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Association of Clay and Glass Artists



4th Clay & Glass Biennial – California, 2017


The Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California is dedicated to establishing and maintaining high standards of craftsmanship and design in clay and glass. A primary goal of the ACGA is to provide opportunities for their members to exhibit and sell their work. The Association regularly presents museum and gallery exhibitions of clay and glass, and presents the Biennial Clay and Glass exhibition in July. This national juried competition and exhibition is being held at the Brea Art Gallery, Orange County, California, opening July 22, and running through September 15, 2017. Eighty artworks will be on display, 45 of which were selected by the juror. The invited artists include:  Susan Bloch, Maria DeCastro, Julia Feld, Bob Pool, Treg Silkwood and Candace Martin, Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend.


Location –  Brea Art Gallery 1 Civic Center Circle, Brea, CA 92821




The following clay and glass artists are exhibiting at the Biennial –




Nathalie_Houghton-glass-sculpture - Preserved Sample: Layers of the Anthropocene

‘Preserved Sample: Layers of the Anthropocene’ –  Nathalie Houghton




A-Lack-Thereof-laminated-and-carved-glass sculpture Nathalie-Houghton

‘A Lack Thereof ‘  – laminated and carved glass sculpture  — Nathalie Houghton



Yumi Kiyose


Yumi Kiyose art incorporates, and often combines, clay, glass, and steel. Her art is an expression of energy, and utilizes form and movement derived from nature. She uses a combination of mixed colors, which emphasizes flow and produces harmony and rhythm, drawing the eye in, creating visual enchantment.



‘Summer Wave’ — ceramic plate – Yumi Kiyose




Koi-in-a-pond-2016---Yumi Kiyose ceramic plate - pinks with rust red

‘Koi in a pond ‘–Yumi Kiyose



Water - ceramic sculpture plate--Yumi Kiyose

‘Water’ – ceramic sculpture plate –Yumi Kiyose




Yumi-Kiyose-ceramic-plate in blue and turquoise

Yumi Kiyose ceramic plate


\ Dancing-with-life-2016---Yumi-Kiyose sculpture

‘Dancing with life’ -2016—Yumi Kiyose




2016---Yumi-Kiyose-abstract ceramic-sculpture

 Yumi Kiyose abstract ceramic sculpture


Malcolm Nicoll 


“George Bernard Shaw famously said, “without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” There’s more to life than what we can sense on the physical plane. It’s my sincere wish to help you and I fulfill the need to reach other horizons; to experience and to feel that other realm of the spiritual via the creative process.Just like there is ultimately one God, I believe that there is ultimately one Art. My inspiration in creating art is not only to document my evolution as an artist but more importantly to attempt to make all aspects of life a work of art; to feel and activate our divine gift for creating and expanding beauty in an often times harsh and crude world. Not strictly in the virtual arts, but in all concepts and ideas.”



45 RPM DARK Handmade Glass Bowl Bullseye, Uroborus and Dichroic Glass

’45 RPM DARK ‘ Handmade Glass Bowl – Malcolm Nicoll

Bullseye, Uroborus and Dichroic Glass




’45 RPM’ Handmade Glass Bowl – Malcolm Nicoll

Uroborus, Bullseye & Dichroic Glass 20inches – fused glass



lorren ashley lowrey.

Lorren Ashley Lowrey – ‘Wistar Rat’


Djinnaya Stroud


“As an artist, I am driven by the visual expression of non-verbal truth. I am fascinated with the magic-makers of our world, underground performers and creators of the spaces that give people a place to dream. I am inspired by all of those people who chase their improbable and wondrous dreams.”


My-life-is-an-embaressment-of-riches---Djinnaya-Stroud turqouise giraffe sculplture

‘My life is an embaressment of riches’ — Djinnaya Stroud



Djinnaya Stroud




Barbara Vanderbeck


Beliz Iristay


Born in Izmir,Turkey, Beliz graduated from Dokuz Eylul Fine Art University with a focus on Turkish Ceramics Arts. She moved to both USA and Mexico in 2005. In her work, Beliz often uses the venerable traditions of her home country(s) and combines them with contemporary techniques.


