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Pottery Groove


This is not about grooves carved in pottery. It’s about pottery in the groove (of the funky type). Pieces that look animated by virtue of their shape, form, lines and colours. I have  performed music live from the funk genre, so I always get inspired when I see pottery and art that expresses some movement and motion. I’ve included a slideshow with a funky little tune from Donald Fagen just to enhance the style.

Salt & Pepper Shakers – Rosenthal studio line



Tiny Giant – ceramic vessel – by Connie Norman

Jacqui Atkin

Yoshitaka Hasu

Painting of African woman holding a pot

Blue Croon  –  Tina Vlassopulos

Hornsea Pisces Vase

African dancer paintingAbstract silhouette cubist dancer




Raku vase with groovy ribs and inlaid yellow pearls – Jane McDonald

Sun Goddess dancing figure

Another View - Dotscape painting - Raysto, UK

Another View – Dotscape – Raysto, UK

Raysto, flickr

Racing Flame teapot

( Julies Atelier – etsy )

David and Sherry Hoffman

Tribal dancing


Venus Rising – Michael Vaynman ( Bronze )

Infinity Dancer


Colima dancing figure

Dance, among the most ephemeral of the arts, was central to Mesoamerican civilization. Dance performances, as attested by their depiction on vases and other utilitarian objects such as this whistle above, typically encompassed rhythmic, structured movement, often by a group of people. Music was a vital element, frequently supplied by the dancers themselves. Performances served to bring together the community by reifying shared beliefs of social behavior, recounting seminal histories-both historical and mythic-and incarnating religious ideologies. As communal theater, performers were bedecked in ostentatious costumes that served to remove them from their social identities and the everyday reality of the community. The elaborate costuming and staging also elevated the event from a simple entertainment to an impressive, even iconic spectacle.

Yeonsoo Cho korean artist

Poet – Yeonsoo Cho – Director, Korea Clay Art Therapy Center



Mario-Dal-Fabbro abstract sculpture

Mario Dal Fabbro sculpture


North Dynasty dance figurine, long-sleeved gown – China

Mata Ortiz

Art Deco figure

Boris Lovet Lorski

Ai Hanazuka



Angkor-Wat Vishnu churning the sea of milk wall relief

Angkor Wat – Wall relief of Vishnu churning the sea of milk




Outdoor ceramic sculpture -by-Alan-Foxley--

Ceramic sculpture  –  Alan Foxley



White-ceramic Winged_Bowl-Monica-Rudquist

‘Winged Bowl’ – Monica Rudquist



Ming Gates – Fong Choo

Mihara Ken

Frank Morrison

Jaridaire – Carol Long

African dancer in gold highlight gownAfrican raised hands dancer


Pit-fired coil pots with gold leaf inspired by the volcanic forms of Hawaii, by Kay Lynne Sattler

Sandy Terry

Ute Grossman

Mid-Century Vase by Peter Muller for Sgrafo, 1950s

Porcelain ewer – Sam Chung  2009

François-Rupert-Carabin. ( 1862-1932 )




Natalya Sots

Flamenco dancer sculpture in a brown glazed ceramicVintage female flamenco dancer figurine


Molded earthenware jar, abstract ovoid shaped – Aveiro 1955

Suzi Carvalho

Nathalie Andrieu dancing figurine

Nathalie Andrieu dancing figurine




Vintage wall plate by Vittoria Valmaggia

Susan Filley Porcelain vase

Susan Filley Porcelain vase


Xian Tianyi

Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson

Edouard Cazaux

Edouard Cazaux spherical vase, France

Glenda Kronke -- Blue colour

Glenda Kronke — Blue colour vessel


Jean Mayadon – craquelure vase with dancing figures



Funky “Springtime” by Donald Fagen