Art sculptures, doll figurines – Lex Sorrentino

Polymer Clay,  Paverpol, Makin’s Clay and some  Bronze

Australian Lex Sorrentino began sculpting Original One-of-a Kind Dolls in 1996. After 12 months of sculpting the human form in Earthenware clay she changed over to Polymer Clay and has never looked back. Lex is self taught and has experimented with Polymer and Paper Clay in numerous ways. She has also been teaching sculpting in Polymer & Air-Drying Clay for approximately 17 years and holds regular classes in Sculpting, Polymer Canes for bead making PLUS Paverpol Garden Sculpture classes. ” I feel so blessed and grateful to teach and be able to inspire and contribute to someone’s life. “ ~ Lex Sorrentino

Art Deco Makins Clay Wallhanging

Art Deco Wallhanging

( Makins Clay )

wall sculpture-007.

Wall sculpture 007

( Makins Clay and leather )


The Crystal Keeper figurine

The Crystal Keeper

Lex Sorrentino

AFRICAN LADY (with sculpted face & hands)

AFRICAN LADY ( sculpted face & hands)

Tea-pot  Lee Sorrentino

Teapot   – Lee Sorrentino

Art Deco Sculpture-1.

Art Deco Sculpture-1.

The Art Deco Series are Sculpted, then draped with fabric dipped in Makins  Clay.

Wailing Banshee Sculpture

Wailing Banshee Sculpture  – Lex Sorrentino

(  In Irish legend, a banshee is a fairy woman who begins to wail if someone is about to die. )

Bronze wallhanging Lex Sorrentino

Bronze wallhanging – Lex Sorrentino

Coffee pot

Coffee pot – Lex Sorrentino

2 Africans

2 Africans



Dancer sculptures

Lex’s Dancers sculpture – Paverpol &  Air Dry Clay


Teapot – Lex Sorrentino

Dragon Keeper Scultpture

Dragon Keeper Sculpture

Lex Sorrentino

Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon


Beaded Fish  – Apoxie Sculpt, Metal scales & various beads.

Lex Sorrentino


Nomad Queen –  Lex Sorrentino

( Sculpted using Apoxie Sculpt with a  Paverpol Body )

Art Deco 5

Art Deco 5 – Lex Sorrentino


Beaded Lady –  Lex Sorrentino

Apoxie Sculpt & beads.  (  Beading Inspired by Marilyn Radzat )

Griffin & liquid-makins

Griffin & liquid Makins

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies – Lex Sorrentino      


Karens sculpture

Karens sculpture

Magenta sculpture

Karen’s Magenta Sculpture


Lex Sorrentino  2007

Apoxie & Paverpol Mirror

Apoxie & Paverpol Mirror

Face cane bowl-3

Face cane bowl-3

Natalie's Dragon

Natalie’s Dragon


Lex Sorrentino

Goddess sculpture

Goddess sculpture – Lex Sorrentino

Other Australian & NZ sculptural artists :


Fairy house created by Janice Laurent.


T Shirt to Garden Statue  – Christa Light

Leone Filo Blue Lady

Leone Filo – Blue Lady

( )

Chela O'Sullivan Paverol sculpture.

Chela O’Sullivan – Paverol sculpture.

Pink roses - Leone Filo

Pink roses – Leone Filo

Mermaid  Lynette Fairbrother

Mermaid   – Lynette Fairbrother

( )

Dwight Saunders Sculpture

Dwight Saunders Sculpture

3 Pink ladies

3 Pink Ladies

( )

Egypt cat Merilyn Thomas

Egypt Cat – Merilyn Thomas

2012 dwight paverpol opera Dwight Saunders

  Paverpol opera  – Dwight Saunders



Lex Sorrentino workshop


Lex Sorrentino

Contemporary Art Retreat

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Lex’s website



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