Beliz Iristay in her ceramic studio

Beliz Iristay



Beliz Iristay ceramic sculptures

Beliz Iristay ceramic garden sculptures

San Diego Botanical Gardens


Jar flat lid banded blue_ Christopher Unger

Jar with flat lid — Christopher Unger




Bowl_set of 3_scratchy green_Christopher Unger

Set of 3 bowls – Inner green and sgraffito outer – Christopher Unger




Bowl tri banded blue Christopher Unger

Bowl tri banded, inner  blue  — Christopher Unger



Clay-Basket-«-Kathy Pallie

Clay Basket -«- Kathy Pallie




Orange brown Clay Basket -«- Kathy Pallie

Clay Basket -«- Kathy Pallie



Susan Bloch 

“The sparkle and radiance of life inspires me. Glass became my choice to express this when it introduced me to its magic long ago.”



Each and Every Person Matters---Susan Bloch

‘Each and Every Person Matters’ —Susan Bloch



Walll relief sculpture Susan Bloch

‘Perception’ – Susan Bloch



Four Faces---Susan Bloch - carved glass sculpture

‘Four Faces’ — Susan Bloch



Susan Bloch




Carol Zee



Earth-Vessel-1---Pit-Fired-Clay---Tundra-of-Chugiak-Vicki Gunter

”Tundra of Chugiak’Vicki Gunter

Pit fired clay



Plate Tectonics 1 –  Vicki Gunter



Fay Miller


“Everyday I see things I want to recreate – leaves blowing in the wind, animal horns at the zoo, buildings rising in the city, political debates on television, seasons changing the landscape and people gathered in joyous celebration. I incorporate elements of whimsy wildness and intense color. The beauty, geometry and harshness of the natural world drive my creative process.”



Fay-Miller-glass-sculpture combined glass circles

Fay Miller glass sculpture



Hand Blown Glass Menorah by Fay Miller --- glass sculpture

Hand Blown Glass Menorah by Fay Miller



Fountain_tabletop Gerald-Arrington stone sculpture fountain

Fountain tabletop –  Gerald Arrington



Gerald Arrington-organic vase

Vase – Gerald Arrington


Gerald-Arrington-outdoor totem garden-fountain

Gerald Arrington




Globe vase, temmoku with white drip glaze - Bob Pool

Globe vase, temmoku with white drip glaze – Bob Pool





Mae byong vase, red gold floral pattern – Bob Pool





‘Harbinger’ – Kimberly Cook ceramic sculpture




Ceramic sculpture growth II_iifire-Hsun-Yuan-Hsu

‘Growth II’ — Hsun Yuan Hsu – 2017

 Fire School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco



CEramic vessel Desert-Art-1-Patrick-Crabb

Raku bottle — Patrick Crabb





Patrick Crabb Shard Vase



Jo-Killen-ovoid-Raku-vessel in black and white

Jo Killen ovoid Raku vessel



Jo Killen - black, white, red ovoid Raku vessel

Jo Killen – black, white, red ovoid Raku vessel



Julia Feld


“In my work I combine an abstract curvilinear sculptural form with surreal narrative painting in order to create an illusion of dynamically changing reality. The illusion of a three-dimensional world formed by realistically rendered painting intermingles with the three-dimensionality of the object.”


