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Lamp Luminessence


A diverse collection of ceramic and metal lamps encompassing most styles from Art Nouveau onwards including some details for feng shui lighting.



Large silver iridescent patina ceramic lamp by Dalo, 2014

Height 21.6 inches

Daniel & Loic (Dalo) have been designing original ceramic pieces together since 2007 . Inspired by the second part of the 20th century French ceramists, they created their own style, a poetical and comic universe in which figures appears under stylized and gracious lines in a very contemporary spirit.

GALERIE Sandy Toupenet, Paris ( 1stDibs)


 Feng Shui Lighting


The ambient light in your home, both natural and artificial, has a direct influence on the circulation of chi. Poorly lit areas accumulate stagnant yin chi and become depleting, just as badly ventilated rooms do. Conversely overly bright spaces build excess yang chi and are discordant and lead to tension. The all important entrance needs to be well lit, preferably with lighter shades of colours on the walls that easily reflect light. The hallways, which function as energy conduits also need good lighting. Using just one central bright light in a room is poor fen shui. Lighting that smoothly changes in intensity throughout the room is more ideal, which can be achieved with accent lights, table lamps, down lights and floor lamps. Undulating light has a better feng shui dynamic, just as hilly landscapes do and supports the flow of chi.
Torchier floor lamps and sconces create attractive upward light gradients, that also reflect diffused light back into the room. Ideal for living rooms, dens and lounges. Also useful to soften shadows from overhead beams, which tend to concentrate chi and create stress and tension if you sit underneath them.
Soft, even light is more appropriate for the bedroom. Generally clear globes are too harsh and need to be used with a lamp shade or opaque lighting fixture, or favour diffused lighting globes. Fluorescent lights are on the harder side too and need diffusion. An exception to this would be high activity spaces like a rumpus room or a kitchen if you don’t eat meals there.
Dark corners are to be avoided, especially in low activity areas. The central area of your home responds well to good lighting. This is because light is related to the Fire element which nourishes the central Earth element. Avoid placing fountains in this location as it drains the all important Earth. They are more aptly suited to the wealth corner. Ideally ceramic lamps are an ideal choice, more so than wood or metal ones for the central home space. Stone and ceramic sculptures, jade sculptures and  ceramic pottery fit well here too. The grounding Earth element brings the most harmony and has the power to balance all the other elements * and is the easiest element to locate.

As the Earth element is a source of all the other elements, all colours are harmonious in the central space but earth tones are best. Splashes of red, orange and yellow colours are useful in this area, like a burnt orange lamp base or a red sculpture. Relaxing blues and cool pastel tones are more effective away from the homes central location, as is cool lighting. Avoid any light fixtures with sharp spikes or edges, especially if they point downwards –  these create a sha chi, the translation of this being poison arrows.
Sometimes external light entering a room can be too harsh and curtains and blinds are needed to pacify the incoming yang chi. Lighting and its manipulation is one of the simplest ways to uplift the ambience of a room and create a balanced chi.



Ceramic Black Panther table lamp with lavender shade

Black ceramic panther lamp, lavender shade – Haeger?




Standing Taoist figural lamp base

Taoist Scholar sculpture lamp base




red and white lamp-base by Waylande Gregory Phoenix Lamp Base, Renaissance Man, 1stdibs

 Phoenix Lamp Base – Waylande Gregory

Renaissance Man, 1stdibs




Mid century black and gold lamp

Mid Century atomic lamp




Alexis Bittar's Awesome Brooklyn-Paddomainehome

Blue glass and marble lamp




ANGELO-LELII-50's atomic ceiling lamp

50’s atomic ceiling light – Angelo Lelii





Italian alabaster female figures lamp




Antique French Limoges Art Deco Porcelain Figurine Night Lamp Pigeon

French Limoges Art Deco Porcelain Pigeon Figurine Night Lamp





Art Deco Pelican Lamp





Earthenware baluster handpainted lamp.

