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British ceramic modernist – James Tower centenary


James Tower,-Waving reeds flattened vessel

James Tower, Waving reeds vessel





Fluid Abstract odyssey


Sinuous movement and a transcendent kinesis, inspired by water currents, marine life and the sea are very ubiquitous in James Tower’s sgraffito ceramic decorations, mainly from an underwater perspective. The gentle movement of water reeds, sea forest kelps and other natural abstractions is captured with the use of enticing patterns, rhythm, tension and a fluidity in his ceramic sculptures to create perspectives of sublime motion. His pieces like Nebulae, Sea Piece Opus and Glacier make you feel like you are being drawn you into a submerged Sci Fi like portal, inviting you to float into a fluid tromp e-l’œil dimension.

Tower claimed that his goal was to achieve “a sense of completion to satisfy a longing for a serene harmonious whole, which contains dynamism and vitality, to fulfill our intellectual and spiritual needs.” This was even more poignant to him by the fact that he regarded it as such an elusive quality. At the age of 17, James spent time in Australia and New Caledonia, where it would have been hard to ignore the dynamism of the oceans. He later stated that he searched for ways to convey a sense of integrity, releasing internal, serene and harmonious tensions, in a world where abundant energy remains calm. ‘The objects that I strive to do are  attempts at hymns to the beauty of the natural world’.

A centenary exhibition of this British trailblazer in contemporary ceramic art and sculpture is currently running at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath, UK, till the 24th November, 2019. This exhibition consists of over 50 works by Tower, dating from the 1930s to the 80s. Many of these works will be on public display for the first time.



james-tower-Snow Forest--pottery Erskine Hall & Coe

‘Snow Forest’ — ceramic sculpture

Erskine Hall & Coe


‘Snow Forest’ –view 2  — James Tower



James Tower Large Bowl,, tin-glazed earthenware, 44 cm diameter

James Tower ‘Large Bowl’, 1983, tin-glazed earthenware,

44 cm diameter


James Tower-contemproary sgraffito vessel

James Tower-contemproary sgraffito vessel



James-Tower-centenery abstract ceramic sculptures

James Tower Centenery exhibition abstract ceramic sculptures



James Tower abstract platter

James Tower abstract platter



James Tower,Small Bowl,-1950 British ceramics

James Tower, Small Bowl




James Tower sgraffito decoration



Victoria Gallery-exhibition James Tower

Victoria Gallery exhibition, Bath




James Tower-Tear shaped platter

James Tower – Tear shaped platter



James-Tower-Winter-Grasses-OpusWinter Grasses – Opus 202 made in 1986 is a large flat disc form, decorated with grass motif in wax relief,

James Tower – ‘Winter Grasses Opus’ – a large flat disc form



Nebulae 2 - A large flattened square vase, 1981

‘Nebulae’ 2 – A large flattened square vase, 1981



James Tower, Black and White Bowl, 1958 in black and white

James Tower, Black and White Bowl




James Tower,-Oval Form,-1981

James Tower, ‘Oval Form’




James Tower Round Form, 1983, tin-glazed earthenware, 55 x 56 cm

James Tower ‘Round Form’ tin-glazed earthenware

55 x 56 cm  —  1983



Owl Dish – James Tower



James Tower, Circular Grey and Black Bowl, 1958

James Tower, Circular Grey and Black Bowl



James Tower_ceramic scultpure

James Tower ceramic scultpure


Footed ovoid vessel - James Tower

Footed ovoid vessel – James Tower


Black/white sgraffito vase  —  James Tower



James Tower, ‘Cockerel Plate’



James Tower,-Fish Dish,

James Tower, ‘Fish Dish’



James Tower,-Fish Skeleton Opus150-,-12-inches1957

James Tower, ‘Fish Skeleton Opus 150′ vase

12 inches, 1957



James Tower painting on Paper

James Tower painting on paper



James Tower sgraffito geometric mosaic plate

James Tower sgraffito geometric mosaic style plate



James Tower in studio

James Tower



James Tower,-Glacier,-tin-glazed-earthenware

James Tower, ‘Glacier’, tin glazed earthenware




James Tower, ‘Leaf Vase’



James Tower,-Morning Tide Long Form,14

James Tower, ‘Morning Tide Long Form’



James Tower,-Sculpture,-1965-6-16inches height

James Tower, ceramic Sculpture

1965-66  16.5 inches height



JamesTower,-Sea Piece,-22inches1985


 ‘Sea Piece’, flat round form – James Tower

22 inches height,  1985



JameTower,-Sea Piece opus-179,-1984

James Tower, ‘ Sea Piece opus-179′



James Tower,-Thaw Opus-145,17

James Tower, ‘Thaw Opus 145′




James Tower, ‘Spume’


James Tower,-Vessel,-1985

James Tower, ovoid Vessel’



James Tower,-Winged Form1961

James Tower, ‘Winged Form’



James Tower

James Tower —  Black and white Fish Dish



Leaves Vessel by James Tower

Leaves Vessel by James Tower