as-in-a-dream-Ju;lia-Feld-ceramic storytelling

‘As in a dream’  — Julia Feld




Julia Feld-'Blooming Beauty teapot

Julia Feld  –  ‘Blooming Beauty’ teapot




Female Face motif teapot -- Julia Feld

Julia Feld sculptural ceramic teapot



The-Protector-teapot-Julia-Feld - tri legged teapot

‘The Protector’ teapot  — Julia Feld



 Julia Feld face shot

Julia Feld


Kala-Stein-two matching ceramic-mugs

Kala Stein – pair of ceramic mugs



Kazuki-Takizawa-glass artist

Kazuki Takizawa glass artist



Kazuki-Takizawa--glass-sculpture in blues and white

Kazuki Takizawa



Flames---Susan Stinsmuehlen Amend --Vetri Glass

‘Flames’ — Susan Stinsmuehlen Amend

Vetri Glass



Susan Stinsmuehlen Amend,- Common Vessels, Toilette

Susan Stinsmuehlen Amend,- Common Vessels, Toilette


Lee Middleman


“I throw classic forms and use surface textures to give them energy and vitality, resulting in art that is both pleasing and alive. I seek to create patterns and textures that emphasize the organic interplay between order and randomness as found in Nature.”



Lee-Middleman-ovoid ceramic-textured bottle

Lee Middleman ovoid ceramic bottle




Abora-Vase-Lee-Middleman olive green glaze

Abora Vase — Lee Middleman



Lee-Middleman-elegant ceramic-vase

Lee Middleman ceramic vase


Lucien Koonce


“I approach the composition of my work with spontaneity and immediacy, discovering the form during the process of making it. My alteration and manipulation of solid clay emphasizes the plasticity and gestural qualities of that material while achieving asymmetry. I seek to push the disorganization and the subsequent reorganization of the vessel from being a member of the “pot” realm to becoming an abstract object in the sculptural realm while retaining its function.”



Lucien-M.-Koonce-sushi-platter-organic textures

Lucien M. Koonce  —  sushi platter



Sake-cup_Guinomi---Lucien-M Koonce

Sake cup Guinomi — Lucien M Koonce



Lucien M Koonce



Lucien M Koonce footed ceramic tea cup

Lucien M Koonce footed tea cup



Maile-Iwanaga---Follow-the-White-Rabbit porcelain sculpture

Maile Iwanaga — ‘Follow the White Rabbit’ porcelain sculpture



Maile-Iwanaga---Ikebana-off-the-chain -- white porcelain sculpture

Maile Iwanaga — ‘Ikebana off the chain’



Mardi Wood

“Clay is my canvas”

“Although trained as a painter, I work with clay. I throw thin porcelain cups and bowls…often I draw into them… I like to work with clay slabs….I use ceramic pencil and crayon, metal oxide, engobe, my hands and wooden tools”




‘Two Bulls’ slab teapot – Mardi Wood




Arctic shadow cups – Mardi Wood




Tulip bowl, red marks – Mardi Wood



Mardi-Wood-in-studio making a teapot

Mardi Wood



Maria De Castro


“The fascination I have with the mystery of relics and ancient artifacts is inherent in many of the pieces I create”



Maria-De-Castro--Roadrunner outdoor sculpture

Maria De Castro — ‘Roadrunner’




Maria-De-Castro--gallery photo

Maria De Castro




Raven-sculpture-Maria De Castro

Raven – Maria De Castro


Mark-Hendrickson-lidded ceramic-jar

    Mark Hendrickson lidded ceramic jar



            Mark Hendrickson


Miriam-Loory-Krombach lidded carved surface jar

Miriam Loory Krombach




Natasha Dikareva


“In the realm of ceramics, anything is possible. The medium of clay allows any sort of form or figure to come to life. My work pushes the boundary between reality and imagination.”



