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Passionate art lovers will sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to see or acquire a piece of art. Franck Goddio spent 13 years uncovering the sunken ancient Egyptian city of Thonis in the Mediterranean Sea (see below) to reveal exquisite treasures such as a grand temple of the god Amun. Whether it’s finding sunken artifacts or the chance discovery of a rare antique object at a bric-a-bac stall, there is a definite allure to searching for art and being rewarded with a find. The dedication of collectors who harbor a desire to to own a piece of art is also noteworthy. They can spend decades patiently waiting for a piece to become available and with luck manage to be triumphant at an auction. Enduring day long journeys in heat and dust to see rare statues or visit a temple is also where the dedication of the art aficionados is on display. Rising before sunrise on the weekend to get to an antique market to snare a bargain is also the modus operandi for some. Even a visit to the Paris Louvre requires a certain dedication with the long queues. Fortunately they are handsomely rewarded for their efforts. The painstaking work of archaeologists to discover and unearth mysteries from the past is admirable for their commitment.
This post presents a collection of links ranging from travel destinations for art, museums, art and antique exhibitions, pottery fairs and other guides for finding and exploring art.


Art exploration –  ancient and contemporary:


Venice Biennial 2017    13May – 26 November 2017




Berlin Art Week    13 – 17 September 2017


Berlin Art Week is a highlight on the contemporary art calendar in the German capital. For the sixth time, the Berlin art world will be hosting exhibition openings, fairs, prize award ceremonies, artist films, and numerous special events during the week. The rich variety of this fall program is made possible by the joint collaboration of institutions, galleries, artist, collectors, and project spaces and draws international attention.






Salad Days 2017 

Saturday, July 8 from 11:00 am-3:00 pm!




ICFF — May 21-24, 2017 Javits Center, NYC





NGV –  Van Gogh and the Seasons

28 APR 17 – 9 JUL 17


‘The parsonage garden in the snow’ – Van Gogh

January 1885 Nuenen



‘Wheatfield’ June 1888 Arles – Vincent Van Gogh




Small Great Italian Museums


Art in Clay Hatfield 

18th 19th 20th August 2017 
Pottery & Ceramics Festival
Hatfield House



ceramic vessel by Daniel Boyle


Home: OnePage




 November 18, 19, 20  2016

Palais des congrès de Montréal.





Terry lazaroff




Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi

Sydney, Australia
20th October – 6th November, 2016




See more sculptures here – Sculpture by the Sea – 20th Anniversary



Biennale Interieur 2016

25th Silver Edition
14-23 October   Kortrijk, Belgium






Berlin Art Week

13 – 18 September, 2016


amin-akhtar photo

Berlin Art Week

photo Amin Akhtar





Plaza Art Fair

Friday, September 23, 2016 – Sunday, September 25, 2016


Degas – A New Vision – NGV – (National Gallery Victoria)

Currently running till 18th September 2016


edgar-degas the woman in movement

‘The Woman In Movement’ – Edgar Degas


Edgar Degas is one of the most celebrated artists associated with French Impressionism. The art he made over more than fifty years of constant creativity and renewal embraces painting, drawing, printmaking, monotypes, sculpture and photography, and has had an immense impact on modern and contemporary art. Modern life as he experienced it in nineteenth-century Paris provided Degas with a repertoire of motifs he explored with endless variation and innovation; from scenes of work and industry to ballet and the theatre, racecourses and boudoirs. This sweeping exhibition brings together more than 200 works by Degas from dozens of collections worldwide, offering a fresh and dynamic reappraisal of this legendary artist’s genius.



Le Don du Fel – 9th European Ceramic Sculpture Festival, 2016


Mo Jupp, Jean-Marie Borgeaud, Emma Rodgers, Michael Flynn, Michel Wohlfahrt
from the 26th of June to the 11th of August, 2016



Jean-Marie-Borgeaud sculpture head

Jean Marie Borgeaud





September 2- 6, 2016

September 3-10, 2016 – Paris Design Week

The multi-multicultural crossroads of contemporary living.

