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Modern ceramic relics – Nicolette Johnson




black volcanic-rock inspired vases

Black volcanic-rock inspired vases – Nicolette Johnson



Etruscan relic renaissance


Nicolette channels ancient classical pottery forms, mainly form the Etruscan epoch and combines them with contemporary geometries, to arrive at a distinctive style that she presents with superb imagery. She majored in photojournalism at Art School, which she believes influenced her perception of communication with visual language. A casual interest in collecting vintage pottery led her to a pottery course in 2015 where she discovered the tactile, physical nature of pottery throwing to be a useful counterbalance to the computer bound nature of image editing.
After spending her early years in London followed by a few years in the American South West, where she claims she was inspired by Mid Century modernism and Native American pottery, particularly for their simplicity and streamlined forms, she presently has a home studio in Queensland, Australia. Here she creates her elegant ancient forms that merge bulbous bases with elongated necks and serpentine handles, capturing an artefact spirit in a refreshing context. Her pieces exude a refinement and balance that only need further embellishment with elaborate handles and simple decorative additions, typical of Etruscan pottery.
She is also currently exploring the subtleties of wood fired ceramics as opposed to using electric fired kilns. The multitude of shapes that emerged from classical pottery has been an endless source of intrigue for me and Nicolette’s contribution is a welcome addition to this timeless genre.





blue-Abyssal-vase-Nicolette-Johnson on white mantle

Blue abyssal vase – Nicolette Johnson



Ceramic-Beer-Stern-Nicolette-Johnson rust and white glaze

Ceramic Beer Stern – Nicolette Johnson



Black-trumpet-vase-with orchids -- Nicolette-Johnson

Black trumpet vase – Nicolette Johnson  (@swsco)-•-Instagram)



Two Sulphur-crested-cockatoos-Nicolette-Johnson

Sulphur crested cockatoos – Nicolette Johnson photo




Ceramic Chain Vase--Nicolette-Johnson

Ceramic Chain Vase — Nicolette Johnson



Black and white photo of a pedestal vase with tulips - Nicolette Johnson

Pedestal vase with tulips – Nicolette Johnson



cojoined-vases with knotted handles-Nicolette-Johnson

Cojoined vases with knotted handles-Nicolette-Johnson



Three blue ceramic pots -- Nicolette johnson

Blue pottery – Nicolette Johnson



Nicolette-Johnson olive green-ceramic-vase

Nicolette Johnson



White-slip-ceramic-cup-Nicolette Johnson

White slip ceramic cup – Nicolette Johnson


black-glaze-long handle jug-Nicolette-Johnson

Black glaze long handle jug – Nicolette Johnson



Nicolette Johnson-vases-on-table indoor decor

Nicolette Johnson vases



Inseparable-vessels-joined by a chain Nicolette-Johnson

‘Inseparable Vessels’ – Nicolette Johnson




Kaneko and Stepwell vases- – Nicolette Johnson



Large-coil-built-urn-Nicolette-Johnson chocolate brown colour

Large coil built urn – Nicolette Johnson



Lucidity-vessel-Nicolette-johnson blue glaze vase and flowers

‘Lucidity vessel’ — Nicolette Johnson


Nicolette Johnson pottery wheel throwing

Nicolette Johnson


Memphis-Milano-stepwell-inspired-vase by Nicolette Johnson

Memphis Milano stepwell inspired-vase by Nicolette Johnson




Nicolette-Johnson_ceramic Females-vases

Naked female torso vases – Nicolette Johnson



Nicolette-Johnson-white vase-and-bowl

Nicolette Johnson white vase and bowl


Nicolette-Johnson raised neck ovoid vessel

Nicolette Johnson



pastel blue large handled vases Nicolette Johnson

Nicolette Johnson




Nicolette Johnson



Nicolette-Johnson-coiled-vase with flowers

Nicolette Johnson coiled vase with flowers



Nicolette-Johnson-blue twin handled-vase

Nicolette Johnson-blue vase



Nicolette-Johnson-long handle ceramic-jug

Long handle ceramic jug – Nicolette Johnson




Nicolette Johnson




Audrey-the-wood-fire-kiln in the shed with a black chook

Audrey the wood fire kiln – photo by Nicolette Johnson



Black pedestal vase with dry flowers -- Nicolette Johnson

Pedestal vase – Nicolette Johnson




Black-vase-and--bowl -Nicolette-Johnson

Black-vase — Nicolette Johnson



Nicolette-Johnson-white ceramic jug-and-cup

Nicolette Johnson  ceramic jug and cup



Nicolette-Johnson--twin handled pottery-vase

Nicolette Johnson–twin handled pottery vase




Nicolette-Johnson vase

Nicolette Johnson



Classical pottery-Obelisk-Pedestal-vase---Nicolette-Johnson

‘Obelisk Pedestal vase’ — Nicolette Johnson




Nicolette Johnson vase with sprouting handles



Nicolette-Johnson-pottery twin handles

Nicolette Johnson



Nicolette-Johnson-classical style vases

Nicolette Johnson



Nicolette-Johnson--vases-and-wattle multi handles

Multi handled vase with yellow wattle – Nicolette Johnson



Black, blue and white vase - Nicolette Johnson

Three Nicolette Johnson vases- Lapis blue raincloud vase (middle)



Nicolette-Jophnson-ceramic-vase with floral display

Nicolette Johnson vase



Nicolette-Johnson-white-contemporary vase

Nicolette Johnson white footed vase with spherical handles




Nicolette-Johnson-symbol-pots in black

Symbol pots – Nicolette Johnson



Small White sprouting vase --Nicolette-Johnson

Small white sprouting vase –Nicolette Johnson




Thick stoneware bangle—Nicolette Johnson



stoneware-tea-cup-with-a-shino-glaze -- Nicolette-Johnson

Stoneware tea cup with shino glaze — Nicolette Johnson





‘Study in blue and black and silver’ — Nicolette Johnson




Horizontal ribbed white ceramic vase, dried flowers and cup --- Nicolette Johnson

Horizontal ribbed white vase, dried flowers and cup — Nicolette Johnson



White-Sands-Nicolette-Johnson -- photo of solitary person on beach

White Sands – Nicolette Johnson photo




Nicolette Johnson