Natasha Dikareva porcelain sculpture - Alice

‘Alice – Positive Anxiety’ — Natasha Dikareva

Escapists series 2015 – 20 17


morning_melts - Natasha-Dikareva ceramic figure in a bath

‘Morning Melts’ – Natasha Dikareva

Escapists series 2015 – 20 17


‘Sunset over Bay Bridge’  – Natasha Dikareva

Shell Dweller series 2010 -2012



Natasha Dikareva in gallery

Natasha Dikareva



‘Message from the Cloud’ – Natasha Dikareva




Nathan-Ring-ceramic-tea-cup with lobster motif

Nathan Ring ceramic tea cup



Nathan-Rrng-ceramic-bottle octopus motif

Nathan Ring ceramic bottle




White Polar-Bear,Ceramic-Koi-Joy---etsy

Polar Bear Ceramic sculpture – Magie Smith Fleisher




Seal-Sculpture,-Porcelain-Seal Magie-Smith-Fleisher

Porcelain Seal – Magie Smith Fleisher




Rowan Harrison ceramic pot



Stephen Lashinski


“I have developed a process that goes agaisnt the conventional use of ceramic materials. I arrange ceramic materials, molds, temperature and firing process to assist me in creating each piece. Heat is the catylist that initiates chemical reactions to take place between the diverse ceramic materials which eventually reveals the ultimate characteristics of the elements in the composition. The results of my practice yield artifacts of my fascination with the an alchemical approach to working with ceramic materials. This process gives me the capability to create objects that appear not to have been made by the hands of an artist.”



‘Scholar Rock 5’ —– 2015—Stephen Lashinski




Scholar-Rock-9 sculpture - Stephen Lashinski

‘Scholar Rock 9’  – Stephen Lashinski



Scott Jennings


“I choose to make pottery because of the excitement and satisfaction that I get from discovering new forms. With each new series of work my intentions become clearer and the excitement grows.”


Scott-Jennings - porcelain-footed-bowl in blue and yellow

Scott Jennings – porcelain footed bowl



Scott Jennings




Scott Jennings porcelain mug


Ceramic cat sculpture – Karen Van Galder



Seated Woman —  Karen Van Galder



Karen Van Galder man in prayer sculpture

The Wiseman – Karen Van Galder


Treg Silkwood and Candace Martin


“I am drawn to glass as a material for its properties of fragility and clarity, the way it captures and manipulates light, and its ability to metaphorically represent the line between the visible and invisible.” – Treg Silkwood


silkwood-glass-sculpture with etched pattern

 A shell sculpture combining Treg Silkwood’s glassblowing skills with Candace Martin’s muted colour palettes



Treg Silkwood and Candace Martin with glass pumpkin

Silkwood Glass



Silkwood-Treg_Driftwood-sculpture 2007

Treg Silkwood  ‘Driftwood’ glass sculpture


Siobhan Hughes

“I draw a lot of inspiration from deconstructionist traditions: Modern art movements of the first half of the 20th century. I find comfort in the clean linear applications of Calder, Stella, Mondrian, Wright. Modern, non-traditional, and classic quilting patterns. Native or “primitive” patterns in clay and tapestry. These all share a fascination with simplicity, beauty, and a deeply personal aesthetic. Like my work in glass, for each of these traditions, the media is constraining, or the artist chose strict constraints, but the goal is to piece together something genuine and engaging.”


siobhan-hughes-Springs-Song glass sculpture

Siobhan Hughes – ‘Springs Song’ glass sculpture



‘Three Sisters’ – Siobhan Hughes



Sea+Vessels-Siobhan-Hughes long necked glass sculpture vessel in turquoise and black

‘Sea Vessel’ – Siobhan Hughes




Smoky Moonlight hand painted glass panels--Paul Messink

‘Smoky Moonlight’ hand painted glass panels — Paul Messink



Trees-in-Twilight---Paul-Messink handpainted glass panel

‘Trees in Twilight’ — Paul Messink




Tali Grinshpan-Of Innocence and Experience glass sculpture

Tali Grinshpan – ‘Of Innocence and Experience’ glass sculpture



Ceramic White-Casserole-by-Jan-Schachter

White Casserole by Jan Schachter



Yumiko-Aso-ceramic-tea-set Bamboo style handles

Yumiko Aso ceramic tea set