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Clarice Cliff

Bizzare-Ware-Clarice-Cliff-polychrome glazed charger

Bizarre Ware dish – Clarice Cliff



Clarice Cliff pottery collection

Clarice Cliff



Clarice Cliff was recognized as one of the major  Art Deco ceramics designer of the Twentieth Century and possibly the most prolific. Born in 1899, Clarice Cliff started working at the age of 13 as an apprentice enameler. In 1916 she joined A. J. Wilkinson’s Royal Staffordshire Pottery as a lithographer and eventually went on to develop a small studio in Wilkinson’s Newport Pottery, decorating traditional white-ware. Cliff was ambitious and acquired skills in modelling figurines and vases, gilding, keeping pattern books and hand painting ware: outlining, enameling, filling in colours within the outline) and banding (the radial bands on plates or vessels ). Her first original style she named ” Bizzare” and was immediately popular.

Clarice Cliff coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl

By 1929, Cliff’s team of decorators had grown to a team of around 70 young painters, mainly women (called her ‘Bizarre girls’) but also four boys – who hand painted the ware under her direction. Many of these workers were traced in the 1980s and 1990s and they totalled over 100. The Fantasque range evolved between 1928 and 1934 and mainly featured abstracts or landscapes of cottages and trees, and some Art Deco inspired patterns.

Clarice Cliff’s fame and success in the 1930s are hard to fully appreciate now, but at that time there was no such thing as ‘career women’. The publicity she received in the national press was unprecedented. Cliffs wares were exported all over the world and can still turn up in Op shops, garage sales and Bric a Brac shops.

Claire Cliff tea set - cream and pale blue colour - teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, teacups

Art Deco tea set – Clarice Cliff



Clarice Cliff Meiping Vase in red, green, blue and white

Meiping Vase – Clarice Cliff



Bizarre Ware Coral Firs vase Art Deco by Clarice Cliff

Coral Firs vase _ Clarice Cliff

circa 1933



Jazz Age art deco teapot - Clarice Cliff

Jazz Age teapot – Clarice Cliff





Art Deco jug with abstract motif - Clarice Cliff

Clarice Cliff jug



Clarice Cliff Honolulu vase

‘Honolulu’ Vase – Clarice Cliff

circa 1933



Clarice Cliff conical bowl

Conical Bowl – Clarice Cliff



Clarice Cliff vase and coffee pot in art deco style

Art Deco baluster vase and teapot – Clarice Cliff



Clarice Cliff Sunburst Lotus jugSunburst Lotus Jug by Clarice Cliff





Art Deco baluster vase – Clarice Cliff




Clarice-Cliff-windbells-teacup-and-saucerWindbells Cup & Saucer



Clarice Cliff Vase – Sunray

ca. 1929 Burslem UK

V & A Museum



Clarice-Cliff-Picasso-Flower-vase with ribbed neck

‘Picasso Flower’ vase – Clarice Cliff



Living Landscapes of Clarice Cliff 'Fantasque Mountain' plate

Wedgwood – The Bizarre Living Landscapes of Clarice Cliff ‘Fantasque Mountain’ plate



Clarice Cliff cup and saucer with floral decoration

Teacup and saucer – Clarice Cliff

 Clarice Cliff shape 353 vase of footed bell 1928

Original Bizarre Clarice Cliff shape 353 vase of footed bell 1928



Clarice-Cliff-windbells motif dish

Wedgewood Clarice Cliff plate – ‘Windbells’



Huntley Cottage sugar vessel by Clarice Cliff

Moorland Art Deco ” Huntley Cottage ” Sugar Pot – design by Clarice Cliff


Clarice Cliff My Garden vase

Clarice Cliff  ” My Garden ” footed vase



Art Deco conical Sugar Sifter by Clarice Cliff

Clarice Cliff Moorland Limited Edition Sugar Sifter



Large footed conical Art Deco handpainted bowl designed by Clarice Cliff

Large Conical Bowl Clarice Cliff



Orange-capri-sleeve-vase-by-Clarice -Cliff

Clarice Cliff Bizarre Orange Capri Shape Sleeve Vase




Baluster vase Art Deco style -CLARICE-CLIFF1930

Clarice Cliff Art Deco vase






‘Young Clarice Cliff’ figurine





Clarice Cliff vase





‘Orange Autumn’ Bonjour Preserve Pot – Clarice Cliff




Clarice-Cliff-English-pottery Egyptian Revival vase

Clarice Cliff





Bizarre ware ‘Picasso Flower’ pattern Odilon jug – Clarice Cliff






‘Applique Blossom’ 464 shaped vase – Clarice Cliff



‘Bizarre Ware’ Archaic Vase  – Clarice Cliff





Fantasque Sunrise pattern three piece condiment set — Clarice Cliff

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