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Feng Shui Pottery: wind, water, clay.

Feng-shui harmony

Chinese Feng Shui Baqua



 Home and office feng shui :



 Feng Shui Harmony 


Feng shui is basically  the practice of achieving harmony with the elements and the environment through proper placement and arrangement of space and matter. The above Baqua represents the interactive nature of the 5 elements in nature.  As earth is obviously the element connected with pottery , I will only analyse this element and the elements directly influencing it.
Firstly Earth occupies the centre of the Baqua. Why?  Because all the other elements are born from this element and of all the elements, it is the most stable and capable of bringing balance.
The elements of Fire, Metal, Water and Wood  are respectively represented by the seasons Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring  but Earth is seemingly missing. However, on the cusp of each season change for a period of one  month the element changes to Earth. At this time both the external elements and our internal elements go back to Earth for rebalancing. Interestingly, all the elements are employed in the creation of pottery:  earth clay, water, wood or gas fire, wood and metal tools and metal kiln.
According to the 5 Element interrelationships, Earth is nurtured by Fire but controlled by Wood. As all pottery and ceramics are fired in a kiln their earthiness is enhanced in the process.



Porcelain Red Dragon ErnLidded dragon jar



So in a practical Feng Shui application, if an offiice has an abundance of  Wood ( desk, bookshelves, cabinets ), as this element fuels creative/expansive energy and  feeds nervous energy, an excess can lead to  tension. The presence of Earth will help to calm this element. ie. some of the Wood energy is absorbed by the Earth by virtue of the Wood controlling it. So the presence of a stone statue or a large ceramic vase or pottery will pacify the wood and bring harmony.
The central region of a house is where the Earth element prevails, so displaying vases, ceramic figurines and sculptures in this area is also useful. Using a blend of earthy tones and yellows for color also contributes to the Earth harmony and  having this space sparse and  uncluttered is supportive.





Feng Shui in the bedroom 



Likewise, as the bedroom features wood, ( bed, wardrobes, drawers ) , the presence of the  Earth Element assists in pacifying the Wood Element and can actually assist in a more peaceful sleep. Also the use of candles or oil lamps will help to rejuvinate the Earth element which could become exhausted trying to absorb excess Wood energy. Placing a large, heavy ceramic vase or sculpture ( preferably with gentle curved lines ) on the bedside table can aid relaxation.
Dried flowers in a vase  will attract a depleted chi ( energy ) so this would not be advisable for the bedoom or central region of the home. Also, leaving stagnant water in a vase creates a negative chi. (Sha chi )
Trees and plants  with rounded leaves such as  the Oak tree ( traditionally regarded as sacred ) and the Jade plant, are recognized as having a good Feng Shui influence. This is because the round shape is seen as being all inclusive, expansive and compassionate. As opposed to a pointed leaf which creates Sha Chi due to it  being exclusive and contracting, They are ideal for the central Earth sector.
 As the bulk of pottery and ceramics are created on a pottery wheel, they posses curved lines which also  create a great Feng Shui chi and their innate symmetry also favours positive chi. Sharp, protruding corners and edges also create Sha Chi but are sometimes unavoidable so a round sided pot in close proximity can help counteract this.
The presence of water features ( fishtank, fountain ) in the Earth centre of your home is also problematic. Earth controls water ( just like a dam ) so this can weaken the Earth element. Favour features like marble coffee tables and red sculptures
Sometimes it’s difficult to determine the position of the peripheral elements but it generally easy to determine the location of the Earth in the centre. Getting the Earth element established is the first step towards creating harmony in your home.


Korean Blue Flared Vase


Yellow Porcelain Dragon Vase with flared mouth



Japanese Courtyard Garden

Porcelain Red High Relief Diety VaseRed high relief deity vase


Chinese Blue & White Vessel – Gao Zhen Hua


Four footed Chinese vaseFour Footed Pillow Vase

Théodore Deck

Feng-shui garden landscape

feng shui garden landscape

19th century Chinese porcelain

19th century Chinese porcelain jar with lid


Oriental stone pagoda

Chinese Carved Tianhuang Stone

Chinese Carved Tianhuang Stone

Martin McWilliam

Martin McWilliam

Chinese Imari Style Covered pot

Chinese Imari Style Covered pot

Huaqing Hot Springs

Huaqing Hot Springs

Chinese Famile Yellow Porcelain

Chinese Famile Yellow Porcelain

Double Happiness Teraccotta Teapot

Double Happiness Teraccotta Teapot

Late Qing Dynasty vases

A pair of Late Qing Dynasty Landscape Kwai mouth bottles

( Shuobao.com )

Jon Anderson Turtle

Jon Anderson Turtle

Chinese Carved Kuan Yin

Chinese Carved Kuan Yin


Peng  Jingqiang  

Porcelain art of some traditional Feng Shui symbols for prosperity, luck and health by Chinese ceramicist Peng  Jingqiang who studied at the Jiangxi Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute.

Peng Jingqiang Bamboo

Peng  Jingqiang – Bamboo

Peng Jingqiang Butterfly Lotus

Peng Jingqiang  – Butterfly Lotus

Peng Jingqiang Sonfhe Figure

Peng Jingqiang  – Sonfhe Figure

Peng Jingqiang Leaves-cicada

Peng Jingqiang – Leaves cicada

Peng Jingqiang Magnolia

Peng  Jingqiang  Magnolia

Peng Jingqiang Murmer

Chinese porcelain plate by Peng  Jingqiang  – Murmer

I wish Antu vase by Peng Jingqiang

I wish Antu vase by Peng  Jingqiang

Embroided Clear

Hydrangea Embroided Clear – Peng  Jingqiang

Silver Wood River by Peng Jingqiang

Silver Wood River  by Peng  Jingqiang

Porcelain vase Monkey Figure Peng-Jingqiang

Porcelain vase Monkey Figure – Peng Jingqiang