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Les Journées de la Céramique – Paris


Les Journées de la Céramique - Paris ceramic exhibition

Les Journées de la Céramique – Paris



Les Journées de la Céramique  – ‘the ceramics days’ – 20th anniversary


In 1995, a group of ceramicists and experts founded the Paris-Potier Association with the intention of creating an important ceramic event in Paris in an easily accessible place, to become a showcase for ceramics. The aim was to manifest a friendly outdoor program to present ceramic sculpture in the same light as day-to-day utility objects. The Paris-Potier team has continued as an association consisting of a dozen professional ceramists, who every year invite ceramic exhibitors to present a coherent, lively and renewed pottery gathering for the Parisian public.




Les Journées de la Céramique - Paris - A girl holding a ceramic sculpture

Les Journées de la Céramique – Paris



Annual ceramique market in Paris





Les Journées de la Céramique - Paris 2016

Les Journées de la Céramique – Paris



Some of the ceramic artists participating in the show.



Ceramic sculpture – Brigitte Long

‘I like to give substance to matter-earth; It is my favorite support. I lead her, she carries me away; It is a game or a melee with matter, with fire. Model, transform, assemble, deform, paint, engrave, inhabit a space, open it and make it vibrate. Inspired by nature, the mineral and conscious of this reality so fragile and complex, I seek simplicity and the essential in the forms and the materials.’



Agnès-Coupey-glazed ceramic-table

Agnès Coupey – glazed ceramic table with steel legs




Ainsley Muraour




Alain Gaudebert French ceramicist



Anne Krog functional pottery



Rachel-Wood pottery bowl

Rachel Wood footed bowl

‘ I am inspired by the world around me…the colours, shapes and the textures of the landscape.’
‘ I want each pot to convey its own spirit and character…to have a pulse and a heartbeat. I want the marks to reflect the journey of exploration and learning in each pot, just as a wrinkle or dimple depicts expression and character in a human face.’



Armel-Hédé-contemporary-ceramics - pastel glaze vessel

Armel Hédé jar with incised surface




Armel Hédé — raku ovoid vessel



Armel Hédé at his studio

Armel Hédé



Armel-Hédé-lidded-jar earth tones

Armel Hédé lidded jar





Fabienne Auzolle – ceramic figure sculptures




Beatriz-Trepat-ceramic-bottles orange and brown

Beatriz Trepat ceramic bottles



Belhaj-Myriam-potière-platter with fish motif

Belhaj Myriam potière platter



Belhaj-Myriam-potière plate

Belhaj Myriam ceramic decor plate



Benedicte-Vallet-cream color ceramic-sculpture

Benedicte Vallet



bertholon-stephanie-light blue-vases reptile patterns

 Stephanie Bertholon – light blue porcelain vases, reptile skin patterns




Corinne Betton--ceramic-bowls

Corinne Betton–ceramic-bowls




Betton-Corinne-French ceramicist

Corinne Betton



'Big-Tree-Cloud' ceramic sculpture -Marianne Abergel

‘Big Tree Cloud’ ceramic sculpture – Marianne Abergel



bleue-carte-vessel-Philippe Buraud

Philippe Buraud  —  Terra sigillata bleue carte


Terra sigillata: the technique
Clays found in the nature are thoroughly mixed in a large quantity of rain water. Addition of sodium silicate favors the dispersion and decantation of heavy clay particles. After a long time of decantation (up to a month), only the upper very liquid part, which contains the finest clay particles, is kept. This liquid is used in successive thin layers to cover the dry raw clay body and polished in between each layer:  a technique very similar to Japanese lacquer. The remarkable shine of the finished piece is due to the alignment of the fine clay particles which reflect the light. The piece is then bisqued and smoked fired with wood. Depending on the nature of both the clay body and the terra sigillata, tensions may appear and will be revealed by the smoke firing process. Warm and transparent colors range from white to black through all the color palette of natural ochre.


Françoise-Nugier ceramic lidded jar

Françoise Nugier ceramic lidded jar




Jean François Bourlard



Jean-François-Bourlard ceramic sculpture vessel

Jean François Bourlard ceramic sculpture vessel



Bouteilles-et-bol-Stéphanie Gamby

Bouteilles et bol – Stéphanie Gamby



Brigitte-Labb,-ceramic poly-chrome sculpture

Brigitte Labb, sculpture




Brigitte Penicaud



Britta-Mikasch-ceramic-jugs in black and white

Britta Mikasch ceramic jugs




Britta Mikasch-ceramic vase and bottles



bustier-pascal-jaouenPascal Jaouen, an embroiderer, for whom the earthenware company created in 2008 a faience bustier for his 2008 collection presented at the Festival de Cornouaille