MAISON&OBJET is the major event for professionals working in the art of living in all its rich and varied expressions. The lifestyle show brings together a 360°product offering. Decoration, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances, the world of children, tableware.





Futura festival, 2016

25 to 27 August

20 concerts, 1 Nuit Blanche (from midnight to 8 am),
100 speakers, for concerts in total sound immersion
1 large screen for video projections
6 performers on acousmonium: Eric Broitmann , Guillaume Contré ,Tomonari Higaki , Olivier Lamarche , Jonathan Prager and Nathanaëlle Raboisson







Sublime Symmetry,  2016


A touring exhibition showcasing the work of celebrated Victorian Arts and Crafts designer, William De Morgan.


William De Morgan plate


1st june to 4th September 2016  –  free entry

Cannon Hall Museum, Park and Gardens, Bark House Lane, Cawthorne, Barnsley South Yorkshire S75 4AT

Set in 70 acres of parkland, this country house museum is home to an impressive collection including ceramics, glass, furniture and Old Master paintings.  


De-Morgan_Sublime_symmetry-William De Morgan, Two Handled Vase with Persian Floral Decoration, 1882-1888

William De Morgan, Two Handled Vase with Persian Floral Decoration, 1882-1888



Yorkshire Sculpture Park

21 May 2016 to 21 Jan 2017 – Free Entry


Non Vital –

The artist’s first major retrospective in the UK brings together the work he has created in locales across the world.



‘Heads’ – Non Vital – 2014

Photo Eric Gregory Powell

The historically designed landscape of YSP remains home to a series of monumental and imposing sculptures by KAWS



Monumental Kaws sculpture




Sydney Vivid 2016 – Light, Music, Ideas

27 May to 18 June





Spectacular-highlights-from-Vivid-Sydney-2016-- illuminated crocodile light sculpture



Heiva, Tahiti

Thursday 02 to Saturday, June 4 at Place To’ata.

The annual Heiva, started in 1881, is an iconic event for Polynesian culture. Dance competitions, which are some of the most important events in Heiva, are prepared for months in advance by dancers.


mark-sissons-heivai-tahiti--'The Hand-dance of Aparima' - Heiva, Tahiti

‘The Hand-dance of Aparima’ – Heiva, Tahiti

photo -Mark Sisson






Mount Hagen Cultural Show 2016 – New Guinea

20th – 21st August

Tribes from all over the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea and other neighbouring tribes from the Highlands region will gather in the township of Mt. Hagen to put on exciting cultural performances.







Venice Art Crawl – July 21, 2016



The Venice Art Crawl’s mission is to foster and reinvigorate the creativity that has historically and currently makes Venice such a vibrant and dynamic community.


VAC-light sculpture-Shana-Koenig

VAC light sculpture – Shana Koenig




5th International Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics of Sevres

from 12 to 29 May 2016 – 47 Grande Rue, Sevres, France




Ceramic Biennale (5th edition )

Now unavoidable, this international biennial welcomes the guests of honor Valérie Hermans and Jean-Paul Azaïs along with 42 other ceramic artists.
They share a love of nature and the earth. On clean shapes, box, nest, they drove passionate research. John Paul reveals the poetry of clay with natural glazes. Valerie works with high temperature glazes and especially celadon. Both, alchemists, playing with fire.

See more here



10 London highlights



A visitor walks through an exhibition room at the Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, UK. Photo: Bloomberg






Visiting Masterpieces: Pairing Picasso

February 13, 2016 – June 26, 2016




Picasso cubist sculpture





London Gallery – Erskine, Hall and Coe

Nine Potters Anniversary Edition

30th March – 23 April, 2016

An exhibition featuring the works of Michael Cardew, Claudi Casanovas, Hans Coper, Elizabeth Fritsch, Ewen Henderson, Bernard Leach, Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie, Elizabeth Raeburn and Lucie Rie.



