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Lalique – French sublime design


Two-white-swans,-(pendant),-gold,-enamel-and-diamonds by Rene Lalique

Swans pendant – Rene Lalique




Bottle-Narkiss-for-Roger-&-Gallet-in-soufflé moulé-and-white-enamelled-glass-1909

Perfume bottle ‘Narkiss for Roger & Gallet in soufflé moulé (blown and moulded) and white enamelled glass-1909

Designed by Rene Lalique



Rene Lalique: premium glass and jewellry designer


I became re-acquainted with the breadth and depth of Rene Lalique’s artistic genius while doing research for an update to a post I did on him in 2012. Entering the elegant world of Rene Lalique can be spellbinding and it’s easy to be off with the fairies, sirens and nymphs in a forest of serpents, dragonflies, ravens, swans, bats, gazelles, butterflies and other exotic creatures from the Nouveau repertoire. It soon became apparent that a lot of new material had surfaced so instead I decided to create a new post. He certainly had a prolific output as a designer spanning over more than 5 decades.
Rene Lalique initially began creating flamboyant Art Nouveau jewelry, believing the quality of the design was just as influential to the success of a piece as the quality of the precious stones. ‘From now on, do not depend on the value of the jewelry, not only of gold and precious stones, but also from people who have shaped it” he exclaimed. From 1896 there was an ongoing fascination with all forms of botany due to the diversity of new species being discovered at that time. This was also reinforced by the strong presence of floral and vegetal art in the Japanese aesthetics that also were being discovered around 1878. Lalique incorporated naturalistic themes interwoven with curvilinear lines and introduced entire human figure motifs in 1895, which was regarded to be very innovative at the time. His cire perdu (lost wax) casting technique favored the creation of one of a kind jewelry so most of his jewelry designs are individually unique pieces.

In the 1890‘s Lalique transitioned to glass art and was turning his attention away from the curvacious Nouveau to the less complex and more geometric Art Deco lines. This eventually took the form of vases, lamps, clocks, ashtrays, car hood ornaments, sculpture and perfume bottles. Marketing to the masses had become more sophisticated and manufacturing was gearing up to deliver. By 1910 Rene Lalique had entered the realm of high art mass production and with his artistic and technical virtuosity, he successfully adapted to the challenge. He effortlessly made the shift from being a studio artisan to becoming an industrial designer, while shifting the opulent and sinuous designs of Art Nouveau to the more streamlined and angular look of Art Deco.




Rene Lalique Palestre vase - decorated withraised relief athletic male figures

‘Palestre’ vase – Rene Lalique

1928 – 40 cm tall ( 15.7 inches)





Lalique face hairpin in enamel and gold

Art Nouveau hairpin in enamel and gold – Rene Lalique



Lalique Bohemian Art Deco vase with nude female figures - Aquamarine Frosted Crystal Glass

Bohemian Art Deco Vase with female figures in  aquamarine frosted crystal glass  – Rene Lalique




Rene Lalique pendant with kissing couple in gold and frosted crystal

Art Nouveau pendant – Rene Lalique




Opalescent Art Nouveau glass vase with sliver casing

‘Swan’ – Rene Lalique, 1898

Opalescent Art Nouveau glass vase mounted in silver




Rene Lalique brooch with cascading enamel red headed gold nude figure, 1903




Lalique Bottle Cyclamen blown-molded white glass and blue enamel on the lid 1909

Rene Lalique perfume bottle ‘Cyclamen’ blown-molded white glass and blue enamel on the lid





 Art Deco glass Cicada car mascot or hood ornament by Rene Lalique.






‘Bathers’ brooch – Rene Lalique

circa 1900




Rene Lalique glass tumbler frosted bathers in clear glass rippled water

Lalique tumbler – nude figures in water






Flying bats and serpent pocket watch – Lalique





Brooch with-golden face-and pinecones.-Rene-Lalique-(1860--1945)-Circa-1900--1902 Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau brooch with golden face and pinecones.-R. Lalique-(1860–1945)





Rare-black-'Archers'-vase R.Lalique - archers firing arrows - raised relief vase decoration

