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Garden Sculptures Chatsworth


Chatsworth-Marc Quin - Spiral Of The Galaxy

Marc Quin – Spiral Of The Galaxy – 2013


Chatsworth House Beyond Limits


I wasn’t surprised at all to see a large Baltasar Lobo contemporary sculpture blending so naturally into a typical English landscape of gentle rolling green hills, featuring a commanding stately home in the backdrop. The irresistible dynamic of historical and contemporary seems to combine flawlessly, despite being diametrically opposed. The contrast of the grounded, omnipresent, symmetrical facade of Chatsworth House makes the abstract contemporary sculptures look even more edgy and alive. Being a devotee of fresh air, I’ll always embrace the opportunity to visit an outdoor gallery in large open spaces, especially because of the extra perspectives that are created for the artworks. The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire has opened the garden gates again for the 9th annual ‘Beyond Limits’, which has successfully maintained its status as one of the premier Modern and Contemporary sculpture exhibitions in the UK, bringing together a fascinating collection of monumental sculptures from both international and local artists, and providing the opportunity for emerging talent to be displayed. It is currently running up to the 26th October, 2014.
One of the standout pieces for me this year is Lori Parks “Silk Weaver”. A fluid cascade of expansion and movement emerging from a hidden dimension. Also Giacomo Manzù’s “Grande Cardinale” seems to own the surroundings it is presented in, with an air of austerity being revealed and highlighted by its sober monochrome appearance replacing the usual resplendent pomp. The stark brilliance of Lynn Chadwick’s “Couple On A Seat” is worthy of a mention along with the mandala like ” Construct II ” by Antony Gormley. Curation for the event has been managed again by Sotheby’s.


Alice Aycock---HoopLa outdoor sculpture

Monumental sculpture by Alice Aycock – ‘Hoop La’





Antony-Gormley---Construct II

Antony Gormley’s ‘CONSTRUCT II’ on display at the Inner Courtyard of Chatsworth House






Aristide-Maillol-----Sotheby-s reclining woman at water feature in gardens

 Aristide Maillol   ‘LA RIVIÈRE’ 

Beyond Limits – 2014





Baltasar Lobo PIÈCE-D'EAU--Sotheby-s curated Beyond Limits 2014

Baltasar Lobo — ‘PIÈCE D’EAU’

Beyond Limits – 2014




Beverly Pepper---CRISPINA SENIOR I--Sotheby's-Chatsworth

 Beverly Pepper— ‘CRISPINA SENIOR I’

Beyond Limits – 2014




Bill-Woodrow---ROCKSWARM--Beyond Limits

 Bill Woodrow – ‘Rockswarm’

Beyond Limits – 2014


Lynn Chadwick---COUPLE ON SEAT--Sotheby-s Chatsworth

‘COUPLE ON SEAT’ –  Lynn Chadwick

Beyond Limits – 2014



Christopher-Le-Brun---Maro-Sotheby-s Chatsworth

 Christopher Le Brun — ‘Maro’

Beyond Limits – 2014

The ‘wing’ was throughout Roman and Classical epochs a timeless image of divine supremacy and preferment. Le Brun’s marble wing streams out of the earth, towering above its viewers, five metres high, the strong and weighty marble adding testament to the wing as a symbol of strength and elemental power.




Eduardo Chillida---Chatsworth 2014

Eduardo Chillida – ‘Estela a José Antonio de Aguirre’

Beyond Limits – 2014





Lori Park--SILK WEAVER--Sotheby-s Chatsworth

Lori Park– ‘SILK WEAVER’

Beyond Limits – 2014




Giacomo-Manzù---GRANDE-CARDINALE--Sotheby-s Beyond Limits

 Giacomo Manzù –  ‘GRANDE CARDINALE’

Beyond Limits – 2014





Marc-Quinn---BERMUDA-TRIANGLE--Sotheby-s, beyond Limits'


Beyond Limits – 2014





Zadok-Ben-David---EXOTIC-TREE---Sotheby-s Chatsworth Beyond Limits

Zadok Ben David  – ‘Exotic Tree’

Beyond Limits – 2014

  Xu Bing---TAO-HUA-YUAN---A-LOST-VILLAGE-UTOPIA--Sotheby-s Chatsworth

  Xu-Bing— ‘TAO HUA YUAN’ — A lost kingdom utopia

Beyond Limits – 2014

The work takes its name from a fifth-century fable from the Jin Dynasty, narrating the tale of a fisherman who stumbles across an astonishing idyll after following a stream lined with vibrant peach trees . However, the fisherman, on attempting to return to the site with his fellow city-dwellers, fails to find it. Bing’s installation recreates this fabled utopia using rocks, water, flowers and branches arranged like a traditional Chinese landscape painting. This story refers to the legendary land of Shambala or Shangrila, which can only been discovered if one has a certain level of merit.


