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Teapots! 11 invitational


A geisha girl serving tea by Kitagawa Utamaro

‘Southern Teahouse’ – Kitagawa Utamaro


Annual teapots exhibition


Including the exotic and the refined with glimpses of the simply zany, a collection of teapot interpretations by over 60 artists is now showing at the 11th annual Teapot Invitational at the Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery in Pittsburgh. This annual show is running till June 10th. Some of the teapots are utilitarian, others purely decorative, while some are so cleverly conceived that if you are currently a ‘teatotaller’, you might be compelled to take up the tea drinking habit just to relish the pleasure of using such innovative tea ware.

Morgans Gallery

5833 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 441-5200



A-Bear-in-the-Hand---Krista-Grecco teapot

‘ A Bear in the Hand’ teapot  —Krista Grecco



A drop of tea---silver pendant--Keith Belles

‘A drop of tea’ — hand carved silver pendant — Keith Belles




Amy Short---Tea Beast ceramic octopus teapot

Amy Short— ‘Tea Beast’ 



Andrew-Richmond,-Bath-Time - tirger in bath teapot

Andrew Richmond, ‘Bath Time’ 



Anthony Scheffler - Black Heart Teapot

Anthony Scheffler – ‘Black Heart Teapot’

Ebonized Purple Heart, bleached Maple




Art-Nonuveau-sterling-silver-tea-pot. on a branches stand

Art Nouveau sterling silver tea pot



Charissa Brock---Tea With Edna bamboo, fused glass, paper, waxed linen thread

‘Tea With Edna’  – Charissa Brock

Bamboo, fused glass, paper, waxed linen thread



Ceramic Chicken-Head-Teapot-Sara-Swink

‘Chicken Head Teapot’ – Sara Swink



Kong-Fu-tea-master pouring a cuppa Carlton Ritz

Kong Fu tea master pouring a cuppa at the Carlton Ritz



Derek-Decker_Teapot trench style

Derek Decker Teapot



Natasha Dikareva - Call For Adventure

Natasha Dikareva – ‘Call For Adventure’




Eben Horton,-Tempest in a Teapot teal colour blown glass

Eben Horton, – ‘Tempest in a Teapot’  blown glass




Tea time charm – Vintage postcard



Eileen Doughty— ‘Mountain Tea’

  • Machine & hand stitched cotton fabrics, thread sculpture trees


Ellen Silberlicht - Ooolong Enchantment-Raku, felted fber, glass beads

Ellen Silberlicht – ‘Ooolong Enchantment’

Raku, felted fiber, glass beads




Julia Feld_Flower Basket ceramic teapot

Julia Feld – ‘Flower Basket’  teapot



Julia-Feld_Last-Defense teapot

 ‘Last Defense’ teapot – Julia Feld




‘Felted Delft Teapot’ — Meryl Ruth



Forever---Kelly O’Dell - blown glass teapot

‘Forever’ — Kelly O’Dell – blown glass teapot




Hotel-Oakland tea urn

Central restaurant tea urn – Hotel Oakland, California




Four Cat Teapot- Andree Richmond 4 cats riding an elephant

‘Four Cat Teapot’ – Andree Richmond




Contemporary tea room, wabi sabied table – Design by Lai Weicheng

Photo: Jiang Guozeng




Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch_INV_ Octahemioctahedron Teapot

Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch – ‘Octahemioctahedron Teapot’

Radiator cover folded with modular origami techniques



Jeffrey-Lloyd-Dever---Morning-Jester---Polymer-clay,-wire-17.25-inches tall flower lidded teapot

Jeffrey Lloyd Dever— ‘Morning Jester’

Polymer clay, wire 17.25-inches



Jennifer-Caldwell---Love me - -Cast and flameworked glass

Jennifer Caldwell – ‘Love me’

Cast and flameworked glass




Gerit-Grimm---Tea-Guy-12inch-height ceramic teapot

Gerit Grimm — ‘Tea Guy’

12inch height



Jennifer-Umphress_glass Octopus Teapot

Jennifer Umphress – glass Octopus Teapot



Jennifer Umphress_Uniteapot with blue spikes

Jennifer Umphress – Uni teapot with blue spikes




Joey Chiarello---Generosity-slab built by hand, stoneware fred cone 6 electric,

Joey Chiarello – ‘Generosity’

slab built by hand, stoneware fred cone 6 electric,





Chinese street vendor Tea Maestro




Julia-Feld---The-Bird-teapot --clay,-hand-built,-carved,-hand-painted-with-underglazes,-low-fre

