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Geometric pottery styles

Elfie-Stradler jug

Elfie Stradler jug  ( Retro Pottery )

The rock painting below from Kakadu in Australia dates back to around 50,000 years. It clearly  indicates an artistic sense of symmetry and geometric design. A desire to express defining symbols and a subconscious  longing for structure  and order was possibly emerging as was reflected in  this ancient rock art. Geometric surface art, with both abstract and symmetrical patterns, have pervaded  the pottery arts of most ancient cultures. The earliest on record is the Protogeometric period (1050-900 BC ). Systems of concentric circles or semicircles, groups of oblique shapes, parallel lines, hatched triangles, lozenges and  rows of solid triangles, were the main motifs of the period. The shapes of the pottery vessels had evolved into designs such as the amphora, trefoil oinochoe and lekythos, krater, kantharos, skyphos and pyxis.

Kakadu rock painting

From the Early Geometric period up  to the Middle  Geometric which ended in 760BC, the decoration eventually covered  the entire surface of the vase in zones separated from each other by vertical groups of lines, creating panels. The following Late Geometric phase saw vases adorned by multi-figural scenes of everyday life, such as naval and land battles, hunting, and dances at religious ceremonies, confined within zones or panels. Geometric motifs were still found, amongst them chequer-board pattern, lozenges, complex meanders, leaves, and rosettes, all arranged vertically or horizontally.

Various representations of geometiric designs  have consistently  appeared over time, and with some cultures like the Native American, the geometric images on their pottery took on a tribal and spiritual significance. Other eras like Art Deco, featured  a predominance of  geometric aspects.

Here is a collection of mainly contemporary ceramics displaying various interpretations of geometric styles.

KARL MARTZ – A spherical vase with geometric decoration in green on brick-red ground, 1938

Geometric pyxis with four horses standing on the lid. Terracotta, 760–750 BC (Middle Geometric II). Made in Athens.

Tammy Garcia sculptural modernist vessel

A Never Ending Palette – Tammy Garcia

 Stoneware teapot Chris Gustin

 Stoneware teapot –  Chris Gustin

ROYAL COPENHAGEN  cylindrical vase – Axel Salto

West German Pottery Fat Lava Vases, by Scheurich Keramik ( 60’s )

Simon van der Ven

Vase by Marion Gaunce, porcelain, Britain, 1982.


Ceramic flask-  Robert Lallemant


Raymor-Italian pottery bulb


Gambone – Charger with geometric design

Petra Bittl

 “My work is painted, scratched, inlayed with porcelain and decorated with slips. The painted elements are simple: circles, spots and lines compliment the hand built and thrown forms.”

This Acoma Pottery seed pot by Nerissa Victorino is painted in the traditional geometric designs of red and black on white. –  N Victorino Acoma NM.

( Pavati Collections )

Gambone Italian square  form vessel

John Gill – Ceramic sculptural teapot


Chulucanas Art Deco pottery

Vase with geometric lines

gustavo perez

Takagaki Atsushi (b. 1946)Vessel with vertical folds, 2008

 Takagaki Atsushi (b. 1946) – Vessel with vertical folds, 2008

Ken Price
( Franklin Parrasch Gallery )
Private collection

Shio Kusaka

Aaron Bohrod F. Carlton Ball

Modern Contemporary vase

Modern Contemporary vase – Don Cornett

 Stephen Rodriguez Pottery

Doris Vlasek Hails

Doris Vlasek Hails

  Large double handle teapot

Brenda Richardson

Fine Line Geometric Seed Pot

Fine Line Geometric Seed Pot – Rebecca Lucario     Acoma

Kishi Eiko – Rectangular, leaning form with colored clay inlays, 2007

( Joan B Mirviss Gallery NY )

Suzuki Sensei

Ettore Sottsass

( Bonhams )

Gianni Versace Venini  – Smoking vintage collection ( glass )

HAP SAKWA -Burlwood bud vase


Cubist/abstract bowl –  Ralph Bacerra 1988  ( Lacma )

Muncie art pottery Ruba Rombic vase with airbrushed blue over green glaze

Kishi Eiko

 ( Joan-B-Mirviss  NY )


Poole English art pottery vase


Kondô Takahiro

Sculptural ceramic



Clyde Burt –  Tall tapering red clay bottle decorated in wax-resist with an overall geometric pattern in speckled slate gray glaze.

Denmark Vase –  by Michael Anderson