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Yoga merged with clayart




Clay pottery goes through many transmutations that are analogous with yoga during its creation. The stretching, kneading and contortions it experiences is not dissimilar to what yogic practitioners subject themselves to when practicing their asanas ( postures) in the pursuit of agility and good health. Added to this is when the clay becomes an object of intense concentration during formation, being scrutinized and contemplated till deep meditative moments arise that lead to illumination for its design. Not to mention the exhilaration of the whirling dervish moments it can experience when being thrown on the wheel. At times it is privileged to experience the flashes of brilliance from its creator, which surely infuses it with a sense of wholeness and contentment. Next comes the purifying powers of the kiln unleashing its subtle and unpredictable refining forces not unlike the “ fire of yoga “. If it survives the post kiln scrutiny, it can go on to further glory, rather then be discarded from the Path into the reject bin. Now for the deep cleansing it receives in the cleanup that takes it to its final Enlightenment where it experiences an eternity of bhakti yoga (adoration) when on display.

 Marjory Bankson in her book ” The Soulwork of Clay – A hands on approach to Spirituality” states –  “Working with clay is a way to get our hands dirty and our minds clear “.  She also alludes to it being a kind of primal therapy with the statement “We were all mud-loving children once”.  



expanding white flower gif

yogini painting by Holly Sierra

Holly Sierra


Retro Thai lady lamp

Mid century oriental Siamese lady lamp

(  beetle2001cybergreen – flickr )

  Bill Campbell lotus bowl

 Bill Campbell lotus plate





Ganesh statue, Ubud, Bali



Lidded bue Lotus Jar

Blue Lotus Jar – Moorcroft – 2009

The divine image of the lotus is often used to symbolize purity.

colorful elephant statue on the street The Elephant Parade is an open air art exhibition of life size models of elephants held for the preservation of the Asian elephant. Held in the streets of Holland, Belgium and London over the years, the Elephant Parade has raised millions of Euros for the Elephant Family charity- which is working with the Wildlife trust of India in preserving the Asian elephant.



Sacred Om symbol in coral, gold and turqoise

‘Om’ turquoise and coral inlay pendant




Carved-teak mandala -wall-panel

Exquisite teak mandala screen


Wicked Clay Girl wabi sabi wavey bowl

Bowl with a ceramic wavy organic shape for a meditation bowl in wabi sabi turquoise

WickedClayGirl – Etsy



Peacock Jar- Anne Webb

Raku Peacock Jar by Anne Webb

Meditation Shrine

Meditation Shrine

Cindy Fuqua pottery vessel with horse hair decorations

Cindy Fuqua horse hair pottery





Buddha, pumpkin convergence

Tribute to Miyashita Zenji vase

Miyashita Zenji vase   ( 1939 – 2012 )

( Joan B Mirvis Gallery )

Ginkgo Meditation Vase Celery green glaze

Green Ginkgo Meditation Vase

( JW art pottery )


Japanese Imari bowl



Clarice Cliff jug -1929-1931

Clarice Cliff –  1929-1931

Peruvian raku lotus bottle - Armando Romero

Peruvian raku lotus bottle – Armando Romero



Two Trees at Midnight by Linda Starr

 ‘Two Trees At Midnight’ –  Linda Starr

( bluestarrgallery blogspot )

Campbell Pottery Studios

Campbell Pottery Studios

Grace-Cheng tri legged ceramic vessel

Grace Cheng tri legged ceramic vessel

Muncie Matte Blue Vase

Muncie Matte Blue Vase

Meditation figurine by Buddahbuilder

Meditation figurine by Buddahbuilder



Van Briggle Pottery turquoise vase

Van Briggle turquoise Vase





Asian fabric lotus print



Vase signed – Flowering Cherry Tree Japanese Inspired

( Rubylane )

CONTEMPLATION-ceramic vessel by Ann Mallory

‘Contemplation Vessel’ – Ann Mallory

Dancing Dakini - Musée Guimet - Paris

Dancing Dakini – Musée Guimet – Paris

The largest museum of Buddhist art in Europe.

