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Summer of fire upheaval



australian bushfire at Walwa

Australian bushfire at Walwa, East Gippsland, 2020

Twitter: Declan Kuch



Fire storm approaching

Bushfire fury at back gate



Ceramic pidgeon still standing in fire ruins



Eastern grey Kangaroos embracing

Eastern grey Kangaroos embracing


The despair on the joeys face above reflects the depth of the current climate crisis in Australia and possibility of dire consequences in the future. The harrowing imagery now appearing can be distressing and much effort will be required to rebuild from the destruction and ensure future habitats for the plants, birds and fauna. Thoughts of futility are now appearing and should be replaced with affirmative beliefs that positive solutions have prevailed. How stark does it have to be to heed the warnings and admit the current approach is not working. The myopic outlook is quite staggering. British naturalist Sir David Attenborough stated in The Guardian that it was  “palpable nonsense” to suggest that Australia’s bushfire crisis has nothing to do with climate change. “We have been putting things off year after year. We’ve been raising targets, saying ‘oh well, if we do it in the next 20 years ……’ the moment of crisis has come.”

The beautiful native animals of Australia deserve a safe and sustainable future as do the populace. Suzanne Milthorpe, national environment laws campaigner at the Wilderness Society claims Australia is vulnerable to species extinction and the current bushfire crisis has exacerbated that severely. “We need not just to return to pre-bushfire levels but to aim for health and resilience and against further shock. This is an unprecedented catastrophe – the first at this scale – but it won’t be the last.”




 Fire damaged vehicle, Conjola Park,,New South Wales

Fire damaged vehicle, Conjola Park, New South Wales

Experienced firefighters haven’t seen furnace like temperatrues before that could melt engine blocks



Lucky-koala-survivor in bushfire ashes

A Koala survivor in bushfire ashes



Residents taking refuge on the beach, Rosedale, NSW



looking for wildlife in a burnt forest, Australia

Looking for wildlife in a burnt forest, Australia



Koalas climb up to the top of the forest canopy to escape the fire where they become trapped.




This young kamgaroo came out of the scorched bush looking for help  in NSW




Kookaburra and scorched landscape



Aussie-bushfire trucks at daytime

Bushfire in the daytime



Survivng koala at rescue shelter

Survivng koala at rescue shelter



Koala with firey at fire threatened vineyard

A koala comes up to a ‘firey’ looking for water



2020 helicopter water bombing

2020 helicopter water bombing



Kangaroos have the speed to outrun a bushfire with some luck.




Koala survivor  in burnt forest

Kangaroo Island, photo Max Uechtritz



Potter Steve Harrison with razed studio

Potter Steve Harrison with razed studio at Balmoral. He had to crawl inside his recently completed kiln, as the fire roared thru, to insulate himself from the heat and flames.

Full story here



possum-bushfire survivor

Rescued brushtail possum.




Drowned Rainbow Lorikeet washed up on beach. Birds flew out over the ocean trying to escape the smoke, but fell exhausted into the water.



koala-recovering with eucalyptus leaves

Rescued koala feasting on beloved eucalyptus leaves.



Thisrty koala at a bird bath



Forlorn joey in a razed forest

Forlorn joey in a razed forest


Rock Wallaby food drop from air

Rock Wallaby food drop from air


Rock wallaby eating carrot


Relaxing during better times.



Young Koala recovering from bushfire injuries

Recovering koala in bandages and mittens



bushfire melted telephone

Melted public telephone



rescued joey

Orphaned Wallaby with carer Sue. Taken from pouch of mother who had died in the bushfires




Koala resting with cub



Burnt bush at lake Tabourie

Burnt Australian bush at lake Tabourie


Rescued koalas at wildlife shelter

Rescued koalas at wildlife shelter



Fire dance mural at Bermagui Water Tower

Fire dance mural at Bermagui Water Tower



Arthur Boyd — ‘Girl asleep in a stream’



This curious and elusive little creature ironically known as a Great Glider Possum will be even closer to extinction after the fires.



Sugar glider



rescued koala from bushfire in firetruck

Rescued koala in a fire truck



Australian mural at Moura Water Tower



female kangaroo at wildlfie shelter

Rescued Easter Grey female kangaroo



Red Kangaroo vintage ceramic figure

Red Kangaroo ceramic figure – height 12 inches

I acquired this vintage statue last year because it reminded me of a benign encounter I had with a 7ft tall red kangaroo on the beach at Margaret River in WA. Majestic in size and spirit, I had full admiration for its powerful presence when it came up and stood near me while I looking at the Indian Ocean.




Wombat bushfire suvival

Wombats hide in their burrows to survive during a bushfire, which they also share with other animals seeking shelter.



Rescued kangaroo relaxing

Kangaroo in rescue shelter



Mike Barth photo of shiny black cockatoo

Shiny black cockatoo with Daniella Teixeira at Kangaroo Island

Photo – Mike Barth, The Associated Press



Thirsty Aussie icon Koala given water




Rescued joey with baby emus

Rescued joey with baby emus



Dehydrated Koala and dog become mates at a bird bath




Artists stepping forward to support bushfire relief


Grays charity auction for Australian bushfire relief


For direct donations go here


   Koala grateful for water