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A collection of unique ceramic pieces ranging from rarities to curiosities, with some classics, pieces of beauty and the occasional oddities. Selected for their unique originality, function. style and form. The first image at the top is a piece I recently chanced upon at a Chinese grocery store which they were selling as a plate warmer. Its width is 10 inches and has a depth of  2 1/4 inches while being hollow inside.. It had a spout on the right which was used for adding hot water and has the auspicious Ba Kua eight sides. They were also used for foot warmers and even suspended on a cord around the neck ( hence the holes in the lugs ) to warm the Tan Tien ( Sea Of  Chi ) which is at the navel region  It was on a clearance special for $5 and I didn’t hesitate to acquire it.  Obviously not in great demand. The second piece below was at the other end of the scale. This sold at the Treasures of the Qing Court auction at Sotheby’s for $1,797,670.



Chinese blue and white ceramic plate warmer

Chinese porcelain plate warmer




Rare underglaze blue, polychrome enamelled ‘Magpie and Prunus’  Qianlong Moonflask

(1736 -1795) 




Grayson Perry ceramic lidded jar

Grayson Perry : Revenge of the Alison Girls (2000)




Yolande Biver tall sculpture figures

Yolande Biver



Margaret Boozer, “Black Pacific” art panel

Margaret Boozer, “Black Pacific” (detail), 2011, Black stoneware and porcelain wall art

( Loam Clay Studio )





Akira Satake contemporary pottery-vase

Contemporary vessel – Akira Satake

Sandy Godwin-bowls porcelain

Sandy Godwin – ornate porcelain bowls, ZA





Anne-Currier sculpture Frieze series III

Anne-Currier geometrical ceramic sculpture – Frieze series III 


Alberto Giacometti by Thierry Bressy

Alberto Giacometti sculpture

Photo  Thierry Bressy

( 500px.com )





Auguste Delaherche, French, Vase

Auguste Delaherche, French faceted vase – 1910

risdmuseum )





Black juglet Jeruselum

Black juglet from Jeruselum

These ” mini ” jugs date back to the Iron Age II, ca. 1000–586 B.C.E. It hasn’t yet been established why they were made in this diminutive size, but is has been assumed they were used for carrying precious perfume oils. They have been found mostly in tombs; so possibly they were burial gifts for the deceased.





Boch Freres Keramis Vase Charles Catteau-Atelier-de-Fantasie

Boch Freres Keramis Vase by Charles Catteau





Canape Cactus' by Maurizio Galante is displayed at the Triennale Milano


Canape Cactus by Maurizio Galante on display at the Triennale Milano





Chinese Wucai porcelain jar transitional period Baluster form,-lappet band neck

Chinese Wucai porcelain baluster jar covered with enameled mythical beasts and blue underglazed Buddhistic emblems.





Claudi Casanovas Deep form,-1990

Claudi Casanovas Deep form, 1990

 Galerie Besson





Ceramic bust Erik Plöen,-Norway

Ceramic bust – Erik Plöen,-Norway

( Craig Van Brulle )



19th Century French Emile Galle Faience Porcelain Cat-VillaMelrose

 Emile Galle Faience Porcelain Cat

Nancy, France 19th Century

Villa Melrose Antiques





Francesca Guerrier Sculpture-70's Karry Gallery

Francesca Guerrier Sculpture – 70’s

Karry Gallery





This pair of pots is an example of  “famille verte” porcelain. They take the form of the Chinese characters “Fu” (Happiness) and “Shou” (Long Life).






Greek Skyphos (drinking-cup),-6th-century-BCE,met

Greek Skyphos (drinking-cup),-6th-century-BCE

 ( met, NY )






Hagi Ware Table Screen, Japan, 18th/19th century, rectangular, one side depicting a samurai and
child standing amongst autumn grasses on the edge of an inlet, signed “nagato ogi”
on the base in underglaze blue, ht. 11 3/8, lg. 16 3/4 inches.





