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Born to whim


Paul-Manship-1938-Day Art Deco Man and horses running with sun

Paul Manship “Day” sculpture *

As they say, whimming isn’t everything. Some you whim, some you lose. For most people, losing is such an undesirable option and whimmers are grinners, because everybody loves a whimmer. At least for a cliche enriched subject, you’re on a whimmer. The extremes of the ambitious are played out in the realm of the contest. Elation if you win, despair if you fail. Nobody remembers a second place whimmer. A quitter never whims and a whimmer never quits. Whim at any cost. Play to whim !
Or you can take the middle ground, the path of the truly whimsical, amused but detached in succeeding, and equally unperturbed and content if success eludes you. Relish the contest, enjoy the journey, That’s how to be first past the whimming post.




The Fountain of Apollo in Versailles – the Marble Version, carved by Cervietti Studio in Pietrasanta, Italy



Storyteller Figure,-100-800-AD, Jalisco, Ameca Valley, Mexico

Ceramic Storyteller Figure

100-800 AD, Jalisco, Ameca Valley, Mexico




Contrebassiste-2-Pauline-Watteau girl figurine playing a red leaf cello

Whimsical ‘Contrebassiste 2’ – Pauline Watteau




Kalabas Art Gallery gourd lamps A.Ali Daher - Vordingborg, Denmark

A.Ali Daher painted gourd lamps – Vordingborg, Denmark

Kalabas Art Gallery




.....Going,-Going,-Gone-by-Hippopottermiss - ceramic pot with surface lizard crawling into hole

“…..Going, Going, Gone”  pottery vase by Hippopottermiss





1920s Japan Satsuma 3 Spill Dancing Frogs Kaeru Good Luck Okimono Objet D Art eBay

 Japan Satsuma – Three Dancing Frogs Kaeru Good Luck Okimono Objet D Art   eBay





Chalkware Cuban dancer statues





Naeem Khan mixed textures by outfitting a metal-studded mannequin in an embroidered leotard, beaded breastplate, and a headdress dripping with chains.

NY mannequin decorated by Naeem Khan






Salvador Dali – Barcelona




cottesloe-beach-Subodh Kerkar The Chilly-2013

‘The Chilly’ — Subodh Kerkar

Cottesloe beach – 2013




Two turquoise and gold Chinese figurines FLORIDA MODERN 33405-etsy



Turquoise and gold Chinese figurines.

Florida Modern, Etsy




Japanese Noritake Chinaman Inkwell





Todji-Kurtzman Culucy sculpture - dancing bronze-lady

‘Calucy’ – Todji Kurtzman

Bronze, 22 x 10 x 24 inches




‘Chain Reaction’ & ‘Loop’ by English glass artist Diana East




Found-on-atwestend-com Whale watering can-ceramic

Pottery whale watering can




flippinyourfins-tumblr garden mermaid fountain

Mermaids fountain






frogpile-Pauline-Do - Three orange frogs together

‘Frogpile’ – Pauline Do




George-Lafayette Sailing sculpture naked lady balanced on a small boat

‘Sailing’ – George Lafayette





Greater Paris,  Bassin de l’Automne, Bacchus et faune endormi, Versailles





‘Morphology 1’  by James Kemp – Cone 6 Ceramic sculpture

25 x 17 x 19,  2013




Handmade ceramic coffee cup by Michelle Summers-Imaginative Bloom

‘Imaginative Bloom’ by Michelle Summers- Handmade ceramic coffee cup




Henry Dupere creates hanging-metal-bat-by-Gigapus-on-Flickr

 Imaginative welded sheet-metal sculpture Hanging Bat by Henry Dupere




Harris Deller abstract teapot with yellow, white and brown glaze

Harris Deller abstract teapot




Heinryk Hetflaisz-homo-faber-2013-formatore1

Mold making studio –  Pietrasanta, Tuscany

Photo Heinryk Hetflaisz





“Eye Of nautilus”  – Hilary Simms



Johnson-Tsang porcelain sculpture

Johnson Tsang porcelain sculpture




Large Italian vase from Albisola



Large-Sconce-Vince Sansone

Vince Sansone




Linda Hoffhines pitcher

Linda Hoffhines, USA




liveart.shop-pro Fist handled mugs Japan

Fist handle mugs – liveart store, Japan




Liz-Quackenbush plate Terracotta, majolica, lustres, glass enamel, cone 04

Lunch Plate – Liz Quackenbush

Terracotta, majolica, lustres, glass enamel, cone 04




Mats Gustafson,-Stockholm polar bear vase

Polar bear vase – Mats Gustafson, Stockholm




Melanie Ferguson - On The Lookout-2---Crow Series

Melanie Ferguson – ‘On The Lookout 2′ —Crow Series




Pam Summers-Ribbon Bowl abstract pattern plate in red, mustard, black, green and white

Pam Summers   ‘Ribbon Bowl’




rare-ROBJ-tea-set-comprised-of-teapot,-milk-jug,-sugar bowl-and-2-mugs

Robj tea set with Fez wearing Turks, France



Robert-Aitken-in-his-studio-with-monumental female sculpture

Sculptor Robert Aitken

photo by Peter A. Juley & Son




Sharon-Stelter ceramic ram figurine

‘Ram’ – Sharon Stelter



Basilica of Santa Croce - Florence,, Italy

Basilica of Santa Croce – Florence,





Squat, bulbous vase with carp – Sally Tuffin





1939 World’s Fair salt and pepper shakers and holder

Atomic Dimestore – etsy




White-ceramic cactus cookie jar

 Cactus cookie jar




Zsolnay,-Ungarn,-1950-Janos Török

Standing Cello Player, Janos Török design for Zsolnay, Ungarn





‘Crossing’ – Sarah Swink




Jacques POUCHAIN ​​(born 1925) – Pitcher anthropomorphic ‘Bird Woman’



Mosaic-bench-at-the-Stables-Market,-Camden-Town sculpture titled 'Scarlet (Colourful female Contemporary Seat/Bench abstract sculptures)' by artist Francony Kowalski

A sculpture titled ‘Scarlet’ (Colourful Mosaic Contemporary Abstract Seat/Bench) by artist Francony Kowalski

* ( minus the caption)