Julia Feld – ‘The Bird’  teapot

Clay, hand built, carved, hand painted with underglazes, low fire



Kay Khan,-Chrysanthemum Teapot rich colours Quilted, stitched, embroidered, & constructed silk

Kay Khan, – Chrysanthemum Teapot

Quilted, stitched, embroidered, & constructed silk



Kirsten-Stingle_Procession-of-Muse_lngtalllady teapot

Kirsten Stingle – ‘Procession of the Muse’



Kirsten Stingle_Steeped in Revolution ceramic teapot

Kirsten Stingle –  ‘Steeped in Revolution’ ceramic teapot



Lindsay Grigsby_Spheres Teapot wood turned

Lindsay Grigsby – ‘Spheres Teapot’


Lucidtea---Mark-Leputa-glass teapot

‘Lucidtea’ — Mark Leputa



Madeline-Kaczmarczyk beaded teapots

Madeline Kaczmarczyk beaded teapots



Madeline Kaczmarczyk-Lotus directions-Hand built slab formed clay, glazed and fred with gold lusters. Post fring encrusting with glass beads

Madeline Kaczmarczyk – ‘Lotus directions’

Hand built slab formed clay, glazed and fred with gold lusters. Post fring encrusting with glass beads



Marilyn-Andrews_PassionnDoubt_figural teapot n cup

Marilyn Andrews – ‘Passion n Doubt’ – figural teapot n cup



Matthew Naftzger-Need a lift---Titanium, copper, sterling silver, vitreous enamel,

‘ Need a lift’ – Matthew Naftzger

Titanium, copper, sterling silver, vitreous enamel,



Natasha Dikareva---Swan Teapot stoneware, stains, glazes, china paint, hand built

Natasha Dikareva – ‘Swan Teapot’

stoneware, stains, glazes, china paint, hand built



Pamela MacGregor Carnival Tea

‘Carnival Tea’ – Pamela MacGregor





Natasha Dikareva – ‘On The Waves Of Her Memory’



Pamela MacGregor Kenya Revisited

Pamela MacGregor – ‘Kenya Revisited’



Robert Mickelsen, I've Got My Eye On You. Flame worked borosilicate glass.

Robert Mickelsen –  ‘I’ve Got My Eye On You’

Flame worked borosilicate glass.




Samovar-in-Soviet-Uzbekistan-tea-party-photo by maxine pen

‘Tea Party’ – Samovar in Soviet Uzbekistan

(—you have to admire the elevated status given to the teapot)

photo by Maxine Penson





‘Mad Hatter teapot’ – Mickelsen Studios

Lampworked borosilicate glass, blown, sculpted, graal technique, sandblasted, assembled.




Sheryl Zacharia_Big Head in the Clouds ceramic teapot

Sheryl Zacharia – ‘Big Head in the Clouds’ 




Sheryl-Zacharia_GreenTea ceramic teapot

Sheryl Zacharia – ‘Green Tea’ 



Susan Parrish_Sarah Jane Serves Afternoon Tea

Susan Parrish – ‘Sarah Jane Serves Afternoon Tea’




Susan-Parrish Hot Tea mixed media

Susan Parrish – ‘Hot Tea’




Sara Swink_My DonkeyTeapot

Sara Swink – ‘My Donkey Teapot’




Green Tall Fish Teapot---Tom Hubert---22inches

 ‘Tall Fish Teapot’ — Tom Hubert

22 inches height



Tea-service-Morroccan baazar

Tea service Moroccan



Tom-Hubert_Carved Figure Teapot

Tom Hubert -arabesque  ‘Carved Figure Teapot’




Tom-Hubert_Black and white Carved Teapot-porcelain-wood base

Tom Hubert – Tall black and white ‘Carved Teapot’ – porcelain with wood base




Tom-Hubert_Orange Shape teapot

Tom Hubert – ‘Orange Shape’ teapot




Tom Hubert Curly Handle Teapot

Tom Hubert ‘Curly Handle Teapot’




Tom Hubert Mahogany Leg Teapot

‘Tom Hubert – ‘Mahogany Leg Teapot’



Vittorio-Reggianini-three-ladies-having-tea in satin gowns

‘Teatime Tales’ and silk – Charles Joseph Frédéric Soulacroix




Gail-Markiewicz-ceramic teapot with complex textures

Multi textural teapot – Gail Markiewicz (non exhibtion)



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