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Ceramic Clocks

  ILEA ceramics electric wall clock ILEA ceramics wall clock



Green bakelite mantle clock

Jade green bakelite mantle clock


maroon-mantle clock lamp

Maroon mantle lamp clock


Demand for clocks and wrist-watches have generally changed due to the use of cell phones and computers to keep track of time. There was a time when the decorative clock was the focus point in the house. As a decorative piece, the display of mantle/wall clocks probably peaked around the period between the two Wars. Indeed up to the middle of the 19th century, a clock was an expensive object because its clockwork was hand made.Their possession was thus reserved for the elite. In the Twenties a significant industry of the faience clock was developed in Belgium and North of France. ( Faience is a glazed non-clay ceramic material that is composed mainly of crushed quartz or sand, with small amounts of lime and either natron or plant ash. This body is coated with a soda-lime-silica glaze. )

Rare Antique French Faience Majolica Clock blue and whiteRare antique French faience Majolica clock


These clocks became the feature display in the home and took pride of place on the mantelpiece. They were quite often accompanied with two sidepieces, vases or cups. Alarm-clocks started to be produced industrially around 1850; but it was only at the beginning of the twentieth century that clockworks, manufactured in the Black Forest and France, became really cheap. Ceramic (faience) was then the inexpensive “plastic” material in the ceramic producing areas and it was chosen to dress these clockworks.  Hence clocks became visually appealing and affordable to everybody.  The clock shapes of that period  sometimes recalled that of middle-class bronze or marble clocks; some beared animals or peoples sculptures; others referred to the Art-Deco architecture or to Greek temples. Their decorations were also infinitely varied, often very colored, sometimes extravagant. Some imitated marble or stone, others refered to modern decorative styles, to Chinese or Dutch porcelains, to traditional tableware or to avant-garde modernistic painting.

France was very instrumental in popularizing the Art Deco style of that era in the design of the mantel clocks. In France, Belgium and Czechoslovakia there were several ceramic factories that specialized in the production of these mantel clocks. After the WW2  the popularity of the ceramic mantel clock declined due to its labor intensive production costs and the mass production of the wrist watch.



Clock with ceramic face Aqua Blue Burst Diamond Desk Clock by Mark's Studio

 Aqua Blue Burst Diamond Desk Clock with fabulous ceramic clock face by Marc’s Studio



Handbuilt ceramic clock by Lisa Pritchard Ceramics free standingHandbuilt ceramic clock by Lisa Pritchard Ceramics. The work is predominantly slab built with molded additions.




Ceramic face clock with Arabic script

This 13-inch square ceramic face clock is an excellent example of the ‘cuerda seca’ tradition. This tradition was introduced to Spain by the Moors at a time when all three major Western religious groups inhabited Spain peacefully. The Arabic character on this clock reflects the Muslim part of this tradition. Each piece is hand-decorated by Spanish artisans using the same techniques as have been used since the 15th century.



Wittenberg ceramic mantle clock with full moon night landscape

Wittenberg ceramic clocks




wittenberg ceramic mantle clock

Wittenberg ceramic clocks



Ceramic antique clock CJCC clock company rococo ceramic

Elegant ceramic antique clock in the rococo style.

This little clock was made by the CJCC clock company of Columbus Ohio.

It is made of ceramic and is beautifully painted and enameled in soft blues and gilt on a slightly off white body.



Blue crackle clock by Sarah McCormack

Mollymitten mantle clock

Small blue handbuilt ceramic clock by Sarah McCormack. Multi fired to acheive crackle effect with addition of gold lustre on arms .




Art Deco style mantle clock. Designed and made by Malcolm and Russell Akerman of Echo of Deco.Handmade ceramic wall clock in an Art Deco style. Designed and made by Malcolm and Russell

Akerman of Echo of Deco.




Art Deco Ceramic clock by Echo of Deco amber and green mantle

Echo of Deco ” Landspeed ” clock



Ceramic clocks art deco from th Clockarium

A collection of ceramic fasience Art Deco clocks from the Clockarium Museum in Belgium.




Mid century style Whimsical Slate Blue Clock by Eileen Young

Whimsical Slate Blue Clock  by Eileen Young

 Hand-made ceramic clock using hand-cut porcelain tiles.




Art Deco Faience Clock from the clockarium

Fasience Art Deco clock from the Clockarium




 English Coalbrookdale porcelain clock rococo turquoise mantle time piece

 English Coalbrookdale porcelain clock. Circa 1830

Gavin Douglas Antiques




Antique mantle clock of girl holding a child next to the fireplaceCeramic clock styled to look like metal.



Green Pillow shaped ceramic clock by Creativewithclay

Pillow shaped ceramic clock by Creativewithclay



Sarah McCormack.whimsical mantle clock

‘Blue House Mollymitten’ – Sarah McCormack.

 Ceramic Clock Hand built from earthenware clay in 3 parts middle section and lid lift away from base.

The piece was fired 3 times finishing with a lustre firing of bright gold.




Vintage Cartier 1930 Art Deco Clock

Vintage Cartier 1930 Art Deco Clock




ceramic electric pineapple wall clock

Pineapple wall clock



Art Deco Clock Amber Custom Scientist by Echo of Deco

Amber Custom Scientist clock by Echo of Deco


blue and white porcelain castle clock with twin towers

French Clock 1893



Sirenes clock RENE-LALIQUE glass face with naked sirens

Rene Lalique ‘Sirenes’ Clock – 1928



Cronulla Pottery wall clock abstract face

Wonderful abstract clock from Cronulla Pottery



French art deco mantle clock gold colour

French Art Deco pottery clock – Saint Clement

( DecoDave )


Porcelain Kewpie Clock - Rose O'neil - green and white facade

Antique Porcelain Kewpie Clock – Rose O’neil , Germany


Mid Century wall clcok 60's

Vintage 60s General Electric Wall Clock Mid Century Modern

( Retro Re Run )



Vintage Holland Mold Porcelain Clock peach, white and green

Vintage Holland Mold Porcelain Clock, Mercedes Wind Up Movement – Germany



Classic German Art Deco Wall Clock in green and white

Classic German Art Deco Clock – 1920’s

( Art Deco Collection )



Deep pink rococo antique clock by Watbury

Waterbury Porcelain Clock  –  circa 1900

Antique French mantle clock with floral face

French ceramic mantle clock

( onlinegalleries.com )

Ian-Roberts footed yellow ceramic crackle mantle clock

Ian Roberts

1895 Ceramic Clock Sothebys Pair of blue and white lions

1895 Ceramic Clock


August Walther & Sohne "Windsor" green glass clock

August Walther & Sohne “Windsor” green glass clock


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