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Magnificence of mosaics art




Roman mosaic in the House of Amphitrite

Located at Bulla Regia, an archaeological site in northwestern Tunisia, a former Roman city near modern Jendouba

Richard Mortel-flickr


The ancient art of mosaics stands as a symbol of eternity, due to its adoption by notable architects and artists in many great places of worship and in the adornment of ancient buildings and homes. Monumental murals, facades, floors and ceilings were ideal features for the mosaic medium as it was durable and easily adapted to intricate shapes and designs. Some of the finest examples of mosaic art can be found in the ancient art from the Greco-Roman world. The most popular subject for mosaics was mythological scenes, such as the triumphs of Neptune or Dionysos, which are the most frequently found. The Orpheus myth (with animals) and the muses (Clio, Melpomene, Thalia, Terpsichore, Urania, Euterpe, Calliope, Polyhymnia and Erato), sometimes with the god Apollo, are also often illustrated. Inspiration could also come from daily life, like dancing, hunting, agriculture, fishing, as well as arts and crafts. Amphitheater activities such as gladiator fights and circus games were also a much-appreciated subject for mosaics.The most famous mosaics of the Roman world were created in Africa and in Syria, the two richest provinces of the Roman Empire.


Mosque-decoration-golden-age-of-islam- Arabic mosaic of ancient mosque in Saint Petersburg,

Arabic mosaic of ancient mosque in Saint Petersburg


Mosaics were also widely utilized in Islamic art, the medium being ideal for their use of complex geometric patterns and symbols on their secular buildings and huge Mosque structures. The Byzantine churches also contained many fine examples of this art form.

After the Roman authorities had decriminalised Christianity in the 4th Century, Constantine the Great and his mother Helena and the emerging Christian faith were prepared to build larger and more handsome edifices for worship than the furtive meeting-places (such as cave-churches).  The pagan outdoor architectural designs were replaced by temples for conducting worship indoors which eventually became grand architectural monuments of art featuring numerous depictions of saints and religious scenes.
Good early examples of the architectural basilica and use of mosaics include the Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem (6th century AD) and the church of St Elias at Thessalonica (5th century AD).



Mosaic facade at the Basilica St. Mark, Venice

 The word “mosaic” comes from the Italian word mazaico and the French word mozaique.


The magnificence of Byzantine architecture and mosaic art can be found in the two great basilicas of Ravenna in Italy. The most significant works all date back to between the fifth and sixth centuries after Basileus Justinian “The Great”, who became emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire in 527AD  with his royal headquarters in Constantinople, decided to liberate Italy from the Goths.
Images representing the mighty mosaics in ancient, antique and contemporary art are displayed below.




Stunning mosaics mixed with religious scenes and geometric detail

Santa Maria dell’ Ammiraglio church, dating from the 1140’s, Palermo





Aztec turquoise mosaic mask   The mask is made of cedar wood and covered with turquoise mosaic. The elliptical eyes consist of mother-of-pearl and the teeth are made of conch shell.

FransVandewalle – flickr

Native Latin American cultures developed mosaic art, the oldest pre-Columbian examples appear to date to around 600 BCE. Their mosaics featured precious stones such as tourquoise and coral and precious metals such as gold. and were used to adorn statues, ornament shields and body armor.

Neptune mosaic- Bulla Regia, Tunisia

Roman Mosaic depicting the Triumph of Neptune, Bardo Museum, Tunisia

Bardo National Museum, Tunisia





abstract-mosaic-by-thenatureofmosaic..Gretchen McPherson

 Abstract mosaic wall art – thenatureofmosaic

Gretchen McPherson – flickr



Morning Breezes by Linda Biggers-eggshell mosaic

Morning Breezes by Linda Biggers- eggshell mosaic






3 Naïades Outdoor mosaic mural – Valerie and Dominique Villena (  I-Mosaique )

Interpretation of a painting by Tylek





Flower Power Collection by SICIS bathroom mosaics

Vibrant mosaic floral bathroom decoration – SICIS 






Forest designed by Yulia Hanansen

Great Lakes Ecosystems Mosaic Murals at Matthaei Botanical Gardens





Painting by Vladimir Rasputin

Mosaic like painting by Vladimir Rasputin





Honey McCrary mosaic-Liza

Honey McCrary mosaic – Liza





Amazing-mosaic-tile-floor Malibu’s La Villa Contenta

Malibu’s La Villa Contenta mosaic tiled floor




Ancient Roman mosaic depicting Achiles dragging the body of Hector around the city of Troy

Ancient Roman mosaic depicting Achiles dragging the body of Hector around the city of Troy




mosaic ball Anja Berkers Spiraling In

Spiraling In  – Anja Berkers




Antonella Gallenda-mosaic-art

 Antonella Gallenda- floral mosaic art






Swan Lake Mosaic by Laura and Jack Harris

melonheadgallery on Flickr



Mosaic Mural – Pomona Mall, LA – Millard Sheets, 1962

Photo – Annie Laskey





Beautiful Fragments mosaic--Laura Harris

 Laura Harris  Beautiful Fragments  mosaic




Beci-Whatley's-Paintings---Peacock Feather created using a build up of painted dots, mirrors and-rhinestone gems

