

‘Bacchantes’ vase – Rene Lalique



Rene Lalique Inseperables glass desk clock

‘Inseparables’ clock – Rene Lalique



La Jade perfume bottle - Lalique

‘Le Jade’ perfume bottle – Rene Lalique

Hickmet Fine Arts



Silenes vase - Rene Lalique Rene Lalique - clear and frosted glass with gray patina, c. 1938

Rene Lalique ‘Silenes’ vase of clear and frosted glass with gray patina, c. 1938



Rene Lalique French glass art design blue platter

Frosted and clear glass swirl platter – Rene Lalique



Rene Lalique budgerigar vase of opalescent glass with blue patina, c. 1924

‘Ceylan’ budgerigar vase of opalescent glass with blue patina, c. 1924 – Rene Lalique





Square perfume bottle - Rene Lalique - Success for Orsay blown-molded white glass.1914


Elegant perfume bottle ‘Success’ for ‘Orsay’ blown-molded white glass Rene Lalique



Lalique 'Montargis' vase of black glass with grayish patina, c. 1929.with art deco geometric pattern

‘Montargis’ vase of black glass with grayish patina, c. 1929.



Soudan vase of opalescent glass with blue patina with running gazelles

‘Soudan’ vase of opalescent glass with blue patina, c. 1928

The recipe of Lalique’s famous glass opalescence is still “the secret of the company”.



Lalique Suzanne-statue on stand

‘Suzanne’ – statue of opalescent glass on original bronze illuminating base, c. 1925

Rene Lalique




Gold and pearl two naiads choker by Rene Lalique


Lalique Malesherbes' vase of amber glass,with geometric leaf pattern

‘Malesherbes’ vase of amber glass, c. 1927



Rene Lalique pendant

Rene Lalique brooch




‘Archers’ –  Rene Lalique patinated vase



French Gui vase of deep teal green glass by lalique

Gui vase of deep teal green glass, c. 1920 – Rene Lalique




Rene Lalique Bacchantes dancing nudes amber vase

Rene Lalique French ‘Bacchantes’  dancing nudes vase



Rene Lalique Art Deco perfume bottle

Art Deco perfume bottle – Rene Lalique




Lalique Calypso Salver plate

Lalique Calypso Salver





René Lalique ‘Nymph’ Pendant, 1899-1901: gold, ivory, enamel, chalcedony.

Calouste Gulbenkian collection



ivory, diamond and sapphire pendant by Rene Lalique

Rene lalique Art Nouveau pendant




Rene Lalique blue Bulbes Plate

‘Bulbes’ plate – Rene Lalique



Rene Lalique glass owl paperweight

Lalique Crystal Owl Paperweight – R.,Lalique




Rene Lalique Enamel, gold and diamond Art Nouveau brooch

1897-98 – Private collection, NY



Lalique bracelet in yellow gold, glass and enamel with seven tapered panels, ca. 1900

René Lalique bracelet in yellow gold, green glass and enamel with seven tapered panels, ca. 1900




Lalique-crystal-paperweight - female face with pine cones

Rene Lalique frosted crystal paperweight




Soucis – blue cobalt vase by Rene Lalique






Art Nouveau Figural Pearl Broach By Rene Lalique

c. 1920’s



Terpsichore vase art deco Rene lalique

Art Deco ‘Terpsichore’ vase – Rene Lalique – 1937



Rene-Lalique-La-Source-Necklace-and-Pendant-(1902) - white nude lady with wisteria

La Source Necklace and Pendant  –  R.Lalique




Dragonfly Brooch---Rene Lalique Art Nouveau blue sapphires and gold

Dragonfly brooch – Lalique





Reve-a-Deux – – Rene lalique art deco perfume bottle





Classic Lalique brooch depicting dancing nymphs in a frame of butterflies, gold, enamel, sapphires and horn.





‘Hawthorne’ Dog Collar Plaque – Rene Lalique






Rene Lalique and Augustine Alice Ledru, 1903




Rene Lalique pendant jewellry art nouveau

Rene Lalique pendant



Art Nouveau swan-pendant-gold-and-enamel Rene Lalique

Swan pendant – Rene Lalique



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