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Ceramic vessels and lids



Put a lid on it !  –  ceramic boxes,  jubako,  jars and pots 

Lidded ceramic vessels come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Most are functional in nature and a selection of trinket/jewelry boxes, jars, censers, cigarette boxes, jubako boxes, covered pots and bowls are represented below.

The Japanese jubako boxes displayed are a practical means to stack the bento trays making them more compact and keeping the food warm. The correct term for the porcelain boxes is actually Danjo, while Jubako refers to the lacquered trays. Traditionally the 4 tiered boxes are filled with small entree sized dishes for New Years Eve and are then called osechi ryori (New Year’s cuisine). The are just as popular now for the storage of small objects.



Art Deco porcelain lidded box

 Art Deco porcelain lidded powder box





Hand carved geometric patterned jar – Mark Williams

schallergallery.com – NY




Jim-Connell lidded jar

Red Sandblasted Carved Jar  – Jim Connell




Porcelain tiered Danjo box

Seto porcelain Jubako/Danjo boxes

Bright cobalt and densely pigmented karakusa (scrolling arabesque pattern) are typical of Seto porcelain.




Jacques-ADNET-&-Lusca--Candy-Box-1950 French

Ceramic candy box – Jacques & Lusca Adnet

1950, France




Kitsch ceramic Laurel & Hardy trinket box

TWI Japan



Adam-Whatley ceramic vessel with lid

 Lidded Vessel – Claywork Etsy

This lidded vessel was constructed with layers of clay mixed with perlite that burns out in the firing process leaving a rough interior / exterior. Raw glass and various glazes combine on the exterior surface in a variety of colors from deep blue and emerald green to a rusty orange and white.




Antique Japanese 19thC-Meiji Jubako Stacking Porcelain Serving Bowls - Seto-Ware

Meiji Jubako Stacking Porcelain Serving Bowls

19th Century



Aria series Deco box for Gustavsberg - By Wilhelm Kage

Art Deco lidded vessel designed by Wilhelm Kage for Gustavsberg




Art Deco Ceramic Box by Ilse Claussen for Rorstrand of Sweden

Lidded Art Deco box designed by Ilse Claussen for Rostrand





Borts Medlock,-Autumn---Jar with Pueblo Dragonflies-&-Lid---King-Galleries-of-Scottsdale

‘Autumn’ – Lidded jar by Borts Medlock with Peublo dragonflies

King Galleries of Scottsdale



Box-with-Lid-by-Dagobert Peche - Gmundner Keramik,-1919

 Hexagonal box with lid – Dagobert Peche – Gmundner Keramik





Covered Jar. Adelaide Alsop Robineau,-ca-1922.-Porcelain

 Porcelain covered Jar – Adelaide Alsop Robineau





jane-McDonald lidded ceramic vessel

Belly Urn – Jane McDonald






Porcelain box with lid and patto – Berthold Loffler




Brother Thomas, Large vase with 2 lids,-copper-red-on-white

Vase with two lids – Brother Thomas

copper red on white, height 17.25 inches


Carved-Ceramic-Box-by-Rachelle Chinnery

Carved ceramic lidded vessel – Rachelle Chinnery

Ceramic Box by Japanese Pottery Master Kawai Kanjiro

Kawai Kanjiro


‘The Blue Heron of Blanco River’ – Debra Steidel

A large vessel with a cobalt and zinc oxide crystalline glaze detailed with patches of manganese metallic bleed – Height 30″ width 12″

( fabulous depth ) – 2013 UK


Charles-Gluskoter lidded pottery vessel

Charles Gluskoter – Oregon Potters – flickr


Melanie Ferguson Ceramics – Lidded vessel from her Naked Raku series.

“Coastal stones rolling ashore, crashing waves, eroding hillsides, the swirling ripple on water’s surface, and the vibrant colors and rhythmic patterns of the ocean’s flora and fauna provides me with endless intrigue and inspiration. My hand-build earthen and stoneware vessels are influenced by this symbolic gesture of how energy moves in and around organic objects to reshape their form, bounce light and crush the old to cast anew.”

Davis Vachon-etsy square raku box

Lidded Box square- Davis Vachon, Etsy

French Art Deco Lidded Primavera jarReneissanceMan

Primavera Art Deco Lidded  jar

Reneissance Man


Funk Mariella- ‘A place for both of us’ ,-earthenware, oxidation, low fire


Giant Ceramic Surrealist Craft- box-MANTIQUES-MODERN

Large Mid Century contemporary box with lid

Mantiques Modern

Green Box by Hannie Goldgewicht

Lidded Jar – Hannie Goldgewicht

Hiroyki-Wakimoto veseel with lid

Hiroyki Wakimoto


Mid Century ceramic box with lid, Italy

Japanese Arita Imari-18th-century-porcelain-reticulated-incense-burner

18th century porcelain reticulated incense burner

Japanese Arita Imari

Japanese Porcelain Bento Jubako Box-Vivid-Blue-and-White-Mid-Century-Showa-Era-Buy-Gone-Days---etsy

 Mid Century Showa Era – porcelain Jubako box

Buy Gone Days — etsy


Japan Satsuma lidded vessel

Kutani Porcelain Japanese incense burner-Kinsaiougimen-soka

Censer incense burner – Hiroaki Yamazaki

Kutani, Japan – The Kutani kilns have been active since around 1655. – ebay

Michael Duvall-1989 Post-Modern-Teapot-USA

Contemporary post modern teapot – MIchael Duvall

USA 1989

Nesting covered boxes-,-1994,-by-Yagi-Akira,

Yagi Akira – ceramic nesting covered boxes

Noritake Art Deco A.H.-Wilkens dresser-tray-Spanish-lady in an orange shawl and blue lustre skirt

Art Deco ceramic Spanish lady dresser box – Noritake

 A.H. Wilkens – Auctions


Round Mid centruy lidded box – Pollia Pillin

Goro Suzuki Set-of-4-Boxes,-1999

Ceramic Jubako stacking boxes – Goro Suzuki


Salt glaze lidded dish with fish  – Moorcroft

Figural dresser box Noritake Art Deco- A.H.-Wilkens-Noritake-figural-dresser-jar-Pierrette-in-a-caramel-lustre-dress-with-flowers-and-butterfly

Noritake Art Deco figural dresser jar.  Pierrette in a caramel lustre dress

A.H. Wilkens

Steve-Irvine large jar

Steve Irvine

A large jar, it was made by altering a thrown body, and adding a hand built upper section. It has a combination of copper, and manganese crystal glazes. This piece stands about 38 cm tall.

Sarah Perkins metalsmith lidded container

Migration Container 2011 fine silver, enamel – Sarah Perkins


Suzuki Osamu

Viktor-Schreckengos Jiffy Ware pitchers

Jiffy Ware pitchers – Viktor Schreckengos

W&R Carlton Ware-Chinaland-Octagonal-Trinket-Cigarette-Box

Ceramic Chinaland Octagonal Trinket Cigarette Box – W&R Carlton Ware

SchallerGallery-com Warren-MacKenzie-

Lidded vessel – Warren MacKenzie

Schaller Gallery.com

Chinese Cloisonne Teapot

Cloisonne Teapot, China


Jennifer Allen

Alistair Danhieux-lidded-jar

Alistair Danhieux, France


Waylande Gregory MidCentury Lidded Cigarette Box


Marvin-Blackmore,-Navajo lidded vessel

Marvin Blackmoore Navajo lidded vessel


Porcelain gourd box – decorated with delicate dots and intricate grasshoppers, dragonflys, and snails

16th-19th-centuries – Morikame Museum



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