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Claudia Frignani Milano designer


Claudia-Frignani-ceramic-vase with fine ribs

Claudia Frignani, Wunderkammer Studio


Milan has been a mecca for talented multi genre design artists such as Piero Fornasetti, Ettore Sottsass and Gio Ponti who were also great ceramicists. The Milano Wunderkammer Studio and Claudia Frignani are continuing this fine tradtion of innovative style and design.
Claudia Frignani founded her ‘Wunderkammer design studio’ in 1993 with her two brothers Nikola and Mattia with the objective of designing and producing unique pieces in limited editions, with particular attention paid to using a diversity of materials, shapes and techniques. She explored her sculptural forms through a variety of materials including metals, castings, concrete, wood, leather and textiles which has led to her current focus in exploring the ceramic arts.




Claudia-Frignani-ceramic-sculpture with raised scalloped surface

Claudia Frignani Artemisia vase


“The vase became a pretext for the approach of modifying an iconic object of everyday use, and transforming it, making it attractive, filling it with meaning, using it as a surface on which to construct my fluid three dimensional textures which for me is very stimulating. I have always been attracted to concave forms, as they appear to conceal, contain and protect and also support scalloped patterns which convey a natural cohesiveness.”
Claudia favours the colombino technique for her immpeccably crafted terracotta pieces, which start with a base of a certain thickness and have colombini  (clay elongated cylindrical shapes)  laid one above the other rising from the base. Her pots are completely hand made without any two pieces being identical. This method allows for the possibility of overlapping strips to elevate the texture.



ceramic vases by Claudia Frignani

Wunderkammer Studio vases


“I take ideas from my imagination, that has been infused with many memories captured during my time spent in contact with nature: observing, meditating, discovering, gathering and collecting precious finds. Then I rework things, I change them in my own personal pursuit of beauty.”
“It is research, a journey into the unconscious, the memory, and into the future. There is a part of me in everything I make. To bring a thought to light through the hands, and to translate it into something concrete that did not exist before, means giving form to an emotion. It makes me happy when someone who looks at or purchases one of my pieces discovers that emotion, and feels it.”




Wunderkammer Studio---aluminium table and chairs

Wunderkammer Studio—aluminium table and chairs



Claudia Frignani-ribbed vases created with colombino technique

Claudia Frignani – three ribbed vases created with the colombino technique



Claudia Frignani-Milaono ceramic-vases photo Nicola Frignani

Claudia Frignani – Milano ceramic vases photo Nicola Frignani



Claudia Frignani ceramic flowerpots-2016---Milan white, teal and turquoise

Claudia Frignani ceramic flowerpots and a lidded jar




Orange ceramic vase-Claudia Frignani

Orange ceramic hand built vase – Claudia Frignani



Ceramic vase--Artemisia collection-n--Claudia Frignani for Wunderkammer Studio

Ceramic vase — ‘Artemisia 6′  by Claudia Frignani for Wunderkammer Studio

Fired at two different temperatures to enhance its textured look, this impeccably handcrafted vase has s striking raised fish scale pattern and the unusual shape of the piece, featuring a curved rim.



Claudia Frignani vases and Nicola Frignan rhino sculpture

Claudia Frignani vases and Nicola Frignani rhino sculpture



Two white colored vases with vertical ribs by Claudia Frignani

Claudia Frignani vases



Claudia Frignani mid shot

Claudia Frignani



Claudia-Frignani vases by Wunderkammer Studio,-Milano

Claudia Frignani vases on ‘Shell Structure Table’



Frida No 4 vase ---Claudia Frignani for Wunderkammer Studio

‘Frida No 4’ —Claudia Frignani for Wunderkammer Studio



Claudia Frignani-leaf dish by Wunderkammer Studio

Wunderkammer Studio aluminium leaf dish



Green Ceramic vase-2012-Claudia Frignani, Milano

Claudia Frignani




Chair by Wunderkammer Studio -- leather with metal frame

Chair by Wunderkammer Studio



FRIDA-No6 vase----Claudia Frignani by Wunderkammer Studio

‘FRIDA No6’ vase by Wunderkammer Studio, Claudia Frignani design

Inspired by a deep connection to the culture, history, and traditions of Italy, this elegant piece is completely handcrafted. This unique vase in light blue glazed terracotta features a simple pattern of scalloped vertical stripes that will add a chic allure to a casual decor.



Claudia Frignani by Wunderkammer Studio chair, Milan

Wunderkammer Studio chair, Milan



Claudia Frignani white textured vase

Claudia Frignani white ‘Lefka 10’  hand built textured vase

Milan Design Week


Claudia Frignani vases for Wunderkammer-Studio

Claudia Frignani vases for Wunderkammer Studio



Claudia Frignani vases for Wunderkammer-Studio

Claudia Frignani coil built vases for Wunderkammer Studio



Green-ceramic-vase-Claudia Fragnini

Green ceramic scalloped vase – Claudia Fragnini



FRIDA No5----Claudia Frignan by Wunderkammer Studio

‘FRIDA No5’ —-Claudia Frignan by Wunderkammer Studio


Wunderkaer Studio Isetan table-- wood and brass casting legs

‘Gold Ishtar’ tripod table– wood and brass casting legs



LEFKA No7---Claudia Frignani for Wunderkammer Studio

‘LEFKA No7’ — Claudia Frignani for Wunderkammer Studio



LEFKA No8----Claudia Frignani by-Wunderkammer Studio

‘LEFKA No8’—-Claudia Frignani

Made using the colombino method and glazed using a two-step firing process to add a striking glossy white finish, the decoration features three bands of overlapping oval strips that move diagonally to wrap the body of the vase.


Claudia Frignani turquoise lidded jar



‘Java Oak Cabinet’,  by Claudia Frignani for NB Milano



Wunderkammer Studio, Milan

Wunderkammer Studio


Claudia Frignani



Claudia Frignani Artemisia 7 vase patio decor

Claudia Frignani Artemisia 7 vase




Vase--Claudia Frignani -- Wunderkammer Studio

Vase–Claudia Frignani



Claudia Frignani vases

Claudia Frignani



Wunderkammer Studio ‘Isetan’ table




Wunderkammer-studio-Claudia-Frignani coil built vases

Colombino built vases — Claudia Frignani



Pink vase Claudia-Frignani

Claudia Frignani




Argo Cast metal tripod stool

‘Argo’ aluminium tripod stool – Claudia Frignani for NB Milano




Ceramic-vases-2015-2016--Claudia Frignani, Milano

Ceramic-vases-Claudia Frignani, Milano




Claudia Frignani--metal-table with glass inserts

Wunderkammer Studio metal table



WK-Studio-Wunderkammer Studio, Milan

WK Studio