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Israeli potter sculpture


Two established Israeli ceramicists, both natives of Tel Aviv, who have similar styles, in that their art pieces exude much warmth and are highlighted with rich colours and an intrinsic creativity.  Inna Olshansky’s sculpture figures display character and humor, while the ceramic art of Shamai Sam Gibsh favors a grounded, earthy appearance. They both operate their own studio/galleries.


Shamai Sam Gibsh

“I get inspiration from my environment and surroundings. Jaffa, a 10,000 years old port city, a part of Tel-Aviv in Israel – is very old and full of history with its colors and textures, unique architecture and multinational populace that has a big influence on me. My sculptural work has been inspired by the life in Israel, the political situation in Israel, as well as my recent travels to China and Korea.

Typically I burnish and cover with terra sigilata, at times I use copper and soluble salts (Metal chlorides like silver, gold, cobalt), and saggar fired inside clay vessels with organic materials, typically pine needles.”



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Terra-Sigillata-Iron-Chloride-Saggar sculpture by Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

‘Looking Through #3’ – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Saggar-firing-Terra-sigillata-Mungyeong-Teabowl by Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

‘Mungyeong Teabowl’ by Shamai Sam Gibsh



Shamai San Gibsh-Saggar-firing-Terra-sigillata-Box-2013

Saggar fired Terra sigillata Box – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Shamai-Sam-Gibsh-ceramic cup

 Soda Reduction Cup –  Shamai Sam Gibsh



 Shamai San Gibsh - Soda---Reduction-Container

Footed and faceted soda reduction container – Shamai Sam Gibsh



 Shamai San Gibsh wood smoke fired urn

 Shamai Sam Gibsh – wood smoke fired urn



Tosic-naked-raku sculpture - Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

Tosic naked raku sculpture –  Shamai Sam Gibsh



 Shamai Sam Gibsh -Smoke-firing-Tea-Bowl

 Smoke fired Tea Bowl – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Footed ceramic bowl Shamai San Gibsh

Footed soda reduction bowl – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Shamai-Sam-Gibsh-Ceramic-Smoke-firing sculpture

”Slices’  – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Smoke-firing-Naked-Raku vase - Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

Naked Raku vessel – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Smoke-firing-Bird-on-a-steep-slope by Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

Smoke fired ‘Bird on a steep slope’ – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Shamai Sam Gibsh -- Smoke-fired vessel with lid

Lidded raku vessel – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Shamai Sam Gibsh ceramic urn - rust colour with gold lid

Ochre coloured urn, gold lid – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Ceramic cone sculpture Shamai Sam Gibsh

Raku cone with geometrical patterns – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Shamai-Sam-Gibsh-sculpture of Floating Disk

‘Floating Disk’ – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Turquoise and crimson vessel with a lid -- Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

Lidded raku container – -Ceramic-raku-fired-box



Ceramic-raku-fired-box by -Shamai-Sam-Gibsh

Round lidded vessel, landscape vista raku – Shamai Sam Gibsh



lidded urn with abstract decoration - Shamai Sam Gibsh

Lidded Urn — Shamai Sam Gibsh




‘Looking Through #2’ sculpture –   Shamai Sam Gibsh

Terra Sigillata Iron Chloride Saggar


Raku baking reduction with Shamai Sam Gibsh




Shamai Sam Gibsh - wood fired ceramic box

Raku lidded box – Shamai Sam Gibsh



Shamai Sam Gibsh footed raku bowl

Shamai Sam Gibsh footed raku bowl




Shamai Sam Gibsh photo portrait

Shamai Sam Gibsh


‘Bodyblaze’ – Shamai Gibsh solo exhibition at Periscope Gallery in Tel Aviv April 6th 2017

Ben Yehuda St 174, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel



Shamai-Sam-Gibsh - abstract ceramic art

Shamai Sam Gibsh – ‘Bodyblaze #10′




Shama Sam Gibsh – ‘Bodyblaze #10′



Shamai Sam Gibsh website 



Inna Olshansky


“I was born in Russia and explored many different mediums and techniques prior to deciding to specialize in clay and oil painting. After obtaining a degree at Tashkent , I developed my own way of expression , while at the same time , continuing to demonstrate a broad free style . In 1993 I moved to Israel and opened “Inna Ol’shansky Art” , a gallery-boutique in Tel Aviv .
I work very intuitively. Starting with a raw idea or concept, I usually have only a vague, nebulous collection of ideas before I begin. As I set up the structure of the sculpture, the vision becomes more real and solid in my mind… the elements I want to use, the overall look of the form… the attitude of the head, the expression and shape of the face all start to become more solid in my imagination. Once one part of the design is confirmed, this leads to the next element followed by the next. Until I get my hands on the clay, I am never sure exactly what the end result will be. My way of working is to be guided by my instincts and to let the flow of ideas take me where they will. The evolution of ideas, shapes, forms, technical challenges, and design elements constantly circulate through my mind until connections start to be made and the art comes through.”


Inna-Olshansky-modernist cat sculptures

Inna Olshansky ceramic cats




Bronze ram sculpture – Inna Olshansky



Inna-Olshansky red ceramic bull

Inna Olshansky




Inna-Olshansky; ceramic animal sculpture

‘Creature #1’ — Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky




Inna-Olshansky ceramic horse

Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky Israeli ceramicist

Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky abstract head sculpture

Inna Olshansky




Inna Olshansky cat sculpture abstract style

Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky smiling ceramic cow sculpture with orange and white stripes

Inna Olshansky smiling cow sculpture



Inna Olshansky smiling ceramic cow sculpture female bust in rainbow colours

Female ceramic bust – Inna Olshansky




Red and white jester – Inna Olshansky



Green and white Ceramic wall mask - Inna Olshansky

Ceramic face vase –  Inna Olshansky




Ceramic wall mask - Inna Olshansky

Ceramic wall mask –  Inna Olshansky



Ceramic animnal - Inna Olshansky

  Inna Olshansky



Ceramic horse –  Inna Olshansky



 Inna Olshansky ceramic bottle with floral decoration

Quad footed ceramic bottle – floral decoration –   Inna Olshansky




co-joined ceramic horses by Inna-Olshansky

Inna Olshansky



Abstract polychrome ‘Nude Female Torso #1’ – Inna Olshansky



Inna Olshansky website→







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