Faience bustier by Pascal Jaouen, made by  the earthenware company Henriot, created in 2008 for the Festival de Cornouaille




Françoise Nugier cache pots




Cardona-Jacqueline-André rooster platter

Cardona Jacqueline André – three roosters motif platter




Christian-Bourceau tea bowl

Christian Bourceau tea bowl



ceramicist-Alex-Standen three cups

Alex Standen three cups




Ceramic vase by Job Heykamp

Ceramic vase by Job Heykamp



Dutch ceramicist Job Heykamp




Ceramist-Jane-Reumert sculpture vessel

Danish ceramist Jane Reumert



Christine-Fabre-crimson ceramic-sculpture

Christine Fabre




Christina Guwang ceramic cup




Christine Fabre



cirque-5---Marianne Abergel ceramique

‘Cirque 5’  — Marianne Abergel



coupe-bleue-2-Marianne Abergel French ceramics

Coupe Bleue 2 – Marianne Abergel



cruche_2-Beatriz-Trepat cerazmic jug

Beatriz Trepat ceramic jug



Delphine Dardare-ceramic-vessels

Delphine Dardare



Richard Dewar--ceramic-sculptures

Richard Dewar — ceramic sculptures



Dominique-Bajard-ceramic sculpture France

Dominique Bajard sculpture



Dupuy-Thierry pottery vase

Thierry Dupuy



Elvira-Keller-Altri-Mondi ceramic sculpture

Elvira Keller — Altri Mondi




Fanny Acquart Gensollen ceramic jewelry



Françoise-Chaussy-ceramic art vases

Françoise Chaussy ceramic art vases




Francoise Dufayard



Françoise-Nugier-ceramic-vase abstract glaze decoration

Françoise Nugier ceramic vase



Les Journées de la Céramique - Paris - head sculptures

Les Journées de la Céramique – Paris



Gaëlle Guingant-Convert ceramique sculptures

Gaëlle Guingant-Convert ceramique sculptures




Gaudebert-Alain--ceramic polychrome vase

Alain Gaudebert — ceramic sculpture vase



Guy-Honoré--contemporary sculpture

Guy Honoré — contemporary sculpture



Gaëlle-Guingant-Convert ceramic -ribbed-sculpture

Gaëlle Guingant-Convert



Héloïse-Bariol-ceramic art -plate

Bariol Héloïse




Hélène Loussier porcelain figurine





Hemery Gwenael – abstract ceramic vase



Heloise-Bariol-ceramic dish greens and peach colors

Heloise Bariol ceramic dish



ceramics on display-Myriam-Belhaj

Myriam Belhaj




Jean Francois Thierion




Jean Francois Thierion with paint gun



Jérôme-Galvin-ceramic-vase with fixes and birds

Jérôme Galvin – ceramic vase



Jérôme Galvin



Joly-Didier-pottery-free form vase

Didier Joly – free form ceramic vase




Kaori Kurihara ceramic sculpture



Michel Lanos abstract-ceramics

Michel Lanos ceramic abstractions



Large conical bowl---Rachel-Wood-Gallery

Large conical bowl — Rachel Wood




Pierre Dutertre and Stephanie Gamby



lLaure Giraudaud-biomorphic-sculptures

Laure Giraudaud biomorphic sculptures




Laurent Dufour




Les Journées de la Céramique workshop



Louise Gardelle-pottery-jug naked lady motif

Louise Gardelle ceramic jug with naked lady motif




Marc Michel Gabali---ceramic contemporary vase

Marc Michel Gabali



Marie Pierre Meheust_boat-sculpture

Marie Pierre Meheust



Marie Sophie André-ceramic-figure-sculpture


Marie Sophie André ceramic figure sculpture



Martine Le Fur-céramiste--ceramic-sculpture

Martine Le Fur



Maya Micenmacher-ceramic-plates

Maya Micenmacher



Marie-Sophie-André ceramic abstract sculpture

Marie Sophie André



Michel Le Gentil_ceramic sculpture vase

Michel Le Gentil




Michel Gardelle



Mireille Moser-pottery-vase

Mireille Moser



Mireille Moser green vase

Mireille Moser




Monika Debus céramique sculpture



Monika Debus céramique sculpture green and black

Monika Debus céramique sculpture



Myriam Chemla hand painted porcelain



Nani Champy Schott--cup

Nani Champy Schott




Nani Champy Schott





Francoise Nugier pottery vase



Marianne-Abergel ceramic sculpture

Marianne Abergel




Rozenn Bigot




Sarah Clotuche



Stéphanie Raymond-mother child -plate

Stéphanie Raymond – mother child ceramic plate




Ule Ewelt




Vase bleu – Aline Lafollie ceramique



café céramique from Luc Riolon on Vimeo.



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