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London international ceramics exhibition



Erskine, Hall and Coe – International Ceramics exhibition 


A collection of contemporary ceramics from 12 renown artists is currently showing at the Erskine, Hall and Coe gallery up until the 8th September, 2016.

The earliest work in the exhibition is a trio of bowls by Lucie Rie, dating back to 1949, and the most recent is from last year by renowned Japanese artist Machiko Ogawa. Classic tea bowls by Ryoji Koie can be seen alongside abstract sculptural forms by Catalan artist Claudi Casanovas. Works by Hans Coper, one of the giants of 20th century ceramics, are within sight of emerging artist Zung-Lung Tsai, showing outside of his native Taiwan for the first time.


Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 6pm

15 Royal Arcade
28 Old Bond Street
London W1S 4SP

020 7491 1706
[email protected]




Exhibiting artists


Claudi Casanovas



Claudi Casanovas-‘Black Squared Form’, 1990


Gordon Baldwin


‘The role I take is Artist as explorer with the vessel as my basic structure (like the structure of a Haiku) Each piece begins out of a strange compulsion to take certain action. I suppose the compulsion comes from things heard, things seen, things read, things done by drawing and previous work. I usually work in a series constructing by the traditional method of coiling discovering the piece as I proceed. It is an intuitive process carried on without analytical thought, The piece is made when the resonances are right (for me). The Titles hint at the effect the pieces have on me and the contacts that have been made within the soup of my experience. The surfaces are dealt with weeks or months later. A lot of staring at the pieces is involved – a sort of thoughtless gaze until there is necessary action. Of course each new piece is informed by the experiences I have already had in the studio. Different sorts of darkness and different sorts of silence are concepts that interest me. I work from an inner compulsion to explore my identity by working.’



Gordon Baldwin ‘Torso Pot’, 1964

Earthenware, slips and copper, 57.5 cm




Gordon Baldwin ‘Torso Pot’, 1964




Gordon Baldwin ‘Warrior’, 1950s

Earthenware, 76 cm (h)


Gwyn Hanssen Pigott



Gwyn Hanssen Pigott


Hans Coper



Hans Coper Bowl – 1950’s



Hans-coper-mid-century-bowl with internal abstract motif

Hans Coper Bowl – 1950’s




Hans Coper – ‘Digswell Form’ 1963

Stoneware with black manganese



Ian Godfrey



Ian Godfrey- ‘Cornucopia Lidded Vessel’, 1970




Ian Godfrey- ‘Cornucopia Lidded Vessel’, 1970



Jacqueline Lerat



Jacqueline Lerat – ‘Chateau Japonais’, 1994

Stoneware, 30 cm (h)



Lucie Rie


“To make pottery is an adventure to me, every new work is a new beginning. Indeed I shall never cease to be a pupil. There seems to the casual onlooker little variety in ceramic shapes and designs. But to the lover of pottery there is an endless variety of the most exciting kind. And there is nothing sensational about it only a silent grandeur and quietness.
If one should ask me whether I believe to be a modern potter or a potter of tradition I would answer, I don’t know and I don’t care. Art alive is always modern, not matter how old or young. Art theories have no meaning for me, beauty has. This is all my philosophy. I do not attempt to be original or different.”



Lucie Rie Bowl -1960



Lucie-Rie-Small-Vase,-c 1980

Lucie Rie-Small Stoneware Vase, c 1980



Lucie Rie contemporary Turquoise Bowl with Bronze Rim, c. 1983

Lucie Rie Turquoise Bowl with Bronze Rim, c. 1983




Lucie Rie




Lucie Rie contemporary Vase, c. 1959





Machiko Ogawa



Machiko Ogawa, 2015




Machiko Ogawa, 2015




Machiko Ogawa, 2015





Machiko Ogawa, 2015

Porcelain with silica sand and Feldspar





Machiko Ogawa, 2015


Magdalene Odundo



Magdalene Odundo Polished and carbonised terracotta, Height – 30 cm  1984


“Magdalene Odundo is an artist whose ceramics not only effortlessly bridge the ancient and modern but also relate to African and European culture, her vessels offering an understanding of the ‘pastness of the past,’ but also of the present,”

“Her pieces conjure all these images and particularly those that depict marking occasions and ritual because she has grounded them in her African/Kenyan roots where the process of life was shadowed by pots.” – Emmanuel Cooper



Ruth Duckworth


“Play is the essence of creativity. Creative play and gut reaction, instinct. When I work on a piece I play. I have a whole huge section of the studio where I have an inventory of sculptural forms, simple abstract, non-specific shapes that I find beautiful and enjoy making. Then I start building these shapes together. And then I find myself smiling. I say “hello! I think I‟ve got something.‟ The process is intuitive, not intellectual. You have to learn to be spontaneous and trust yourself.”




Ruth Duckworth – contemporary ceramic vessels




Ruth Duckworth Wall panel -2006

“Form is what matters to me in any material… Pattern intrigues me. Colour can give me pleasure, but form moves me. When I was still a student in London, I went to a big Indian exhibition. Two large rooms with sculpture, stone and bronze mostly, and one room with paintings. Beautiful miniature paintings. That day I decided I would be a sculptor, not a painter. The three-dimensional nature of the sculpture grabbed me and hasn‟t let go yet. That was more than 60 years ago.”



Ryoji Koie



Ryoji Koie Tea Bowl, 1990




Ryoji Koie Tea Bowl, 1990



Zung Lung Tsai


“The hidden tranquil space in the work is like a cave: it has incredible power. It is not just a visibly real space, but also builds and strengthens the work’s content. There the eyes can find rest, the brain can think in peace, and moods can turn around and settle inside.”



Zung Lung Tsai – ‘Phototropism 1405’, 2014




Zung Lung Tsai – ‘The Temperature of Tranquility’, 2009

Ceramic & natural ash glaze, 30 cm (h)



Zung Lung Tsai – ‘The Temperature of Tranquility’, 2009




Zung Lung Tsai – ‘Phototropism 1408’, 2014

Ceramic & white glaze, 30 cm (h)



Zung Lung Tsai – ‘Phototropism 1408’, 2014




Zung Lung Tsai – ‘Phototropism 1408’, 2014




Zung Lung Tsai – ‘Phototropism 1408′, 2014




Zung Lung Tsai – ‘Phototropism 1408’, 2014





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