Montigny sur Loing, France



A-Single-Sculptural Glass Venini designed Table Lamp-1970s-14797_19237-product

Sculptural Glass Venini designed Table Lamp-1970s





Retro atomic lamp





Australian Mid Century Barsony ‘Ponytail Girls’ lamps

Black Afro – Flickr





 Abstract ceramic Mid Century lamp  -Frank Matranga, USA





 Pair of cream cactus style lamps – John-Dickinson





 60’s lamp featuring man and horse





 Ovoid drip glaze lamp – signed Hammer





 Modernist table lamp – Elisabeth Joulia




galerie riviera Abstract face table lamp- Dalo

Ceramic modernist table lamp – Dalo

Galerie Riviera, France



Félix Optat Milet Barbotine-Majolica-table lamp orchid decoration

 Félix Optat Milet barbotine (slip) majolica table lamp

France circa 1900





Gerd Bogelund for Royal Copenhagen

 Gerd Bogelund for Royal Copenhagen




GOEBEL Art Deco flapper perfume lamp-in-porcelain

Porcelain Art Deco flapper perfume lamp – Goebel




Jean Besnard-Table-Lamp

 Jean Besnard contemporary table lamp





 Gazelle and dancing girl mosaic lamp – Jean Mayodon




Lalique Amber Venus Lamp Art glass

Rene Lalique Amber Venus Lamp Art glass

Skinner Auctions





 Art Deco Figural Lamp, Stone, glass, and metal





Large table lamp –  Les Deux Potiers




Le Vaucour Vallauris Lava glazed Lamp base

 Le Vaucour Vallauris Lava glazed Lamp base




LIANE Art-Deco glazed porcelain- perfume lamp,-1920s

Art Deco glazed porcelain perfume lamp by Liane





Lubna Chowdhary Tiled Table Lamp---Green---west-elm

 Lubna Chowdhary Tiled Table Lamp




Maison Charles Nickeled Bronze Abstract Lamp-70,s French Craig Van Den Brulle

 Maison Charles Nickeled Bronze Abstract Lamp-70’s designed by French Craig Van Den Brulle




Max Ingrand, Table Lamp for Fontana Arte,-1960

 Max Ingrand table lamp for Fontana Arte,-1960





 Atomic mid-century table lamp by Kolorize





 Matching pair of red Royal Haeger lamps





 Art Nouveau  figural lamps – Royal Dux





 Fornasetti lamp, Milan




 Andre Aleth Masson via Thomas Fritsch-–-Artrium





 Art Deco nude dancer table lamp – McKee Glass Company





Ram Head Table Lamp style44

 Ram Head Table Lamp





Royal Haeger Pottery-1950s-Yellow Parrot Macaw Bird Table Lamp

 Yellow Macaw table lamp – Royal Haeger





 ‘Bubble Lamp’ – Laurel Yourkowski Studio





Red and white mosaic lamp gingko carmel Laurel Yourkowski

 Mosaic ‘Ginko Caramel’ lamp  –   Laurel Yourkowski

24 inches tall





 Draped figure Art Nouveau lamp




Table-lamp-1958---Zezschwitz-of-Art-and-Design by Walter-Bosse

Ceramic penguin table lamp by Walter Bosse for Karlsruhe Majolika

Zezschwitz Art and Design Auctions





Contemporary Table lamp by 7Gods cream wave shape

 Self-Reflecting Surreal Table Lamp by Double Take





 Théodore Deck – turquoise blue oil lamp




Tiffany candle lamps tulip shaped

 Pair of Tiffany candle lamps




 Josef Lorenzl, Table Lamp 'Harem Dancer'1929

 Josef Lorenzl, Table Lamp ‘Harem Dancer’

Friedrich Goldscheider, Vienna. Earthenware, 1929




Art Nouveau figural table lamp bronze base with yellow glass and standing female figure

 Austrian Art Nouveau figural table lamp

circa 1900




1953 black ceramic Bird Lamp by Georges Jouve

 ‘Bird Lamp’ by Georges Jouve, France





TL-EROS-TL Art Deco figural lamp

 Art Deco moving figures lamp




La Maison Desny art deco futuristic lamp

Art Deco lamp –  manufactured by La Maison Desny, France. 1930




MId century style Gilt Decorated Peacock Table Lamps

 Gilt Decorated Peacock Table Lamps mid century style – Sascha Brastoff ?




Twin handled White Cycladic Lamp---Frances Palmer Pottery

 White Cycladic Lamp—Frances Palmer Pottery





Yunu rusty brown stone finish ceramic table lamp by Uttermost





 Mondrian Table Lamp

Select Mid Century



* The ancient Chinese 5 element theory, along with the BaQua, forms the basis for applying Feng Shui. This 5 element theory is also utilised for the application of acupuncture healing and encapsulates the most advanced understanding of how chi energy interacts within the body and in an environment. The master point for balancing the body is named Tsu San Li, which is on the leg. This happens to be the Earth point on the Earth meridian and is used to harmonise all the elements.