Erskine,-Hall-and-Coe exhibition




Annual Michigan Regional Exhibition

May 12 – August 3




Long Beach Antique Market, USA

Long Beach Veterans Stadium – Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage items

Third Sunday of every month, next event on Sunday July 17





Art Nouveau and architecture






Discovery of sunken Egyptian city


Known as Thonis to the ancient Egyptians and Heracleion to the ancient Greeks the city was rediscovered in 2000 by French underwater archaeologist Dr. Franck Goddio and a team from the European Institute for Underwater Archeology (IEASM) after a four-year geophysical survey. On the sunken Island of Antirhodos, the ruins of the lost city the size of Paris was found 30 feet under the surface of the Mediterranean Sea in Aboukir Bay, near Alexandria. This city, shrouded in myth, was swallowed by the Mediterranean Sea and buried in sand and mud for more than 1,200 years.  Archeologists are now unearthing the mysteries of Heracleion, and uncovering amazingly well-preserved artifacts telling the story of a vibrant classical-era port.




Egyptian statue buried underwater




Portrait of a pharaoh, Quartzite, 25th dynasty (712-661 BC) with characteristic traits of the statuary of the 25th so-called Ethiopian Dynasty (8th century BC).

Portrait of a pharaoh, Quartzite, 25th dynasty (712-661 BC) with characteristic traits of the statuary of the 25th so-called Ethiopian Dynasty (8th century BC).




Lifting an Egyptian statue from the submerged city – Monumental statue of red granite (5.4 m) representing Hapy, god of the Nile flood and symbol of abundance and fertility.



 Raising the colossal red granite statue of a pharaoh from the sea

Head of a colossal red granite statue of a pharaoh is raised to the surface.



underwater ancient tablet--Egyptian

Discovery of an ancient inscribed Egyptian tablet- The stele of Thonis-Heracleion (1.90 m), ordered by Pharaoh Nectanebo I (378-362 BC), is almost identical to the stele of Naukratis in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.



Onlookers watch Franck Goddio and his team watch the raising of a colossal Egyptian statue of red granite from the Mediterranean Sea

Franck Goddio and his team watch the rise to the surface of a colossal statue of red granite (5.4 m) representing the god Hapy, symbol of abundance and fertility and god of the Nile flood which stood in front of the temple of Heracleion. Never before has the statue of a god of this size been discovered in Egypt, which indicates Hapy’s importance for the Canopic branch, the largest and most important of the Nile branches at that time. Hapy looks happy to be rediscovered.


Underwater-statue off the coast of Alexandria

 One of the finest finds in Abukir Bay is the remarkable dark stone statue of a 3rd century Ptolemaic queen, very probably Cleopatra II or Cleopatra III



lost egypt excavation by divers of monumental Egyptian statue

Recovery of monumental Egyptian sculpture – archaeologists Franck Goddio and his team inspect the colossal red granite statue of a pharaoh of over 5 metres height, weighing 5.5 tons




The statue of an Isis priest holding an Osiris-jar found on the sunken Island of Antirhodos in the great harbour of Alexandria




Above view of the colossal triad of 5-metre high red granite statues of a pharaoh, his queen and the god Hapy, dating from the 4th century BC, which stood in front of the great temple of Heracleion. They are lying on a pontoon barge together with the 17 fragments of an over 5-metre high 2nd century BC red granite stele in reassembly.




 Egyptian potter ?





A diver eye-to-eye with a sphinx made out of black granite. The face of the sphinx is believed to represent Ptolemy XII, father of the famous Cleopatra VII.





Majestic lion statue





Ceramic bowl that dates from the 1st century BC – 1st century AD. Its shape suggests that it may have been used for divination rituals.





Sunken Cities – Egypt’s lost worlds

19 May – 27 November 2016, British Museum



More Franck Goddio finds


Porcelain dishes in blue and white appear after the sediment has been removed from the wreck of the Lena Shoal junk.

Porcelain dishes in blue and white appear after the sediment has been removed from the wreck of the Lena Shoal junk.





Rediscovering Shi Cheng, a Chinese Lion City which was flooded half a century ago

All photos ©Franck Goddio/Hilti Foundation, photo: Christoph Gerigk





Easter Island Moai have bodies too


                                Revealing the whole size of an Easter-Island-stone-statue

Excavated Easter Island Moai reveals the hidden body, which got buried through mud slides.


