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Public Sculptures – Canberra Australia


 This 7.5m high bronze sculpture, is part of the series ‘I-am’ by Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers

Canberra Airport



 Perception & Reality – Andrew Rogers

Canberra National Airport

750 cm High (25 feet)  3.7 tons



Fern Lady at Canberra AirportAntheaSlade

Perception & Reality – Melbournian artist Andrew Rogers



Upon arrival at the new Canberra airport, you are confronted with the 25 feet tall sculpture “ I Am ” by Andrew Rogers and upon exit, his 25 feet tall sculpture  “ Perception & Reality ” comes into view.  All together 14 sculptures by various artists have been added to the airport and the adjacent Brindabella Business Park. This includes several brilliant pieces by the airports world renown sculptor-in-residence Ante Dabro, who has so far contributed 5 pieces. This is a mere appetizer for the abundance of sculptural art that can be found in Canberra. Despite having a modest population of around 379,000, the Australian capital city of Canberra is a cultural hub due to being the location for the National Art Gallery, the National Museum, the War Memorial and the Federal Parliament.
The architecturally planned national capital has a sculptural garden, which stretches from the Australian National Art Gallery down to the shores of Lake Burly Griffin, filled exclusively with native plants and trees. The construction of the National Gallery commenced in 1973, with the unveiling of a plaque by Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. Planning for the Sculpture Garden began in the 70’s and some of the sculptures that had already been acquired reflected the Mid-Century modernist, abstract, industrial aethestic of that era. Works by Alexander Calder, Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore, and Clement Meadmore were early installations followed into the 80’s with sculptures by Aristide Maillol, Emile Antoine Bourdelle, Gaston Lachaise, Mark di Suvero, Bert Flugelman and Inge King.
In other locations in Canberra more wonderful Mid-Century pieces can be discovered by Robert Cooke, Margel Hinder, Herman Hohuas, Milan Vojsk and a 1961 sculpture by Tom Bass at the Civic Square.  There are many more contemporary sculptures by Australian and International artists being presented. Images of these works can be seen below. A GPS App called ‘Mobile Canberra’ is now available on iphone , Android and other tablet platforms, which shows the locations of the sculptures.

Genesis-tight_cropGenesis-by-Ante-DabroBrindabella-Circuit - Copy

‘Genesis’  –  Ante Dabro

Brindabella Circuit,  Canberra, Australia



Sculpture ‘Seated-Lady’ by Herman-Hohuas

  ‘Seated Lady’ by Herman Hohuas


( Another Chris – flickr )




Outdoor sculpture - ‘Seated-Lady’-by-Herman-Hohuas


‘Seated Lady’ by Herman Hohuas

( Another Chris – flickr )




Aristide Maillol - The Mountain

French sculptor Aristide Maillol – ‘The Mountain’

National Gallery Sculpture Park





Three of the six figures from Rodin-s- Burghers of Calais----Flickr---Photo-Sharing-Beyond07

 Three of the six figures from Auguste Rodin’s Burghers of Calais

'Pierre de Wiessant'-from the burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin---Sculpture Garden National Gallery of Australia,-Canberra

‘Pierre de Wiessant’ from the burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin

Sculpture Garden – National Gallery of Australia, Canberra





Canberra street sculp[ture Cushion by Matthew-Harding

Contemporary street sculpture ‘Cushion’ by Matthew Harding


( artsACT )




Australian sculpture Aquila by Phil Spelman Crowne Plaza Canberra

‘Aquila’  by Australian sculptor Phil Spelman

Aquila in Greek Mythology is the constellation of the eagle, a wide-winged soaring bird which carried the thunderbolts of Zeus.



wind activated kinetic outdoor-Sculpture Dinornis Maximus by Phil Price

 Dinornis Maximus by Phil Price

11 metre tall wind activated kinetic sculpture



Canberra public sculpture Circuitry Fiona Hooton

‘Circuitry’ – Fiona Hooton


( artsACT )





Confucious - Jiaxiang Stone Carving Studio of Shandong

 Canberra sculpture of Confucius

  This stone sculpture was carved in the birth place of Confucius, Qufu, Shandong Province, China

( artsACT )





Owl - Bruce Armstrong

 Owl – Bruce Armstrong

Height 8 metres 

 The owl has a commanding and enigmatic presence when encountered in the wild. The artist has portrayed the owl as a guardian spirit or totem overlooking its domain.

( artsACT )





550_resilience003Ante-Dabro - Copy

Resilience  – Ante Dabro 



Canberra Art - Sculptured Form Margel Hinder

 Sculptured  Form – Margel Hinder


Winner of a competition that invited artists to represent the ‘metamorphosis of a typical natural Australian environment into complex development for urban use’

( artsACT )




Tree of Knowledge Possum - Peter Latona

‘Tree of Knowledge Possum’  – Peter Latona

( artsACT )




2012--National Gallery of Australia La Bobine by Alexander Calder

 La Bobine by Alexander Calder


National Gallery of Australia





006660 - Copy

Ethos statue in Civic Square, London Circuit, Canberra by Tom Bass, 1961

photo – Bill Pederson

Ethos was the first work of art commissioned by the National Capital Development Commission (NCDC) for a public place in Canberra 

 Mid-Century Tom Bass sculpture in Melbourne

  ‘The Children’s Tree’

Another sculpture by Tom Bass in Melbourne




5043811292_7600083d60_z - Copy

 Within Without  ( Skyspace ) – James Turrell ( USA ) – 2010

National Gallery of Australia




ACT-Memorial-in-Civic - Copy

‘ACT Memorial’  – Matthew Harding





Angel of the North-(life-size-maquette)AntonyGormley1996

 ‘Angel of the North’ – (life-size-maquette) by Antony Gormley






AnotherChrisFlickr---Photo-Sharing - Copy

Emile Bourdelle-  Penelope


( Another Chris-Flickr )



 The Big Little Man is a whimsical sculpture that appears both larger and smaller than life at the same time.

