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The flair of Royal Haeger


Haeger ceramic figurine - naked girl riding a fish

Haeger ceramic figurine

In 1871, the same year of the great Chicago fire, a young German immigrant named David H. Haeger founded the company originally known as the Dundee Brickyard. Over the next 130 years under four generations of family leadership, this small town brickmaker was to become America’s oldest and largest production pottery. The firm began producing artware in 1914, and the contributions of former Fulper employee Martin Stangl to its success is probably incalculable.

In 1938  design genius Royal Hickman joined the company to introduce an extraordinary line of artware, called Royal Haeger.  Hickman’s work was daringly intricate with smooth, flowing lines and highly original glazes.

Some of his designs reflected an Art Deco influence.  Public demand for Royal Haeger artware was immediate and strong. Royal Hickman’s world-acclaimed designs included his famous black panther, a sleek elongated cat, first produced in 1941 and offered in three sizes.

Black panther figurine - Haeger

Another distinguished chief designer was Eric Olsen, whose career with Haeger spanned 25 years (1947-1972). Olsen’s many contributions to the Royal Haeger line included his magnificent bull figure, produced in 1955. Haeger became recognized for its striking designs ranging from the dramatic to the whimsical. As America’s oldest and largest producer of pottery, Haeger have produced a diversity of products including  dinnerware, but have become especially known for vases, figurines, miniature animals, birds, flowers and lamps – as well as other unusual and useful accessories of exquisite taste and have continually attracted the attention of collectors worldwide.eric Olsen red bull figurine

Haeger Red Bull figurine by Nigel Olsen


Arched couple ceramic-figures-Haeger

Arched couple figurine – Haeger


Elephant Planter Haeger lime green colour

Elephant Planter with Rider

(  Haegernerd  flickr )

Haeger-ceramic-baluster vase

Abstract decorated vase – Haeger



Light blue ceramic figure, boy carrying a duck - Haeger

Boy carrying goose figurine – Royal Haeger

17 inches height



Eric-Olsen-Buddha-Green sculpture

Designer: Eric Olsen – Green Buddha – Haeger

(  Haegernerd  flickr )



red modernist vase by Haeger

Art Deco Vase



Blue sailor playing accordion and anchor

Royal Hickman – Sailor with Anchor

(  Haegernerd  flickr )



Emerald green ceramic planter - Haeger

‘Dolphin Planter’ by Eric Olson

(  Haegernerd  flickr )



Black ceramic head - temple goddess - Haeger

     ‘Temple Goddess” – Eric Olsen.

(  Haegernerd  flickr )



'Thunder and Lightning', Walnut Glaze,Haeger-leaping horses and lightning

‘Thunder and Lightning’, Walnut Glaze, 1954

(  Haegernerd  flickr )



Lime green Royal Haeger Dragon Bowl with Jewelled Lady

Royal Haeger ‘Dragon Bowl with Jewelled Lady’

( Haegernerd – Flickr )



green agate fish and asian man - Haeger

Green Agate Glaze Fountain

( Haegernerd – Flickr )



Orang vase by Royal Haeger

Vintage Royal Haeger Orange Vase



Green-petal lamp by Haeger

Haeger Petal Louvre Lamp

( Tinkers Moon Flickr )



ceramic mermaid dish - Royal Haeger

Haeger Mermaid



Three white flying ducks by Haeger

Three flying geese

( Collectics.com )



Vintage-red-glaze-rooster by Haeger

Vintage Royal Haeger Rooster

(  Haegernerd  flickr )



Haeger pair of lamps with green ribbed bases with matching vase

Tall Haeger Geometric Lamps with free form bowl.

( Haegernerd Flickr )


haeger-tiger figurine




light blue giraffe relief vase by Haeger

Art Deco giraffe vase – Royal Haeger



Red drip glaze teardrop vases - Haeger

Mid-Century Modern Pottery Lamps by Royal Haeger

( RetroSympthony Etsy )



Lime green octopus plate with black tribal heads -- Haegert

Image from haegernerd – Flickr



Haeger pottery vase

Haeger  vase



tall flared neck vase in red - Haeger

Red flared long neck vase – Haeger



Art Deco Ceramic Antelope Gazelle Statue by Haeger

Royal Haeger Art Deco  Ceramic Antelope Gazelle Statue



Haeger Leda and Swan platter in red, black and green

 Leda and the Swan



Blue art deco Haeger twin handled vase

Haeger Pottery vase From the Adam and Eve collection 1914 – 1933

( Collectors Weekly )



Haeger Vase tweed look decoration

Royal Haeger Gold Tweed Vase



Haeger Figurine peacock vase-- Haeger

Vintage Royal Haeger Peacock Vase



Yellow glazed Cleopatra lamp by Haeger

Vintage HAEGER Pottery Figural Cleopatra Isis Lamp




black ceramic antelope by Haeger

Black giselle – Royal Haeger




Tall haeger orange peel vase with volcanic glaze


      Tall long neck orange peel vase





royal haeger ewer

Royal Haeger vintage ewer




Haeger jug with earth wrap glaze





Vintage Pale Blue Vase – Haeger USA



Haeger candle holder

Haeger Mid Century modern earth drip candle holder


Haeger claims that their famous glazes are  frequently imitated but never successfully copied. The glaze covering the artware must be perfectly mixed and blended; hard and durable when fired, without cracks. Above all, the color must be clear and lustrous. Careful dipping assures a uniform coating of the bisque. In 2011 haeger celebrated their 140th anniversary and vowed to continue their  dedication to innovative design and quality craftsmanship.

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