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Gordon Baldwin – landscape sculptural forms



Black-Vessel-with-Signs,-1990--(earthenware) by Gordon Baldwin

‘Black Vessel with Signs’  by Gordon Baldwin




British sculptural potter Gordon Baldwin influenced the shift away from the predominance of traditional functional pottery with the introduction of more sculptural forms to his ceramic repertoire. From his youth he has been drawn to isolated landscapes such as the dramatic coast of the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales, particularly an inlet at Porth Neigwl and Lincolnshire, where he spent his early years. His works reflect this with weathered looking surfaces and eroded curve shaped forms. Since the 70’s he has favoured organic looking forms that integrated rounded shapes with an economy of lines and more minimal detail. From the 80‘s on, more colour was introduced with abstract features.

Gordon revealing some insights from his random discovery of a beach in Wales his wife named “place of stones” :

‘This chance event discovered me and chance has directed my projects and widened my horizons. In this place I looked for emotional correspondences; I listened to the sea alone and stared at the landscape almost empty of people. I celebrated it with my camera. Such places are best faced alone and now they are in my studio with me”.

“I remember reading a poet describe her writing as opening doors into new parts of her mind. She also said that each new poem was part of her whole work like stepping stones on a long journey. I think of my pottery vessels in the same way and over the years I have sharpened my instincts for the task of making them”.




Windswept-Bottle,-1982,--(earthenware) Abstract ceramics by Gordon Baldwin

‘Windswept Bottle’ – Gordon Baldwin

1982,  (earthenware)

A Place Called Space




Vessel-from-the-Belvedere-Series,-1988,--(earthenware) Abstract ceramics by Gordon Baldwin

Vessel from the Belvedere Series – Gordon Bladwin

1988,  (earthenware)




Bowl-from-the-Seferis-series,-1980,--(earthenware) bstract

Bowl from the Seferis series, 1980,  (earthenware)




Developed-Bottle,-1981--(earthenware) - Abstract ceramics by Gordon Baldwin

‘Developed Bottle’ – Gordon Baldwin

1981  (earthenware)




Vessel, 2005 Gordon Baldwin





Vessel-from-the-Enigma-Series,-1986--(earthenware) Contemporary abstract ceramics by Gordon Baldwin

‘Vessel from the Enigma Series’ – Gordon Baldwin

1986  (earthenware)

A Place Called Space





‘Painting in the Form of a Bowl’   – Gordon Baldwin

1981 – stoneware




Gordon-Baldwin-abstract ceramic sculpture

Gordon Baldwin



Gordon Baldwin exhibition :


London gallery Eskine, Hall and Coe has a new exhibition of Gordon Baldwin’s opening this week,featuring 25 works from the collection of Mike O’Connor. – 8th to 31st July 2015

Location:  15 Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4SP

+44 (0) 20 7491 1706 | [email protected] | www.erskinehallcoe.com


“The role I take is Artist as Explorer with the vessel as my basic structure (like the structure of a Haiku). Each piece begins out of a strange compulsion to take a certain action. I suppose the compulsion comes from things heard, things seen, things read and things done by drawing and previous work.” – Gordon Baldwin


Ceramics sculptures of Gordon Baldwin at the exhibition – 


Images courtesy of Erskine, Hall & Coe Ltd., Photography by Michael Harvey


15x15-No-1--Gordon-Baldwin-by-Erskine--Hall---Coe contemporary ceramic sculpture

’15×15  No. 1′  — Gordon-Baldwin





Klein Vessel 1994-Gordon-Baldwin-by-Erskine--Hall---Coe

‘Klein Vessel’ – Gordon Baldwin






‘Cloud 1’ – Gordon Baldwin





Gordon-Baldwin-by-Erskine--Hall---Coe-Avis-On-a-Base-1983- contemporary abstract ceramics

‘Avis on a Base’ – Gordon Baldwin






Gordon Baldwin sculpture





‘Vessel Looking for a Place’   – Gordon Baldwin




Gordon-Baldwin-by-Erskine--Hall---Coe - Rocking-Vessel---1994----36x33x23cm

‘Rocking Vessel’  – Gordon Baldwin

1994  – 36x33x23cm





‘Round Vessel on a Base’  – Gordon Baldwin






‘Bowl on a Base’  – Gordon Baldwin





‘Dark Vessel from an inscope’  – Gordon Baldwin

1989 – 30 x 34 x 30cm

 Inscape series  – alluding to the interior/exterior dichotomy






‘Developed bowl on a base’ – Gordon Baldwin

1970’s porcelain






‘Pavo’ – – Gordon Baldwin






‘Reach for the Eye’ – Gordon Baldwin

1979-80  –  80 x 60 x 45cm





‘Small lidded vessel for Jean Arp’ – Gordon Baldwin






‘Painting in the Form of a Bowl’






‘Vessel from an Inscope’ – Gordon Baldwin






‘Small Lidded Box’

circa 1974





Gordon Baldwin