 Info on Chatsworth Beyond Limits Sculpture Exhibition HERE

Sotheby’s sales catalogue HERE



 Sculptures from previous ‘Beyond Limits’ exhibitions



'DECLINATION' by Tony-Cragg Photo-Matthew-Bullen 2013

 ‘DECLINATION’ abstract sculpture by Tony Cragg – Chatsworth 2013

Photo Matthew Bullen




Fernando Botero Dancers Beyond Limits 2009

Dancers – Fernando Botero

Chatsworth Beyond Limits – 2009





Chatsworth - Juan Munoz-1952---2001,-DOS-FIGURAS-CON-MANO-EN-EL-PECHO-2013

  Juan Munoz-(1952—2001),- ‘Dos Figuras Con Mano En El Pecho’

Chatsworth 2013





Chrome sculpture by Richard Hudson: Marilyn Monroe. -Chatsworth 2009

‘Marilyn Monroe’  – Richard Hudson

Chatsworth 2009




Monumental-Sculpture-at-Chatsworth--Beyond-Limits-2013-Sitting On History 1 by BILL WOODROW-B

 Sitting On History 1′  by Bill Woodrow



Marc-Quin-Planet monemental sculpture Chatsworth

 Marc Quin ‘Planet’





Sculptor TONY CRAGG-Tongue in Cheek

 ‘Tongue In Cheek’ – Tony Clagg




Nadim-karam-miu garden sculpture

 ‘Miu’ – Nadim  Karam



‘ Cyclone Twist’ – Alice Aycock

Chatsworth 2013




Nadim Karam---Desert-Sand

‘ Desert Sands ‘  – Nadim Karam


Nijinski Hare-Chatsworth-2012-Barry Flanagan

 Barry Flanagan – ‘Nijinski Hare’

Beyond Limits 2012



Photo-RuiVieira-Barry Flanagan Chatsworth 2012

 Barry Flanagan

Beyond Limits 2012

Photo- Rui Vieira



Richard Hudson's Frog with Fly - Beyond Limits 2011

 ‘Frog With Fly’  – Richard Hudson

Chatworth 2011



Charles Hadcock---Torsion-II Photography by Barnaby Hindle

Torsion II – Charles Hadcock

Chatworth 2011

Photography by Barnaby Hindle




Niki De Saint-Phalle-Buddha David Boardman - flickr


Niki De Saint – Phalle Buddha – 2009

David Boardman – flickr





Chatsworth House interior



Outdoor sculptures at other locations




 Lynn Chadwick – ‘Two Watchers V’





Baltasar Lobo sculpture at Zamora Castle, Spain






Corpus Museum, Noord Hofland






Henry Moore Sculpture, Art Institute of Chicago, USA



JubileeIV---Lynn Chadwick Flickr--BSPhotograffi

Jubilee IV’   —Lynn Chadwick

Lynn Chadwick originally began his career as an architect, but turned to sculpture after serving in WW2.

Niki-de Saint

 Niki De Saint




contemporary-landscape-sculpture- Jon Allen

 ‘Reaching Out Blue’ by Jon Allen




David Haber  Torus – Polished stainless steel portal







 Garden sculpture –  Helen Sinclair

Frogheath Landscapes



Roger-Capron sculptures

 Roger Capron, France



Sculpture-In-Context-2010---Twisted-Sister - By Paddy Moloney

 Paddy Malony – ‘Twisted Sister’

Sculpture In Context 2010

Flickr – William Murphy


‘Reclining Mother and Child’  – Henry Moore

1960 – 1961

 Minneapolis Sculpture Garden →





‘Horn Player’

 Shona artist Tanyanyiwa Nyandoro  sculpture – 2011 –  Zimbabwe

Sculpted from Lemon Opal stone

Image from Guruve Gallery

isamu Noguchi

Set sculpture for 1950 stage play Judith – Isamu Noguchi

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden


Allison Newsome – ‘Lotus Head Rain Soaker’

Biomimicry Raincatcher Sculpture Embraces Horticulture series up to 15 Oct 2014

Blithewold Mansion Gardens and Arboretum   Bristol, Rhode Island, USA  see more here



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