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Back with Deco

Orange Black and Cream Boch ovoid vase with flared rim

Orange Black and Cream Vase –Boch Freres



Art Deco delight


The curvaceous and sensuous lines of Art Nouveau morphed into the polar opposite of the more straight and angular lines which defined the commanding style of Art Deco in the 20’s and 30‘s. Art Deco’s ornamental style, and its lavishness is attributed to the reaction to the forced austerity imposed by World War I. At the same time the Deco’s rigid and regimental lines mirrored the austerity at the time..  Germany embraced and  influenced the later Art Deco designs. The curved lines of Nouveau were more inclusive and Feng Shui positive then the exclusive and more hostile sharp angles that followed with Deco.

Architecturally Art Deco was easier to adopt in building design then Art Nouveau, a match made in heaven with the emergance of the skyscaper age.  Art Deco was of the Machine Age and it adopted its streamline technologies such as modern aviation, electric lighting, radio, ocean liners and skyscrapers for inspiration. The art deco style, which above all reflected modern technology of the time, was characterized by smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamlined forms and bright, sometimes garish colours. Art Deco was used extensively in the United States for railway stations during the 1930s, being designed to represent the modernity and efficiency of railway trains.


 The foundation of Art Deco :

The foundation of Art Deco was based on mathematical geometric forms. The ability to travel easily and the numerous archaeological excavations during this period; the tomb of Tutankhamun, Pompeii, Troy, etc., influenced both artists and designers who integrated several foreign elements into their work. At its best, art deco represented elegance, glamour, functionality and modernity.

eva zeisel german art deco vase

Art Deco became the first truly international style, spreading quickly around the world during the 1920s and 1930s.  A myriad of artists beutifully interpreted Art Deco and made it a higly distinctive and memorable era of design.

Art Deco decorative themes  :

( from ArtDecoNapier )

◊     Sunbursts and fountains – representing the dawn of a new modern age.
◊    The Skyscraper shape – symbolic of the 20th century.
◊     Symbols of speed –  power and flight – the exciting new developments in transport and communications.
◊     Geometric shapes – representing the machine and technology which it was thought would solve all our problems.
◊    The new woman – revelling in her recently won social freedoms.
◊     Breaking the rules – cacophonous jazz, short skirts and hair, shocking dances.
◊     Ancient cultures – for oddly enough, there was a fascination with the civilizations of Egypt and Central America.



Eva Zeisel Art Deco Jug 1929

Eva Zeisel Jug 1929 Germany

Art Deco gazelle bookends

1930’s  Earthenware Bookends Unsigned

Orchies Art Deco Vase

Vintage Orchies Vase

French ceramic crackle glaze baluster vase of bulbous form.

( Sheryl’s Art Deco )

Art Deco swan vase

Art Deco Swan Planter Zanesville

1930's Art Deco Polychrome tobacco set

1930’s Art Deco Polychrome Tobacco Set


 French Art Deco Sperical Pottery Vase

French Art Deco Vase

Echo of Deco-custom Amber Sun clock

Echo-of-Deco-custom Amber Sun clock

Rosenthal Deco vase

Rosenthal Vase 1930

Deco lamp turquoise Strangl

Deco lamp turquoise Strangl

Art deco lidded jar

Phil Dale

Clarice Cliff tea set

Farmhouse-tea-for-two – Clarice Cliff

( Andrew Muir )

Leaping dancer art deco vase

Leaping Nude Vase


Royal Doulton vase

Royal Dalton

Nautius green and white shell vase

Nautilus Shell Vase

Zsolnay art deco vase


Faceted Art Deco flared vase

1920s art deco crystalline pottery vase -Secretbackroom

Cubist Clarice Cliff teapot

Clarice Cliff Teapot

Hand Painted Clews flared vase

Vintage Hand Painted Clews

Deco shuffle

Belgium tri handled vase

Belgium Art Deco tri handled vase

Phil Dale art deco

Phil Dale

Buren mantle clock modernist

Buren Art Deco Modernist Clock

McCoy Vase


Vintage Brush McCoy Art Deco Vase

Vintage Brush McCoy Vase

Katzhutte art deco dancing figurine

Katzhutte art deco figurine

Boch vase

Boch Art Deco vase – designer Charles Catteau

Larege French art deco vessel

French Art Deco 1930

Rosso marble and enamelled art deco clock

Rosso marble and enamel Art Deco clock

Elegant Frankoma Crocus flower vase

Frankoma Crocus flower vase

from PrairieDecArts

Clarice Cliff Mountain conical coffee pot

 Mountain conical coffee pot – Clarice Cliff

Authur Wood art deco flared vase

Art Deco Vase – Authur Woods

Art Deco room decor

Camille Faure Vase abstract pattern

Limoges, France, has long been a center of enamel ware. This Art Deco vase, dating from about 1925, is the product of Camille Faure and is enamelled with copper.

( Virginia Museum of Fine Arts )

Cygal art deco chair

Cygal Art Deco

Ventrillon craqueles pigeon

Ventrillon craqueles pigeon – Saint-Clement, France
( tim smith vincent )
Vase Fructuoso art deco

Art Deco Vase with Egyptian dancer – Fructuoso Coimbra – 1930’s

Gunnar Nylund art deco jar

Art deco Spherical Jar  -Gazelles and palms

Gunnar Nylund, Rörstrand 1931


Boch Freres vase - Belgium
Art Deco Jar –  Boch Freres – Belgium
Art Deco green jugArt Deco Jug
Charles Catteau vaseCharles Catteau Vase
Frankart figural lamp
Frankart figural lamp
Art Deco Charles Catteau




Belgian Art Deco Vase – Charles Catteau
see more of Charles Catteau here : www.veniceclayartists.com/charles-catteau/