Alberto Masetti Collection



Cache pot with sea horses – Galileo Chini

C.1906-10 (design-phase) 1920 (realisation)


Italian 20th century ceramic collection


Alberto Masetti, who comes from Bologna in Italy, has a large private collection of over 100 pieces of contemporary ceramic art by renown Italian artists, mainly from the 20th century. He also collects Murano glass vases, ranging from Venini’s to Barovier’s, and wrist watches from the 60‘s. His wide heritage of experiences, commitment to aesthetics, knowledge of artworks and their history has combined into a desire to share this beauty through itinerant exhibitions.
Coming from a family of art lovers, he was surrounded by art as a child and his passion and appreciation for art objects developed from an early age. The creativity, innovation and genius of Italian art in the 20th century held the most captivation for Masetti, hence the collection. It includes pieces that reflect the development of modern ceramics as a sculptural medium, with vases that stand alone as decorative objects without any utilitarian application.
The collection embraces a diverse representation of different artists ranging from Galileo Chini, the initiator and great protagonist of the Italian ceramic movement of the 1900’s, to Riccardo Gatti, who experimented with numerous lustres and materials to modernist innovators like Guido Gambone, Marcello Fantoni and Antonia Campi. Each work in this collection has its own particular historical background and perfectly represents the evolution of majolica in Italy, with representatives, such as Giò Ponti, Fausto Melotti, and more sculptural artists like Bianchini, Matteucci, the visionary Onestini, Sassi, and other specific ceramicists like Gatti, Tramonti and Carlo Zauli.
Masetti’s collection is dedicated to the beautiful art of Italian pottery between 1900 and 1990, realized by 27 famous Italian artists and ceramicists. The exhibition offers a major selection of art objects which, in the interwar and postwar periods, defined the artistic panorama where many artists became confident with the materiality of clay and used it as a mean of expression to overcome the limits of the academic categories of arts, crafts and design.



Carlo-Zauli,-Baluster Vase-with-depiction-of-warriors,-1952-Height-35cm

Baluster Vase with depiction of warriors – Carlo Zauli

1952- Height 35cm




Ceramiche-Minghetti,-freeform Vase-with-decoration-in-relief,-Middle-of-the-1950s-H47.5cm

Ceramiche Minghetti – freeform vase with relief decoration

Middle of the 1950’s  – Height 47.5cm




Marcello Fantoni, Vase with female figures in relief, Early 1950s baluster shape

Marcello Fantoni, Vase with female figures in relief

Early 1950s



Domenico Matteucci, Vase with abstract decoration, FAENZA, c. 1962-63

Vase with abstract decoration – Domenico Matteucci

FAENZA, c. 1962-63





Fausto Melotti, SHELL Polychromatic Enamelled Ceramic Shell

MILAN, 1960s




Domenico Matteucci, Yellow Vase withgreen female figure, c. 1962-63

 Yellow Vase with green  female figure motif – Domenico Matteucci

c. 1962-63



Giacomo-Onestini,-Spaceship sculpture -1972-H50cm

‘Spaceship’ sculpture – Giacomo-Onestini

 1972 – Height 50cm




Giò Ponti Milano, Vase with unicorns, multi-colour earthenware, 1930

Vase with unicorns, multi-colour earthenware,designed by Giò Ponti, produced by  Richard Ginori

Milano,  1930



Guerrino Tramonti, Green ceramic pouring vessel with female face motif in black, Early 1950s

 Green ceramic pouring vessel with female face – Guerrino Tramonti

Early 1950s




Guerrino Tramonti, Vase with cat, fish, pear and sun

First half of the 1950s




Alberto-Masseti at exhibition

Alberto Masetti, Bologna





Guerrino Tramonti, Modernist vase with sun-moon graphic

Early 1950s





Guido Gambone, Vase in the shape of a flask

End of the 1950s





 Abstract Mask in polychromatic maiolica, Marcello Fantoni,






Guido Gambone, Vase with fascia decoration

End of the 1950s. Height 47.5cm




Pietro-Melandri,-orange Vase-with- black gazelles,-First-half-of-the-1930s-Lustre-Majolica-H29cm

Lustre Majolica Vase with gazelles – Pietro Melandri

First half of the 1930’s –  Height 29.5cm





Bird vase in a zoomorphic form, with a triangular base – Riccardo Gatti

Faenza, Italy – 1950’s





Vase with abstract decorations – Riccardo Gatti

End of 1960s



Richard-Ginori-Giò-Ponti,-White Vase-with-gilded-handles,-1930s-H33cm

 Vase with gilded handles – Richard Ginori and Giò Ponti

1930s Height 33cm





Vase decorated with ears of wheat – Guido Gambone

Mid 1950s




 Perugia decoration ‘Umbrian landscape’ – Rometti Manufacture, Umbertide




Leonardi-Leoncillo,---Abstract Sculpture-in-enamelled-terracotta-with-polychromatic-glazing,-From-1953

Sculpture in enamelled terracotta with polychromatic glazing – Leonardi Leoncillo

From 1953




Spherical vase with geometrical decorations – Ivos Pacetti

AAlbisola, Italy, 1923-1924





Footed vase with decoration in relief,  moulded maiolica – Carlo Zauli,

1955 –  Height 47.5cm





Lenci Ceramiche  vase –  ‘the storm’

Torino,  1931  – Height 25.5cm



Arturo-Martini,-White sculpture-in-stoneware-“La-Pietà”,-From-1941-30

Arturo Martini sculpture in stoneware “La Pietà”

From 1941- height 30.5cm




Pale green glazed vessel - Guerrino-Tramonti,--1966

Guerrino Tramonti –1966





Agenore Fabbri, Ceramic Vase with perforated body decorated with geometrical motifs





CARLO-Zauli,-Red vase-with-abstract-decoration,-1955

CARLO Zauli, Vase with abstract decoration, 1955




02_Campi_1950 Antonia-Campi,-Vase,-S.C.I

Antonia Campi Vase





Marcello Fantoni, Warrior Figurative Polychromatic Maiolica Vase, c. 1956

Warrior figurative motif maiolica vase  Marcello Fantoni,

c. 1956

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More Italian 20th century modern ceramics


Galileo-Chini---vase with geometric eagles decoration c1903-1910

Vase with geometric eagles decoration – Galileo Chini

circa 1903-1910





Guido Gambone Italian modernist geometric ceramic lamp base

circa 1960




Giorgio Zennaro, 1979

Rago Auctions




‘Taureau’ – Guido Gambone

ca 1950




ITALIAN-MODERNIST-VASE.It-is-handbuilt with "chamotte" finish - Aldo Londi

Chamotte textured vase with abstract horse motif – Aldo Londi ?





Pair Of Clear Glass Obelisks – Paolo Venini

Rago Auctions




Fausto-Melotti-Vaso-Ceramica--modern contemporary ceramic

Fausto Melotti






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