Beci Whatley  — Peacock Feather

Created using a build up of painted dots, mirrors and-rhinestone gems





 Mall India

Mosaic art India






 Drake—Casablanca – George Fishman




Carl and Sandra Bryant,-Showcase Mosaics Nightmusic

Nightmusic  – Carl and Sandra Bryant

Glass, semi precious stones, beads and ceramic pieces

Showcase Mosaics





Paeggio Umbro Conceived by Igor Marziali  based on art by Gerardo Dottori







 In Den Besherfden Schuyt-(can be translated as In a barge ) byPerryTak





Custom made Japanese Stork

Japanese Storks – Carl and Sandra Bryant






Dans le Pré, mosaic by Francoise Moulet


Mosaic artist David Chidgey Underwater Dance

 Underwater Dance mosaic by David Chidgey


Overcast - Honey McCrary abstract mosaic

Overcast –  Honey McCrary




Mosaic art - Days of Birds Nikki Whitlock

Days of Birds by mosaicist Nikki Whitlock





 Paleo Christian mosaic – Bardo Museum

Richard Mortel – flickr





 Dolce and Gabbana mosaic inspired outfit





Mosaic Bondi Dreaming – Andy Solo – Flickr





Dragonfly Gazing Ball –

Enchanted Mosaics etsy





Eadweard Muybridge Mosaic--KIngston 2004 Emmamarie-flickr

Eadweard Muybridge Mosaic–Kingston 2004






La playa de ipanema – Roberto Burle Marx





 Jamestown 3–Third panel of three of a stained glass mosaic.- Barbara Benson Keith

Jamestown hospital, North Dakota



La-Treccia-Bionda-by-Evelina Della Vedova- based-on-Giovanni-Boldini-Painting

 La Treccia Bionda by Evelina Della Vedova for the studio Scuola Mosaicisti de Friuli

(based on a Giovanni Boldini Painting)




Grand-Canal mosaic art,-Venice

Venice Grand Canal mosaic art




Lilian Broca mosaic art

Haman Leading Mordechai on Royal Horse from the book The Hidden and the Revealed: The Queen Esther Mosaics of Lilian Broca

Canadian artist Lilian Broca mosaic art





New York mosaic art Lisa Arnold-flickr

New York mosaic art

Lisa Arnold – flickr





Mia Tavonatti Metamorphosis mosaic

 Metamorphosis mosaic by Mia Tavonatti





Michelangelo mosaic StPeters Howard Burton-flickr

 A Michelangelo mosaic at St Peters

Howard Burton-flickr





Mosaic-in the Kärntner Straße 16, shopping street-in the center of Vienna

Vienna mosaic in the shopping street of Kärntner Straße 16







 Frida Kahlo mosaic table top —  Mosaico

” They thought I was a Surrealist, but I never painted dreams, I just painted my own reality.”





Outdoor wall mural 'Naiads 2'-----porcelain I-Mosaique

‘ Naiads 2’ —  Porcelain mosaic outdoor mural—by  I Mosaique





Nancy Keating art bottle

Mosaic art bottle – Nancy Keating





Huge art stories of Jonah,set in floor mosaics of the Basilica of Aquileia

Large floor mosaics of the Basilica of Aquileia – stories of Jonah





Peacocks mosaic wall piece by Ilana Shafir

‘ Peacocks’  mosaic wall art by Ilana Shafir




Polymer clay mosaic--Wind Dancer by eggshelllady, via Flickr

Polymer clay mosaic-Wind Dancer by eggshelllady, via Flickr





Valerie Nardin mosaic

 Valerie Nardin mosaic ovoid vessel




Ragazza Con Scodella-(Girl-With-Bowl),-Felice-Casorati.

Ragazza Con Scodella-(Girl With Bowl),- Original artist – Felice Casorati

  A mosaic made by Maestro Igor Maziali using marble, stone, brick, ecological smalti, Venetian smalti and limestone





School garden Kagran Leherb mosaic-'Blumengoettin flora and Gaertner god Vertumnus'--from-1960

School garden Kagran Leherb mosaic- ‘Blumengoettin flora and Gaertner god Vertumnus’





Showcase Mosaics Mosaic Birdbath--Carl and Sandra Bryant

 Mosaic Birdbath — Carl and Sandra Bryant





Birds piece created for a community garden in Manchester, designed with pupils from Higher Openshaw Community Primary School.





Mosaic Painting Gondolier





Victor-Jorgensen---Missed-Connections2 A women waiting in a cafe/bar

‘Missed Connections 2’ – Victor Jorgensen




The Morello Bakery wall mosaic, Palermo Sicily

The Morello Bakery Art Nouveau wall mosaic mural, Palermo, Sicily




  A mosaic created by African American artist, Louis Delsarte, celebrating the art scene in Harlem New York. It was assembled in Munich, Germany and located at the façade of Citi One Bank on Frederick Douglass Boulevard and 125th street.




Terry Yumbulul, Lloyd Kelemen and Justin Robson floor mosaic



Tiffany Studios, Mosaic Panel. Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos – Tiffany Studios, Mosaic Panel





Topaz Pool by Lori Desormeaux

Topaz Pool – Abstract mosaic by Lori Desormeaux

Pinup Ceramic Collection Gena - SICIS

Gena – SICIS


Mosaic Hippo by thenatureofmosaic.

Marialuisa Tadei “Il Castello di Sole” - The Castle of the Sun - Venice

Marialuisa Tadei   “Il Castello di Sole”   – The Castle of the Sun  – 2013

280 x 490 x 280 cm. Silk, mosaic, wood. 2013 Venice Biennale

Read more about this remarkable mosaic sculpture here at Mosaicartnow




Trompe-l’oeil  – garden fish pond mosaic – Gary Drostle,

Woolwich, UK





‘Fall of The Empire’   Stained Glass on MDF — Nina Glaser




‘The Gardener’ mosaico by Schandra Trabalhos




durango-mixed-media-mosaic-chris emmert

‘Durango’ – Chris Emmert – mixed  media mosaic




wernerio22-lovers-sre-on-the-table-- two classical lovers

‘Lovers’ – mosaic table top

wernerio22 – Flickr




‘Take Off ‘— Nina Glaser

21 x 17 inches