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Danish pottery ceramic tradition


Hans og Birgitte Börjeson Fulby

Denmark has a rich tradition of producing fine ceramics and original pottery dating back  several hundred years . The Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory was established in 1775 under the active patronage of the Danish Royal Court. Several of the first dinnerware patterns produced by the factory are still crafted and painted by hand, more than two centuries later. Tradition, craftmanship and innovation have been united in a blend of old and new to make Royal Copenhagen one of the world’s most successful producers of fine dinnerware and collectable art. Their Blue Fluted patterns are the epitome of fine porcelain and it has been given this name because the surface is fluted like a mussel shell. Since its introduction, the Blue Fluted pattern has been painted freehand by specially trained painters at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory. It takes over 1000  brush strokes to paint one Blue Fluted plate. Flora Danica is another famous line  under this brand.

The island of Bornholm in Denmark, to this day is still a mecca for artists using all the artistic mediums. Søholm, the oldest ceramic factory on Bornholm  was founded by Herman Sonne Wolffsen and Edvard Christian Sonne in 1835.  Søholm stoneware design has become a big collector’s item for retro devotees. The factory closed in 1996. Much of the pottery of Denmark matches the modernistic flare of the furniture they are so well known for.  Sleek lines, innovative use of materials, and streamlined design are typical of  the wares created and reflect the Danish Modern style popularized in the 50s and 60s. Some other famous Danish design studios for pottery and creramics are Saxbo, Hjorth, Bing & Grondal, Nymolle and Palshus.

Hjorth, blue vase, stoneware ( Artpottery Flickr )


Per Rehfeldt Vase

Per Rehfeldt Stoneware Pot

Per Rehfeldt Stoneware Pot

Lidded jar, Bing & Gröndahl

Vintage Danish Soholm Stoneware

Vintage Danish Soholm Stoneware ( Per Rehfeldt )

Per Rehfeldt

Peter Duzanna Hansen porcelain vase

Per Rehfeldt

Saxbo Gunnar Nylund ceramic cup

Saxbo- Gunnar Nylund

Royal Copenhagen Vase  Royal Copenhagen Vase

Danish Dybdabhi Platter

Dybdahi Platter ( RetroPottery.net )

Bangholm Keramik Bowl and Plate

Bangholm keramik Bowl and Plate

Bing and Gronahl Vase

Bing and Grondahl Vase

Royal Copenhagen Fajance Bottle - 1973 - Ivan Weiss

Royal Copenhagen Fajance Bottle – 1973 – Ivan Weiss ( RetroPottery.net )

Jörgen Mogensen Vase

Maria Philipi soholm ceramic

Maria Philipi Soholm

Lene Regius, porcelain

Strandstraede Lidded Jar

Ursula Printz Mogensen

Bode Willumsen Royal Copenhagen.jpg

Bode Willumsen Royal Copenhagen

Holm Sorensen Vase ( Soholm )

Holm Sorensen Vase ( Soholm )