Hand Coil Pot- Claire Woolard-ClayWorks

Hand Coil Pot- Claire Woolard-ClayWorks





Heifetz sculptural table lamp

Heifetz sculptural table lamp





Jan Jacque Pit Fired wall plaques

Jan Jacque -Pit Fired wall plaques





nymphenburg couture edition Christian Lacroix Julia Black

Nymphenburg couture edition Julia Black  designed by Christian Lacroix


 Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, under the direction of Dr. Jörg Richtsfeld, is launching a limited edition of the world-famous Commedia Dell’Arte figurines produced by the rococo sculptor, Franz Anton Bustelli, in 1759/60. Sixteen internationally acclaimed fashion designers were invited to create “new clothes” as a new décor for their favourite figure in the Commedia Dell’Arte group





Stoneware Jar – Mamluk period-(1250–1517)




Joel EdwardsCommon Ground at AMOCA

Joel Edwards Mid Century ceramic display

Common Ground at AMOCA

Petit granit stone Abstract Garden sculpture by artist Anne Kampschulte titled Payasa

Payasa –  granite stone abstract garden sculpture – Anne Kampschulte





Leslie Avon Miller for koektrommel

Leslie Avon Miller for koektrommel



Lynda Fraser The Flying Trapeze-PortHackingPotters

Lynda Fraser –  ‘The Flying Trapeze’





 Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel mixes a metal powder into his slip to make it magnetic. It is then placed onto a rotating surface and slowly built up using a nozzle, no moulds are needed.




Malcolm Greenwood vessel




Manjyot Ghataora scgraffito lidded jar

Manjyot Ghataora –  carved, lidded Hindu art jar, India

Unicum Ceramic Fish Wall Decoration by Erwin Spuler-1959

Ceramic Fish Wall Decoration by Erwin Spuler-1959




Michael Graydon Nikole Herriott

Platter sets   –    Nikole Herriott

Photo Michael Graydon




 “Morning II” by Destiny Allison





Ping Dong---The Four Sisters

Ping Dong – Port hacking Potters, Australia







Henan Jun porcelain pots design competition in Yuzhou City of Xuchang





Primavera Ceramic Vase, Paris, 1950s

Mid-Century Primavera Ceramic Vase

Paris, 1950’s





Robert Lallemant French Art Deco Ceramic Vase,-1928

 French Art Deco Ceramic Vase,- Robert Lallemant





Roy Lizama Cobalt Blue Vase

 Cobalt Blue Vase – Roy Lizama






Our Changing Seas: A Ceramic Coral Reef  by Courtney Mattison

Photo by Arthur Evans

Tang Museum




Wall sculpture The Promise - Matteo Pugliese

The Promise – Matteo Pugliese





Ukwashela – The Proposal and was sculpted by Petros Gumbi and painted by Mickey Chonco. weddingpot

Ukwashela –The Proposal was sculpted by Petros Gumbi and painted by Mickey Chonco for Ardmore, South Africa

Depicting a traditional Zulu ceremony in which a man proposes to a woman and she accepts him by donning white beads. The figures dancing around the piece are symbolic of the couples coming of age as newlyweds. Other traditional symbols used are a wooden stick – induku, and a spoon –  ukhezo.

( Kalk Bay Modern )






Modernist Black a Moor Sculpture by Lorin Marsh, USA

circa 1970

( High Deco Style )






Carved double pink and white overlay-Beijing glass vase





viral-7 Toronto based artist Jess Riva Cooper

viral-7  Jess Riva Cooper, Canada




Hennie Meyer - ceramic jug and bowl

Hennie Meyer – ceramic jug and bowl with weave pattern

( Afrikaner Gallery )





Paris based artist Daniel Firman Elephant Galerie Perrotins

Paris artist Daniel Firman –  Elephant

Galerie Perrotins

Ursula Morley Price,--UK Unique-stoneware-vase-with-matte-white-glaze,-1980

Ursula Morley Price,–UK – stoneware vase with matte white glaze