The magic of Moorcroft

Moorcroft poppy series

I have always loved Moorcroft designs, they are very distinctive and usually charactarized  by an Art Nouveau influence , especially their hand decorated Florian Ware. William Moorcroft’s first production was in 1897 when he was working for James McIntyre  The flambe, high temperature glazing techniques he pioneered with his father produced rich, deep and vibrant colours.In 1905 he established his own business and production flourished.

Moorcroft ware is aimed at the luxury end of the collector and gift markets, and are regarded  as a worthy acquisition. They have a high secondary market value. In the sphere of collecting they always perform solidly and some pieces have appreciated in value by 50% in 6 years. The fact that they are hand crafted and possess distinct  individuality maintains their ongoing appeal.

The Victoria & Albert museum has joined many other national museums in holding significant pieces of Moorcroft pottery in their permanent collections.

Maureen & Hugh Edwards currently have had  sole ownership of Moorcroft since 1993 and they support the strong design ethic of  this unique company.

Over the past nine years Moorcroft’s international profile has grown enormously, both in quality and in perceived value.

Auctioneers Christies hold a dedicated Moorcroft sale each year.

 Moorcroft Anna Lily Vase

.Moorcroft pomegranate vaseMoorcroft  “Pomegranate”


Hibiscus Cobalt Vase

QueensChoiceSpecial Queen’s Choice Special. Designed by Emma Bossons


  Moorcroft Mayfly vase
Moorcroft  Mayfly vase
Handpaint Moorcroft "Tiger Lily" plate Hand painted Moorcroft “Tiger Lily ” vase

Moorcroft Moonlight Blue vaseMoorcroft Moonlight Blue Vase

Moorcroft Hand Painted Clematis tube lined plate

Green Glaze Mushrooms

Flambe Fresia  12.5 inches tall

Designed by Beverly Wilkes


Beverley Wilkes design ( Denhams )



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