Meditation by Victor Salmon

Meditation by Victor Salmon

Large natural Lingham Stone from India

Large Shiva Lingham stone naturally formed by the currents of the Narmada River, India

( Lawton Mull 1stDibs )

Smiling Stone Buddha

Smiling stone Buddha

Toseland om vase

Om Vase – Toseland Glass

Mandala Pendant Shimmer Creek

Mandala Pendant

( ShimmerCreek – Etsy )


Raku ‘Buddha in Clouds’ – Anita Feng

Brian Kakas abstract sculpture

Abstract ceramic sculpture  – Brian Kakas

( Assistant Professor of Ceramics at Northern Michigan University )

Michael Wein Raku Bottle

Michael Wein Raku Bottle



Jingdezhen-Kiln-Qingbai-Glaze porcelain crane candlestick holder

Jingdezhen Kiln Qingbai Glaze Porcelain Candlestick – Song Dynasty

Yoga bella sculpture

Yoga Bella sculpture – Acacia

A Chinese famille rose bowl

A Chinese famille rose bowl – Quianlong 1760

Artpark yoga sculpture by Ev Meynel

Artpark sculpture ” Lotus ”  – Ev Meynel

Duangkamol vase

Celadon ceramic vase, ‘Orchid Glory’ – Duangkamol, Thailand

( Novica )

Yoga Figurine King Pigeon

Yoga Figurine King Pigeon

( FemailCreations.com )

Vintage Mexican Painted Terra Cotta Sun Face Mask Wall Hanging

Vintage Mexican Painted Terra Cotta Sun Face Mask Wall Hanging

( beadandbag – Etsy )

Matsui-Kosei-(1927-2003 )

Matsui Kosei –  (1927-2003 )



SMOKEY BLUE OM – Brenda Mcmahon

Crystal Healing Buddha

Healing crystals with  Buddha bust

Studio Salvadore glass vase

Studio Salvadore glass vase

Zhao Meng sculpture

Zhao Meng sculpture

 ( Tao Water Art Gallery  )

Mougin vase executed by J.Wolfe

 Mougin vase executed by J.Wolfe

Kurt and Heidi BekerYoga 2011---Ceramic figures

Kurt and Heidi Beker – Yoga-Ceramic figures  2011 Australia

( Gannon House gallery )

Curvy Yogini figurine

Curvy Yogini figurine ( cobra pose )

Jizo Japanese garden statue holding hydrangeas

Jizo – Japanese garden statue

Ireland's famous Belleek porcelain vase

A porcelain vase by Ireland’s famous Belleek Pottery





Deep Blue Azurite gemstone – Shilu Mine

Ann Mallroy Ceramic Lingum

Ann Mallroy Ceramic Lingam

Delhi Art Gallery - Manifesta by G.R. Santosh

G.R. Santosh – ‘Manifesta’

Delhi Art Gallery

Mexican folk art peace-plate-475x450

Mexican Folk Art plate

    Esse Art and Yoga:   Esse is an Art and Yoga centre combined and is situated in Fargo.” Our space is split into two halves that work together to form a whole. We promote the arts + wellness in an intimate and comfortable environment “. Featured below are some their talented artists.


Dale Cook :

Dale Cook red ceramic vessel

Dale Cook



Dale-Cook-wood-carved-wooden vessel

Dale Cook

Dale Cook ceramic blue jar

Dale Cook


Dale Cook Wood Carved bowl with leaf motifs

Dale Cook



Dale Cook wood carved vessel

Dale Cook



Emerge :

circular ceramic vessel by Emerge

Circular ceramic vessel – Emerge



 Casey Hochhalter :

Casey Hochhalter Ceramic Sculpture

‘Upsurge’ by Casey Hochhalter



Casey Hochhalter blue sculpture

‘Culminate’ – Casey Hochhalter



Casey Hochhalter Pitfall ceramic sculpture




David Valdez Ceramic Sculpture

David Valdez ceramic sculpture




Blu lotus flower



Caterina-Zacchetti seated girl in Full Lotus yoga pose

Caterina Zacchetti ceramic sculpture





Cypress Cut away Bowl Bonnie Belt




‘Springburst’ – mosaic art mandala – Brett Campbell Mosaics




Stone Lotus Pottery green glaze cup and saucer

Turquoise and jade glazed platter and bowl – Stone Lotus Pottery





‘Awakening’ – James Perry

Isabella Garrucho Fine Art




Ogata Kamio (b. 1949) Carved columnar neriage vase with blue, off-white and grey colored clay, 2007

Carved columnar neriage vase with blue, off-white and grey colored clay – Ogata Kamio





puxianmalaysia.wordpress Seated bronze Buddha holding red lotus

 Seated bronze Buddha holding red lotus flower




Zen-Garden,-Koyoto-Japan-in black and white

Zen Garden, Koyoto Japan



Elena-Ray---flickr buddha stone head with stones and a flower

Buddha display – Elena Ray





Pat Swyler Ceramics Sublime


Pat Swyler is a fine ceramicist who creates figurines infused with a depth of feeling and beauty. The figures usually display  classical Mudras, ( hand gestures ) and manage to reflect the subtlety of meditation.


