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Czech, Bohemia Clayarts


Czechoslavakia is blessed with a fascinating history of ceramic design which developed rapidly after the introduction of porcelain in the 1790’s. This was in the region around the town Karlovy Vary ( Carlsbad ) where rich deposits of kaolin could be found.  Decorative pottery production was prolific during the Art Nouveau/Jugendstil era through to the decades of Art Deco.


Royal Dux Bohemia


Royal Dux was originally known as the Duxer Porzellanmanufaktur or Dux Porcelain Manufactory, and was established in 1860 by Eduard Eichler in Czechoslovakia when it was known as Bohemia. By the turn of the century, the  firm specialized in porcelain statues and busts of Art Nouveau-style maidens, large porcelain figures, and ornate vases with three-dimensional sculptured figures embracing the surface. By 1937, the company had over 12,000 molds for porcelain. Typically, scenes of scantily clad, enchanting women would be cavorting by a pond surrounded by leaves, foliage and trees. The most successful development phase of Royal Dux was the Art Nouveau era when the ceramic modeler Alois Hampel worked for the company. Some of the original 19th century molds which were established at that time are in production to this day. The diverse range of Dux Art Deco and modernist figurines are still being admired and collected.   Royal Dux kneeling Art Deco figurine

 Royal Dux kneeling Art Deco figurine


 Royal Dux–Amphora, Riessner, Kessell & Stellmacher

          Royal Dux Porcelain Statue of twins

Huge Czech Deco Royal Dux Porcelain Statue of twins by Schaff,  1930’s

Jitro---Jaroslav-Ježek-(Royal-Dux) modernist lady on horse

Modernist figurine by Jaroslav Ježek -(Royal-Dux)

        1920's Royal Dux lady fan dancer

Czech Royal Dux lady fan dancer – 1920’s

LARGE Royal Dux Bohemia Art Nouveau vase

 Large Royal Dux Bohemia Art Nouveau vase, internal pearl glaze

 Art Deco pose figurine Royal-Dux--Geometric

Porcelain Royal Dux Deco figurine

  Royal Dux hunting figurine statue

 Royal Dux hunting figure, riding a horse wearing a tricorn hat and holding a hunting horn, with hunting hounds.

( Aspire Auctions )


Bohemia Royal Dux Porcelain Geisha Girl Vase


 Czech Royal Dux Art Deco Female Snake Charmer


Mid – Century Hen figurine designed by Jaroslav Jezek



Very large Royal Dux Amphora Art Nouveau Vase


 Art Nouveau letter stand – Royal Dux

        Royal Dux Figural-jardiniere bowl

Art Nouveau Royal Dux figural jardiniere

        Royal Dux figure with greyhounds 37cm

Classic Art Deco Royal Dux figure with greyhounds

height 37cm


 Mint Green Royal Dux Figurine Flamingo Dancer

24cm Tall


Prague Potter Ivan Angelov Panov

Originally born in Bulgaria, where he pursued his interest in sculpture and art from a young age, Ivan Panov has established a ceramic studio and school in Prague.


Blue-Leo Ivan Angelov Panov

Blue Leo Ivan Angelov Panov

          Boris - Horse Sculpture by Ivan Angelov Panov

Boris Ivan Angelov Panov

      doli-bel-iii Ivan Angelov Panov

 Doli bel iii  covered jar – Ivan Angelov Panov

        Abstract-bowl- Ivan Angelov Panov

Abstract ceramic bowl- Ivan Angelov Panov, Prague

        A-JOY fruit bowl Ivan Angelov Panov

A joy fruit bowl by Ivan Angelov Panov

            Green Imagion pticher Ivan Angelov Panov

Green Imagion  pticher Ivan Angelov Panov

        neron-hadrijan-Ivan A.Panov ceramic horse sculpture

 Neron Hadrijan-Ivan Angelov Panov

          fish-rajna__Ivan Angelov Panov

Fish Rajna – Ivan Angelov Panov


            'Rok' Ivan Angelov Panov ceramic rocking horse

‘ Rok ‘  – Ivan Angelov Panov rocking horse

Ceramic sender owl figurine Ivan Angelov Panov

Kubista Gallery 

The Museum of Czech Cubism is situated at the beautifully restored Grand Café Orient in the upper floors of the House at the Black Madonna, in the historical center of Prague.  Both originals and unique replicas of classic Czech design, particularly rare cubist and art deco objects can be purchased.

