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Persian contemporary pottery Downunder



Camouflage-by-Elnaz-Nourizadeh Ceramic bust male head

‘Camouflage’ by Elnaz Nourizadeh


Iranian ceramic artist Elnaz Nourizadeh


Persia has a rich tradition of painted pottery that goes back to 5000BC. Elnaz became interested in ceramics while studying Industrial Design at the University Of Tehran where she developed a fascination in the ancient pottery traditions of Persia, which led her to taking on a part time pottery workshop. In 2006 at the age of 21, Eli started her professional life as a potter in Tehran as an assistant to a ceramic instructor and later as a teacher herself. After she relocated to Australia in 2013, she set up her own studio.
With her hand thrown, hand painted pieces, she creates a refreshing contemporary quality that combines modern designs with ancient craft. Her decorative style is striking for its fusion of the abstract with vivid colours and Zen like simplicity, leading to a distinctive range of functional vessels.
She also creates contemporary sculptures with clay and ceramics, while also including wood and metal materials. Elnaz claims – “I use sculpture to convey more well thought messages but in my tableware I express more raw spontaneous feelings, so each of them has its own place in my work. I have two different types of days in my studio, one is for creating things, the other one is a glaze day. Normally I start my day with a cup of tea in one of my favourite mugs and play classical music such as Bach or Beethoven.”
The ceramic art of Elnaz is bursting with an ebullience that reflects her love of the medium. What initially began as a casual hobby for Elnaz has now blossomed into a fully fledged business and she also has the intention of expanding into creating large scale public sculptural works.



Elnaz Nourizadeh - Jade green, crimson and white ceramic dish

Abstract dish – Elnaz Nourizadeh



Elnaz Nourizadeh--Collection--ceramic mug

Elnaz Nourizadeh  mug





Elnaz Nourizadeh – ceramic plate



Elnaz-Nourizedah---Collection==ceramic tumbler

Elnaz Nourizadeh tumbler




Elnaz-Nourizedah pottery painting

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizadeh--Panoply-Gallery Four contemporary bowls

Elnaz Nourizadeh–Panoply Gallery





Elnaz Nourizadeh contemporary ceramic sculpture




Elnaz-Nourizadeh=--Shadows-of-my-Dream - black and white glazed abstract sculpture

Elnaz Nourizadeh – ‘Shadows of my Dream’




Elnaz-Nourizedah-bowls-painted with absstract motifs

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizadeh ceramic sculpture

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizedah--Collection--Olive green and orange mug and bowl

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizadeh-ceramic plate Nature-Boy-Nrth

Elnaz Nourizadeh ceramic plate

Nature Boy Nrth




Elnaz-Nourizadeh---Eli---elnazceramic----torso sculpture

Elnaz Nourizadeh torso




Elnaz-Nourizedah--green mug Nature-Boy-Nrth

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizadeh-Panoply-Gallery ceramic bowl

Elnaz Nourizadeh – ceramic bowl



Elnaz-Nourizadeh--Sculpture bust

Elnaz Nourizadeh–Sculpture bust





Elnaz Nourizadeh





Elnaz Nourizadeh contemporary bowl





Elnaz Nourizadeh sculpture bust




Elnaz-Nourizedah-Shadows-of-my-Dream- red and white abstract form dish

Shadows of my Dream series – Elnaz Nourizadeh





Elnaz Nourizadeh vases




Elnaz-Nourizedah--red abstract motif on white cup

Elnaz Nourizadeh



Elnaz-Nourizedah-ceramic bowl--Stockists Mr-Kitly-Gallery

Elnaz Nourizadeh ceramic bowl

Mr Kitly Gallery



Elnaz-Nourizadeh---Eli---elnazceramic--bowl-in white, red and black

Elnaz Nourizadeh tableware bowl




Elnaz-Nourizedah--Tableware mug and bowl

Matching mug and bowl – Elnaz Elnaz Nourizadeh



Elnaz-Nourizedah---Tableware=green-white and yellow mug

Elnaz Nourizadeh





Elnaz Nourizadeh vase




Elnaz-Nourizadeh---Eli---elnazceramic--pink, brown and white mug-and-bowl

Elnaz Nourizadeh mug, bowl




Elnaz-Nourizedah--Out-Of-The-Blue ceramics

Elnaz Nourizadeh– Out Of The Blue series





Elnaz Nourizadeh

Falling for Florin



Elnaz-Nourizedah - crimson, white and turquoise jugs

Ceramic jugs – Elnaz Nourizadeh



Elnaz-Nourizedah--Tableware--matching mug and bowl

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizadeh---Eli---elnazceramic Punch-Out-ceramic sculpture

‘Punch Out’ – Elnaz Nourizadeh




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