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Pottery Arts Video


Three videos are presented here on ceramic artists, all contemporary, with different styles and approaches


Bobby Jaber


Bobby Jaber, a porcelain artist with a BS in the Sciences and a Masters of Fine Arts, has been a high school chemistry and physics teacher for more than 25 years. In his evolving Octahedral Porcelain Process, Jaber effortlessly combines elements from both the sciences and the arts. Seven years in its evolution, this approach to sculpting spherical porcelain vessels focuses on combining the exactitude of measurement, the mathematics of the sphere and exercises in geometry with the unique aesthetics of embedded design. The embedded geometric design patterns of these unique porcelain vessels embody many of  Buckminster Fuller’s elaborations of synergetics, a geometric system based on his attempts to understand “Nature’s Design.”


This short documentary has been produced by Bobby’s nephew Dave Altizer.


PORCELAINIA from Dave Altizer on Vimeo.



” As a sculptor of porcelain using neriage as a technique, the challenge for me is to express as accurately as possible, an idea whose perfection exists only in the mind. “  .. Bobby Jaber



Miletas Bobby Jaber ceramics

Miletas – Bobby Jaber

This piece is named for the birthplace of Thales (640-546 BC), a teacher of Pythagoras and the first Greek mathematician to unify geometry and mathematics with astronomy.




Niels Bohr Bobby Jaber

Niels Bohr – Bobby Jaber

( Quantum Series )



Bobby Jaber-Ceramic Vessel

Bobby Jaber – Ceramic Vessel



Planck - Bobby Jaber

Planck – Bobby Jaber



Porcelain Vessel

Porcelain Vessel – Bobby Jaber




Bobby Jaber



Three videos are presented here on ceramic artists, all contemporary, with  different styles and approaches.   – Large  Archigh fired, matt finish, great rhombicocidodecahedron

Bobby Jaber


Fleur04 Bobby Jaber

Three videos are presented here on ceramic artists, all contemporary, with  different styles and approaches.  – Bobby Jaber



High-fired,-polished-finish Geometrica 06

Geometrica 06   – High fired, polished finish, truncated tetrahedron

Bobby Jaber





Abstract 05 – bisque fired, matt finish, dodecahedron.

Bobby Jaber




Archaea Bobby Jaber

Archaea – Bobby Jaber





Bobby Jaber





David and Margaret Frith


David and Margaret have been creating pottery together for fifty years.  Hard work and commitment underlie this unique partnership. Their pots are firmly located in the contemporary but express the legacy of diverse traditions.  Margaret produces delicate forms with painted or carved motifs in porcelain and David works on a larger scale with high fired stoneware.


50 Years of Brookhouse Pottery:  27 July – 8 September 2013  Ruthin Craft Center, Denbighshire UK


David and Margaret Frith opening at Ruthin Craft Center 2013 from Steve Tootell on Vimeo.




Frith-D Woodfired Platter

Woodfired Platter – D.Frith





David Frith

David Frith



Montpellier Gallery---David Frith

David Frith

( Montpellier Gallery )





Multi faceted bottle  glazed in dense black tenmoku glaze.- David Frith

( oakwood ceramics )




Large bottle in grey stoneware body, covered in reddish brown metallic glaze, tessha. Neck covered in celadon glaze. – 1984

Margaret and David Frith

( Aberystwyth Uni Collection )



Oakwood ceramics David Frith

Ginger Jar – David Frith

Oakwood ceramics



Friths Brookhouse Pottery

Frith’s Brookhouse Pottery



Squared Ginger Jar by David Frith

Squared Ginger Jar by David Frith





Vase Margaret Frith

Vase – Margaret Frith



aa-gallery David Frith teabowl

 David Frith teabowl

( aa gallery )



Margaret Frith ceramic vessel

Margaret Frith ceramic vessel

( Ruthin craft centre )



Large plate vine leaf decoration

Large plate vine leaf decoration – David Frith

( Aberystwyth Uni Collection )



Teabowl by Margaret Frith Bowie Gallery

Teabowl by Margaret Frith

( Bowie Gallery )


 Diana Fayt


Moving to San Francisco in the early nineties, Diana made her way as a server in restaurants while cultivating her artistic vision. It was in one of theses restaurants she met businesswoman Maggie Nugent of Synergy Designs, a ceramics wholesale outfit. Diana began designing for Synergy shortly thereafter. Her tenure with Synergy sent her back to Hungary, a factory in Hodmezovasarhely (Beavertown) where the Diana Fayt collection was produced. The work was imported and sold in the U.S from 1998 until 2002.

Drawing on her background as a painter, sculptor, printmaker and clayer, her surfaces are alive with strange and exotic stories, part folklore and part personal narrative. Diana has continued to produce her own enigmatic, one of a kind work.


Diana Fayt • Ceramic Artist from aliengirl on Vimeo.





Diana Fayt Precipitation Place Setting

Diana Fayt – Precipitation Place Setting



Funghi & feather platter

Funghi & feather platter – Diana Fayt





Cylinder Vases

Cylinder Vases – Diana Fayt





Painted stones Diana Fayt

Painted stones – Diana Fayt





Water Lily Bowl – Diana Fayt

Chartreuse, ice blue interior, white water lily.



Flowers vases - Diana Fayt

Flowers vases – Diana Fayt





Diana Fayt Joshua tree

Diana Fayt ( on left ) at a  joshua tree.





Spring-Summer collection Diana Fayt

Spring-Summer collection – Diana Fayt





Blue Zsuzsi Vases – Diana Fayt


Large Poppy Bowl

Large Poppy Bowl




Bee – Diana Fayt





Black eyed susan and black bird - large oval dish

Black eyed susan and black bird – large oval plate

Diana Fayt





Ceramic canteen – Diana Fayt



Diana Fayt - Red Canteen

Diana Fayt –  Red Canteen



Diana Fayt - orange plate with blackbird

Diana Fayt – orange plate with blackbird






Spider cups

Three goose neck vases

Three goose neck vases

Small bowl stack

Small bowl stack

Diana’s website http://www.dianafayt.com/

Patricia Baitler – Uraguay




475px-314px-Untitled-81 Patricia Baitler

317px-210px-Patricia Baitler Ceramic Workshop1 Patricia Baitler418px-329px-Patricia Baitler Galería Patricia Baitler

1137px-209px-patricia-baitler 477px-230px-Patricia-Baitler---Galería Patricia Baitler475px-322px-Untitled-1 362px-355px-Untitled-2 475px-327px-Untitled-3 437px-418px-Untitled-5 475px-327px-Untitled-6 437px-401px-Untitled-7 Patricia Baitler421px-628px-Untitled-9

Two Glaze Combination Technique with Lisa Bare Culp