Pat Swyler Purity sculpture



” Since childhood the human figure has interested me as subject matter, a fascination which I have explored working from live models in both clay and drawing materials.  Although the majority of my work is three dimensional, drawing and painting are essential to development of my ideas in clay.
My current work centers on the human body as a means of expressing concepts.  Like dancers, the female forms I sculpt use their bodies to communicate.  The symbolic and transient is conveyed through hand positions, postures, facial expressions or included object.  The figures are seers and intermediaries who comfort, guide, protect or reveal life’s innermost secrets; they are sentinels at the gates of eternity.  Multiple layers of color applied to the surfaces suggest the passage of time.  Patterns, surface textures and “tattoos” allude to our common tribal ancestry and records of our yesterdays.  The scale of my work is small (six to twenty-four inches), requiring the viewer to look closely, creating a feeling of intimacy. ” – Pat Swyler

Inspiration :  The Metropolitan Museum of Art collection of Medieval, Egyptian, Renaissance and Asian sculptures is a source of inspiration.  The paintings, drawings, textiles and sculpture of the Rubin Museum have also given me much visual reference material.  Incorporating historic iconography into my personal vision of clay is a lifetime obsession.


Pat Swyler ceramic bust of uan Yin

‘Virtue’  – Pat Swyler


Porcelain wood fired vessel with lid

Porcelain – wood fired vessel – Pat Swyler


Ceramic vessel with lid Pat Swyler

Stoneware – oxidation fired – Pat Swyler


Pat Swyler-vase

Raku vase – Pat Swyler


Pat describes her technique :   Since first touch clay has been my medium of choice.  Its plasticity allows me to rapidly develop forms, while the firing process transforms them into something stone-like, a metamorphosis of the temporary into the permanent.  My surface colors are built up gradually with a mixed media approach.  Oxides and ceramic colorants are fired onto some surfaces while others are finished with oil and acrylic paint and varnish layers.  Experimentation with color layers is exciting and results in a variety of depth and range not otherwise attainable.  Multiple clays and firing techniques create dramatic differences in surfaces.  The majority of my work is executed in earthenware and porcelain fired in an oxidizing atmosphere in an electric kiln.


shell vessel - Pat Swyler

Pat Swyler



Serenity wall plaque by Pat Swyler - Serenity

‘Serenity’  by Pat Swyler



two teapots Pat Swyler - orange pumpkin style

 Pat Swyler teapots


lidded ceramic box Pat Swyler

Pit fired with gold leaf lidded vessel – Pat Swyler


Pat Swyler statue

Pat Swyler


Pat Swyler-abundace sculpture

‘Abundance’ – Pat Swyler


inner bliss- Pat SwylerCeramic bust – Pat Swyler


Pat Swyler Compassion statue

‘Compassion’  – Pat Swyler


boddhisatva sculpture - Pat SwylerStanding meditation statue  -Pat Swyler


standing Kuan Yin sculpture by Pat Swyler

‘Peace’ – Pat Swyler


Ceramic lidded ceramic pumpkin vessel - Pat Swyler

Lidded vessel – Pat Swyler


Pat Swyler-Harmony sculpture

‘Harmony’ – Pat Swyler


Pat Swyler Serenity 3 sculpture

‘Serenity 3’


Pat Swyler meditation statue -seated posture - inner calmness

‘Meditate’ – Pat Swyler meditation statue

Pat’s statues at an exhibition

Pat Swyler exhibition sculpture

Pat Swyler mudra sculpture



Pat-Swyler---sculpture female figure - vision of calm

Pat Swyler



Pat Swyler-four sculptures

Four Sculptures – Pat Swyler



Pat Swyler ceramic statues

Blissful sculptures by Pat Swyler



Pat Swyler ceramic sculptures

Sculptures by Pat Swyler



Ceramicist Pat-Swyler exhibition

Meditation statues by Pat swyler



Pat Swyler two statues with meditation poses

Two female sculptures with mediation poses



Pat Swyler female figure with mudra statue

More Pat Swyler here


Kuan Yin and the cicada :

A live cicada visiting the Kuan Yin statue in the lounge room


The only time I ever saw an auspicious Cicada in my home was when it came and sat on the Kuan Yin statue. I admired its sense of symmetry.