Dean Bowen , 2008






 Chalchiuhtlicue’ – Jesus Mayagoitia

 Chalchiuhtlicue is inspired by the pre-Hispanic stone sculpture of the same name, found at the archaeological site of Teotihuacan, Mexico.

( artsACT )





Alexander Bunyip is a character from the popular 1972 children's book, The Monster that Ate Canberra by author and illustrator, Michael Salmon

” A is for Alexander, B is for Bunyip, C is for Canberra ” – Anne Ross

Alexander Bunyip is a character from the popular 1972 children’s book, “The Monster that Ate Canberra”  by author and illustrator, Michael Salmon





Dreaming-550Milan-Vojsk - Copy

 ‘Dreaming’ – Milan Vojsk






Egle-Queen-of-Serpents,-1988-Ieva-Pocius - Copy

 ‘Egle, Queen of Serpents’ –  Ieva Pocius

 This work refers to a Lithuanian folk tale about Egle, a woman who married the king of sea serpents.

 Bicentennial Gift from the Lithuanian Community in Australia

( artsACT )







Sculpture - King George V memorial, Canberra

Sandstone sculpture – King George V memorial, Canberra

( Flickriver  roslyn.russell )






Large totem - Firestorm Bryan Carrick-Mount Taylor Estate community

 Large totem -‘ Firestorm ‘ Bryan Carrick and Mount Taylor Estate community





Foggy wake in a desert--An ecosphere Fujiko Nakaya

 ‘Foggy wake in a desert ‘  — An ecosphere by  Fujiko Nakaya

 The fog is  generated by a fine mist sprayed over the Marsh Pond and surrounding plantings (as water at high pressure is forced through 75 micron diameter holes in nozzles mounted on a series of frames concealed in the landscape)





Part of an installation in Gungahlin called  ‘The Goongarline’  by Malcolm Utley






Hard Rock Ned - Jesse Graham-contemporary sculpture on the Edge 2011

Hard Rock Ned – Jesse Graham

Sculpture on the Edge, 2011





Lady_With_Flowers---Dean-Bowen - Copy

 ‘Lady With Flowers’  – Dean Bowen


( artsACT )





large_Gathering_PlaceWellspring-with-Brian-Carrick - Copy

 ‘Gathering Place’ –  Wellspring with Brian Carrick

The four poles in the centre of the work are aligned with cardinal points: Ngunnawal to the East; Coming Together to the South; Reconciliation to the West and the Future, crowned by a wedge tailed eagle, to the North.

( artsACT )






Martin-MooreHabitat2010 - Copy

 ‘Habitat’ – Martin Moore


( artsACT )





Australian National Museum entrance

 Entrance to the National Museum of Australia




Patria es Humanidad (Our Country is Humanity) 

Nelson Dominguez Cedeño (with the support of local artist Geoff Farquhar-Still)

( artsACT )





Phil-Price Canberra Airport Sculpture

‘The Evolution Tree’ by Phil Price

Canberra Airport





RAMINGININGARTISTS National art gallery

Ramingining artists’ Aboriginal Memorial at the National Gallery of Australia






 ‘Resting Place of the Dragonfly’  – Mary Kayser

( artsACT )






A 2012 addition to the Canberra public artscape, Droplet by Stuart Green

Photo: Rohan Thomson





Canberra art sculpture Susanne by Ante Dabro

Ante Dabro  – ‘Susanne’






 ‘The Astronomer’  Questacon Centre Canberra

 ( Another Chris – flickr )





The Bathers by sculptor Ante Dabro

‘The Bathers’ by sculptor Ante Dabro

Brindabella Business Park





 'Hill Arches' by Henry Moore Cast in 1973 by the Noack Foundry

This bronze sculpture named ‘Hill Arches’ was sculpted in 1973 by Henry Moore and cast in 1973 by the Noack Foundry, Berlin

Canberra National Gallery Sculpture Park





This sculpture-'Mountain' was sculpted by Aristide Maillol in 1937.

 ‘The Mountain’  by Aristide Maillol

‘Mountain’ was sculpted by French Aristide Maillol in 1937. Its the fourth cast of a limited edition. Its the fourth cast of a limited edition of six cast by the Georges Rudier Foundry in Paris in 1973.





Two to Tango MIchael Le Grand

Canberra London Circuit sculpture ‘Two to Tango’- MIchael Le Grand






Thankupi – Eran

National Art Gallery





Contemporary outdoor sculpture - Cones - Bert Flugelman

Canberra contemporary outdoor sculpture – Cones –  Bert Flugelman






 ‘Floating Figure’ – sculpted in 1927 by Gaston Lachaise and cast in 1979 by the Modern Art Foundry, New York






 Thespis  – Robert Cook – ( originally a water fountain )


 Robert Cook, is an American sculptor who has lived in Rome for fifty years,

Canberra Theatre Centre






Auguste Rodin’s – Burghers of Calais


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