‘Archers’ vase – R.Lalique



Rene Lalique-dragonfly-brooch Gold with green enamel and emerald stones

Gold dragonfly brooch -Art Nouveau – Rene Lalique



Circa-1903-Snake-Handbag-by-Lalique.-Chased-silver,-antelope-skin,-silk-&-metallic-thread Purse with Two Serpents, (1901-03)

 Snake Handbag by Lalique. Chased silver, silk & metallic thread.  Serpent handles

Circa 1903




Lalique Art Deco Courlis-vase-of-deep-green-glass-with-whitish-patina

Rene Lalique Art Deco ‘Courlis’ vase, deep green glass with whitish patina

circa 1931



Lalique Fontaine Poissons Panel design date 1935 ~ Square frosted glass panel molded in relief

Lalique Fontaine Poissons Panel design date 1935 ~ Square frosted glass panel molded in relief

The Milwaukee Public Museum





‘Espalion’ pattern blue glass vase, Rene Lalique




lalique-vase swimming fish decoration

Rene Lalique ‘Formoses’ glass vase





Rene Lalique – Art Deco ‘Penthievre’— vase of gray glass




Ruby Dragon Vase,- Lalique Collector’s Edition

Height 12 inch




Rene Lalique-Naiade----Antique-Glass---Hickmet-Fine-Arts

Rene Lalique- ‘Naiade’ —frosted glass mermaid

Hickmet Fine Arts




Rene Lalique blue scarab ring



Lalique---Sylphides perfume bottle

Lalique—Art Deco ‘Sylphides’ perfume bottle



Lalique Oiseau de feu-(Firebird)-CMOG

Rene Lalique ‘Oiseau de feu’ (Firebird)

CMOG ( Cornish Museum Of Glass)



Art Nouveau gold ring-by-Rene-Lalique

Art Nouveau sleeping nympth gold ring by Rene Lalique



Rene Lalique pendant

Museum of Applied Arts – Budapest.




lalique Chevrefeuille crystal perfume bottle

Chevrefeuille crystal perfume bottle by Rene Lalique





Source de la Fontaine-‘Ariane’ – Rene Lalique




Lalique Perruches vase of teal glass with white patina, c. 1919

‘Perruches’ vase by Rene Lalique





René Lalique ‘Écailles’  vase, opalescent glass, heightened with blue staining

1932   –  24.5 cm height





‘Camees’ Art Deco Glass Vase




Lalique flying swallow pendant art nouveau

Flying Swallow pendant – Victor Gérard




Daphne Powder Trinket Casket




Rene-Lalique Art Nouveau -pendant

Art Nouveau pendant – Luis Masriera




French-Opalescent-Glass-Spiral-Vase-by-Rene-Lalique 1930 GLEN-DOOLEY-ANTIQUES-!stDibs

Opalescent Glass Spiral Vase by Rene-Lalique


Glen Dooley Antiques -1stDibs



René Jules Lalique

René Jules Lalique




Green Frog Rene Lalique

Frog – Rene Lalique




Amber Serpent-(Snake) vase 1924 Rene Lalique

‘Serpent’ vase – R.Lalique





‘Grande ovale tête penchée’ – René Lalique





Rene-Lalique-gold-bird pendant

Rene Lalique pendant





Gold and enamel Locust hair ornaments with diamond veins




Lalique perfume bottle




Art Deco ‘Tourbillons’– (Whirlwind) vase R.Lalique

Corning Glass Museum




Rene Lalique-opalescent-glass-vase,-French,-circa-1935,

French opalescent glass vase – Rene Lalique

circa 1935





Lalique-Rouge-Ispahan-Vase red vase with rose motifs

‘Rouge Ispahan Vase’ – Rene Lalique




Art Nouveau Hydra pendant – Rene Lalique






Art Deco “Nanking”  lamp – Rene Lalique





Rene Lalique—‘Davos’, turquoise opalescent art glass vase





René-Lalique.-Brooch - Pine Sprig 1900-1902

René Lalique. Brooch  ‘Pine Sprig’





Art nouveau sculpture-by-Rene-Lalique

Art Nouveau nude female figure sculpture – Rene Lalique




‘Clytie’ – Frosted art deco glass statuette – Rene Lalique

circa 1924





Diamonds and gold hair pin – Rene lalique





‘Two Black Anemones’, Perfume Bottle – Rene Lalique




Rene-lalique-brooch in gold and enamel

Art Nouveau brooch