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Eternal Spring




‘Two girls among flowers’ – Odilon Redon




Barbara Dunshee---a-contrast-of-movement-and-structure

Barbara Dunshee jar with curly handled lid



Elusive spring :


Spring has been a little bit erratic and evasive of late, hijacked by both Winter and Summer. Just thought I would add some art to fill in the lapses.



Birds ‘n’ Spring

The poem below is by the comedian Spike Milligan, who was prone to recite it at odd moments and for no particular reason.


Spring is Sprung

Spring is sprung, the grass is ris.
I wonders where the birdies is.
They say the birds is on the wing.
Ain’t that absurd?
I always thought the wing was on the bird.

The late Spike Milligan moved from the England to an Eastern coastal town in Australia called Woy Woy, which I thought was appropriate because he was known to look at the sky and exclaim Why Why?  The Aboriginal meaning for Woy Woy is ‘deep water’. “But which Woy means deep and which Woy means water ?”, was a question Spike liked to ask.



Spring (Again)
Michael Ryan

The birds were louder this morning,
raucous, oblivious, tweeting their teensy bird-brains out.
It scared me, until I remembered it’s Spring.
How do they know it? A stupid question.
Thank you, birdies. I had forgotten how promise feels.



spring is poppin’
bunnies are hoppin,
birdies are chirpy
felines are flirty
frogs are burpy
squirrels are gnawin
the ice is thawin’
magnolia hues intoxicating
jasmine scents un-abating
smiling muscles they’re hurtin’
coz that sunshine keeps burstin’



“Come you lost Atoms to your Centre draw,
And be the Eternal Mirror that you saw:
Rays that have wander’d into Darkness wide
Return and back into your Sun subside”

The Conference of the Birds, Sufi Poems of Farid ud-Din Attar


Surreal buds flourish atop sturdy stoneware, blooming in brilliant hues - Amazon Dreams Pitcher - anthropologie

Amazon Dreams Pitcher – Carmen de Viboral, Colombia





Michael Leunig




‘Vase With Snails’ by Greg Payce





wall-pocket-vessel-by-Cathy Kiffney

Cathy Kiffney  – ceramic wall pocket




 totem sculpture by mudgoddess, etsy

Ceramic Totem – ‘The Cardinal’ – Mudgoddess, etsy




Ardmore floral decorated ceramic lidded jar

Lidded vessel with floral decoration – Ardmore




Ana Tzarev - Flower Power crimson sculpture flower

Ana Tzarev – ‘Flower Power’

75-year-old Ana Tzarev is installing a collection of sculptures of brightly coloured 15ft flowers in  seven different countries around the world. Croatian-born Tzarev claims the flowers, which when taken as a whole will become the world’s largest sculpture, and will be placed in areas where millions of people will be able to see them as they go about their daily lives.




Andrea-Gill abstract styled vase

Andrea Gill vase





‘Andromeda’ — Odilon Redon, c. 1912





Art-Deco-Vase-by-Sabino-14inches with dancing relief figures- PAUL STAMATI GALLERY

Art Deco Vase by Sabino- height 14 inches





Astrid-Riedel ceramic sculpture vessel

Astrid Riedel





‘Starlight Starbright’ painting –  Edward Maracek





Carnival Paper (paper sculptures) by Carlos Meira





‘Yellowstone Horizon 1’ , copper, enamel, silver by Harlan W Butt




Rare-vase,-signed-Loetz-Austria - gold and turquoise

Loetz vase, Austria




Carol-Gouthro ceramic pod

Carol Gouthro





Charles Catteau floral vase





French Art Deco Signed Figural Dancing Ladies Lamp with Original Flame Shade

circa 1920-1939

Mars Palm Beach, FL




Wings-of-Joy---Ginger Gilmore

‘Wings Of Joy’ – Ginger Gilmore



Edouard-Cazaux,-La-Varenne-Saint-Hilaire-50,s - large bird motif

Edouard Cazaux, La Varenne Saint Hilaire




Cypress-Cutout-Pedestal-Vase---Bonnie-Belt in green and gold

Cypress Cutout Pedestal Vase – Bonnie Belt




Boch Frères Kéramis ceramic vase by Charles Catteau




‘Spotted Venus’ – Denise Romecki




Mermaid mosaic frieze — Walter Crane

Based on designs from the palace at La Zisa in Palermo, Italy.

Leighton House, Kensington




Crystal glass vase – Eugene-Rousseau and Leveillé Ernest




Janet De Boos vase with blue birds

Janet De Boos vase




Nature vase – earthenware with glazes and enamels – Jenny Orchard

55 x 24 x 24cm

Beaver Galleries



‘Baby and Mum’ – Jenny orchard




Dragon Wall_Clock,_c._1880,_probably_made_by_Escalier_de_Cristal,_Paris,_bronze_and_enamel_-_Art_Institute_of_Chicago

Dragon Wall Clock probably made by Escalier de Cristal, Paris, bronze and enamel

Art Institute of Chicago, c. 1880




Irina-Kotova - red haired girl on a swing

Irina Kotova



Art Nouveau vase – Emile Galle

Chrysler Museum, Norfolk (photo by JE Berger)




Kasia-Polkowska-Spring In The Mountains

 ‘Spring In The Mountains’ – Kasia Polkowska




Nguyen Tuan Khanh- Eva eternal spring Painting of a nude female on a lotus lake

Nguyen Tuan Khanh-  ‘Eva Eternal Spring’


Laurie-Shaman dragonfly and fish vase

Laurie Shaman




Lorenzo Quinn




magic_hand glass--mosaic-Swan-Mosaics

‘Magic Hand’  mosaic vase – Swan- Mosaics





Jack Earl



Marissa-Motto-Ceramic garden totem

Marissa Motto





Mata Ortiz hand coiled sgraffito ola




English Moorcroft-Pottery-Willowherb vase - pink flower motif

Willowherb – Moorcroft Pottery vase




Niki de Saint Phalle - Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles-france-amerique-com

Niki de Saint Phalle sculpture – Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles



paper-doll-sculpture - lady wearing an apple tree patterned own ----KATYA

Katya paper mache doll



Peter Voulkos abstract ceramic sculpture

Peter Voulkos




White Heron bowl – Bonnie Belt


Erte Heat sculpture lady in a red gown relaxing on a tree

‘Heat’ – Erte





Nesting Great Egrets by Guy Schmickle on Flickr






Gourd Carving Art by Marilyn Sunderland






English Bristolware ceramic shoes, 1768

Bata Shoe Museum – Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Daderot – Wiki Commons




Lona Hymas-Smith

Horizon Fine Art Gallery




Nancy-Keating ceramic mosaic bottle

Mosaic bottle – Nancy Keating




zdravkoni---etsy---metalwork sculpture of a dragonfly

Dragonfly – zdravkoni—etsy





Figural compote – Royal Dux





‘Sweet Dream Vaso’ – Roberto Giannotti




William de Morgan vase, Fulham, England

circa 1888-1898




Vipoo Srivilasa – ‘For the Future’




Wedgwood-lustre-tall-vase V&A

Tall lustre vase – Wedgwood




Cherry-Blossom-Dragon-eggshelllady - Linda Biggers Mixed media mosaic, eggshell, seed beads and polymer clay.10" daimeter

‘Cherry Blossom Dragon’  – Linda Biggers Mixed media mosaic, eggshell, seed beads and polymer clay.

10″ daimeter




Fons Bemelman





‘Spring’ – William P. Welsh





French Art Nouveau glass vase  – Emile Galle





Gumtree in pink bloom




‘Garden’ – C Duncan




‘Bring Me Joy’ – The Layabouts – Portia Monique