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Art of  Santa Fe


List of Sante Fe galleries – follow link


Bijou - Lucio Lopez-Rey

Lucio Lopez-Rey



JCompton Gallery



LAPADA Art & Antiques Association

Click the link below for the 2016 calendar of 20 Art and Antique events



The English-art-and-antique-fair-Olympia-interior

Olympia art and antique fair, UK



Potfest in the Park 2016 – July 29th – 31st

Fri, Sat & Sun 10am – 5pm daily

Over 100 exhibitors from all over Europe and beyond. All with very distinctive individual styles, all passionate about working with clay.



  Monks Cave by Daniel Boyle - photo Christine Cox

 ”Monks Cave’ by Daniel Boyle


Potfest - English pottery fair

Potfest in the Park



‘They came from the East, bearing gifts’  by Ralph Jandrell

Photos Christine Cox



Rodin Museum




Camille Claudel



Burghers of Calais – Auguste Rodin

 Musée Rodin

Potters Market Seillans, France

August 15, 2016





Potters Market Seillans - Outdoor French pottery market

Seillans pottery market



The Madrid Art and Ceramics Fair

From 19/11/2016 to 27/11/2016. From 12:00 to 21:00.




Madrid Art and Ceramics Fair


African-masks at Madrid art and antiques fair



Art Deco cities




Napier Art Deco




Keramisto 2016!  Netherlands

17 and 18 September






London free art




Photograph by Richard Avedon



European Art Nouveau


Interior-stairwell from-Riga’s-Art-Nouveau-Museum

Art Nouveau Museum, Riga







Art Basel Modern and contemporary art, Miami

December 1 – 4, 2016


Art-Basel-in-Miami-Beach_-2015_-Survey_-Bergamin-_-Gomide - Abstract painting by Roberto-Burle-Marx

Guaratiba – Roberto Burle Marx, 1989



Paris by the beach



Musée-Carnavalet Musée Carnavalet. Photograph- R Ian Lloyd-Masterfile-Corbis

Musée Carnavalet. Photograph- R Ian Lloyd





Museums and galleries of Paris




Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris



Budget Venice




Gothic relief in Venice, sculpted around 1430, showing Madonna and Child sided by Mark the Evangelist and John the Baptist,  Campo San Zaccaria

Photo by Giovanni Dall’Orto – Wikimedia Commons


Paris Louvre


The Louvre’s collection covers Western art from the medieval period to 1848, formative works from the civilisations of the ancient world, and works of Islamic art. See the collections with the link.

Sculptures---Louvre-Museum---Paris Nymph and Triton surrounded by two geniuses / Goujon, Jean

Nymph and Triton surrounded by two geniuses – Jean Goujon


If you want to avoid the queues then try using the entrance at the Porte des Lions just east of the Pont Royal; at number 99 the Rue du Rivoli; at the Arc du Carousel or directly from the Metro station Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre (platform on line 1).

You can escape the queues completely by purchasing your ticket in advance at FNAC or other department stores





Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum, Lansing, USA


13 art trips


Forbes-ArtTripsYouNeedToTake-Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Aerial View

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art





Centrale Montemartini, Rome

Photograph–Massimo Listri, Corbis





Argilla Argentona. International Ceramics Fair

1st, 2nd and 3rd July 2016


Ambient_fira_Argentona ceramic fair, Spain




Argentona street market


Free Paris





Italian cultural holidays




San Vitale mosaic, Ravenna



Leaning tower, Pisa


Paris off the beaten track



Venice highlights




Mid Century ceramic vessel – San Polo, Venice




San Giorgio Maggiore Church, Venice

The Baroque church rises on homonymous island; visible from San Marco Square



The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia

Federation Square, Melbourne

The home of Australian art, presenting Indigenous and non-Indigenous art from the colonial period to the present day.
General entry is free
Open 10am–5pm




Enfilade and Intrafilament, the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Federation Square


The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show

October 27-30


San Francisco Antiques fair-Patrick Mestdagh_TOADS

Patrick Mestdagh



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