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Pottery markets

 Local women selling pottery in a  a colorful rural, open pottery market in Lalibela area, Northern Ethiopia. ( Tam’s Blog )

Despite the proliferation of many options for potters to market their wares online such as etsy,ebay,blogs and affiliate sites, a  lot of potters still choose to use street markets and the like for selling their products.I would venture to say that one of the original domestic products that was ever sold at markets would be pottery due to their necessity for the transport of water. Throughout the ages potters have served their communities by transforming clay into beautiful and functional wares. Potters, working in their home studios, would bring their pots to town on market day. These days the green movement has also encouraged some people to seek out homewares of a more durable, organic quality.From the travelling kitchen wallas of India, the Baazzars of Morrocco, the weekend farmers markets and antique street stalls the world over, you will still find pottery being well represented. Below is a collection of some of those markets.

Water Buffalo Pottery CartMobile pottery market, Cambodia-Phnom Penh-Battambang

Leanne Pizio PotteryLeanne Blake Pizio is a local potter who sells her wares at the  Pottery Festival at the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market at 501 Yanceyville Street.

From -Greensboro Daily Photo

Freewheeling! Studio Potters’ Market ( Studio Karva )
 Man selling pottery at  Niamey on the Niger river

Bill Lee PotteryKnoxville artist Bill Lee and some of his pottery. At the Market Square Farm Market ( Image-the Blue Streak )

Raja Ampat PapuaThat’s what you call a pottery sales pitch !

Raja Ampat Papua Indonesia ( Image AFP )

 1908: pottery for sale at Chamberlain Bridge, Bridgetown, barbados. 1908: pottery for sale at Chamberlain Bridge, Bridgetown, Barbados

Manolo Rodriguez CeraimcsPotter Manolo Rodriguez is famous for his effigies and Escher-like painting style.  He says “I never have an idea when I start painting a piece.  It just comes as I paint or may have come to me in a dream.”

( Ron’s Log )

Indian Art festival

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai India . Image from ceramic(some)times 

Bob and Nancy Bumgardner selling pottery on the roadside.

McCoy Pottery Collectors Society

Annual Fall Pottery Show, London

 Panjshir Valley Afghanistan

 Buddha Statue Market ( Cepolina Photo )

Ceramic stall, Texcoco Mexico

Djerba Pottery

Pottery vendors at the limani of Chania, Crete ( Karahaz Flikr )

Cario pottery market

Cario Pottery market

Dongtai Lu Antique Market Shanghai

Dongtai Lu Antique Market, Shanghai ( with lifesize Mao porcelain statue )

Image-The Macomb Daily. Teapots destined for the Annual Potters Market , Madison Heights

Charlie Teffts Pottery

Charlie Tefft,Yanceyville Farmers’ Market

Greensboro Daily Photo

Algerian Pottery Market

Shrosha Georgia

Nizwa Artisanat, Oman