Ceramic box Graniton -Kubista

 Graniton covered ceramic box  – Kubista

original 1925

        Black and White Art-Deco-Coffee-Pot---Pavel-Janák---1912

 Black and White Art Deco Coffee Pot—Pavel Janák—1912

        Pavel-Janak art deco vase

Pavel Janak ovoid Art Deco vase


 Art Deco sugar bowl – Pavel Janak

    Kubista Replica-of-sugar-bowl-and-milk-jug-from-the-collection-of-Cubist-ceramics-and-furniture-in-Bauer's-Villa-in-Libodřice

Kubista Replica of sugar bowl and milk jug from the collection of Cubist ceramics and furniture in Bauer’s Villa in Libodřice

    Black and White ceramic mugs by Pavlína-Lubomírská

 Ceramic mugs by Pavlína Lubomírská

Elegant Art Deco lidded vessel - original, around 1925

 Elegant Art Deco lidded vessel


Pravoslav Rada

Czech art The cat-lying-with-blue-striped-tail-Pravoslav Rada -Keramika,

The cat lying with blue striped tail – Pravoslav Rada

Pravoslav Rada,-Plastika,-1988,-Keramika

Pravoslav Rada-1988,- Czech Keramika


Anthropomorphic double gourd ceramic -Pravoslav Rada,


Damyan Artist flickr Prague Art Nouveau

 Prague Art Nouveau – Damyan Artist –  flickr


Brass Art Deco Figure signed Allmann-1930

Antiques Michal Jankovský, Prague


Plant form vase – Johann Lötz Witwe Glassworks

          Art-Nouveau-Czech-Bohemian-Amphora vase

Bohemian Amphora Art Nouveau vase


Art Nouveau vase, Czechoslovakia


        Art Deco dancer sculpture-Alcron-Hotel-Prague

Alcron Hotel Prague – Art Deco dancer sculpture

        Art Deco clock by-Andres-and-Dworsky,-1920

Art Deco animatronic clock by Andres and Dworsky, 1920


Hand painted Czech Art Deco vase

        Czech-Lady-Art Deco Plaque

Art Deco wall plaque – Czech Republic


Czechoslovakian modernist pitcher

            Art Deco Czech Wall Mask

Wall Mask Czech Art Deco


Bedouin sculptural busts – Eduard Stellmacher-(1868-1929)

Bohemia 1890


Erphila Art Deco Czech Pottery Vase


Art Nouveau Trihedral vase  – Karel Babka

Museum of Decorative Arts In Prague

            Rudolf Hamršmíd, Vase,-1899,-UPM

Rudolf Hamršmíd ( 1878 – 1966 ) Art NouveauVase,-1899,-UPM

        Napolean sculpture by ScheibeAntiques-Maiselova1920

Napolean sculpture by Scheibe – 1920 – from the Napoleon Crossing the Alps painting by Jacques Louis David.

Antiques Maiselova



Celda Klouček vase

Amphora vase Art Nouveau

CzechAmphora vase


Pair of Czech Art Deco Figural Vases


Dish With Harpies – Boudová Suchardová


calypsospot – flickr

Rabbi Loew statue Ladislav Šaloun

Rabbi Loew – Alchemist and Kabbalah scholar. Designed by Art Nouveau designer Ladislav Saloun and sculpted by Eduard Zvelebil in the early 1910’s, at the dawn of Czech independence. In 1940 when the Germans invaded Czechoslovakia, the statue was earmarked to be destroyed, but Ladislav whisked the large statue away in the night and hid it at his home.


The Kiss – Ladislav Šaloun



Modernist bowl by Rudolf Schwedler-(1896-1981), Harrachov glassworks and brewery, Czechoslavakia

Royal Dux Amphora vase with owl motifs

Large Royal Dux Amphora vase with four owls

Height 16 1/2 inches