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Contemporary Ceramique La Borne



Jean and Jacqueline Lerat, 1969

  Magen H Gallery



7 centuries of pottery crafts


La Borne has been an active pottery center since the 13th century. Known for centuries as a “Village de Potiers,” La Borne is nestled in the environs of lush forests, over 3000ft above sea level in the Berry province of Central France. Currently it is the epicenter for around 100 active potters and their workshops, drawn to the area for its rich tradition of woodfired stoneware and a pioneering creative spirit. A Contemporary Ceramics Center has also been established in La Borne since 2010 that provides workshops, exhibition space and the ability to liaise with local potters and tap into their rich clay art tradition. Close by are other pottery centres such as Nevers and Gien and it’s also nearby beautiful middle-age city of Bourges

In the 15th century, the La Borne potters mastered the technique of firing the excellent local clays to a temperature of 1280C to create waterproof qualities for their pots. The local fine anthracite clays react wonderfully to long firings with wood, possibly due to it containing iron pyrites. This led to the production of quality utilitarian wares and other hand-thrown and sculpted forms. A pottery-making tradition in La Borne flourished over the centuries, with technical skills and knowledge being passed down to new generations of potters.



Expo au Centre Céramique Contemporaine de La Borne

Photo – Patrice Régnier

The early part of the 20th century saw a decline in demand for the La Borne wares with the popularity of new materials like aluminum and glass, with streamlined designs, used for the creation of utilitarian wares. Numerous workshops closed down, and the huge wood-burning kilns fell into disuse. While in 1914, 14 furnaces were in operation, by 1950 there remained only four. Simultaneously, a renaissance was occurring through the wave of new designers, ceramicists and sculptors that came to settle in La Borne during the German Occupation n the 1940‘s. These innovative artists succeeded in uniting modern art with the traditional stoneware, by highlighting its strength, earthy colors and textures with revolutionary shapes and glazes. This inspired  a liberating approach to the ceramic arts that has continued to develop throughout the 50‘s and 60‘s and beyond.

This started in 1941 with the arrival of artists Jean and Jacqueline Lerat, who came to study traditional ceramic techniques and eventually adapted this into a freer artistic expression. Other French and international artists such as Paul Beyer, André Rozay and Vassil Ivanoff arrived in 1946 followed by Pierre Mestre, Elisabeth Joulia, Yves et Monique Mohy, Anne Kjaersgaard, Jean Linard and Claudine Monchaussé coming to join this Post War ceramic movement. They made a significant contribution to elevating the language of ceramics design into a serious art form.
In 1987 the Musée de la Poterie, was founded to protect the local heritage, and has managed to assemble a remarkable collection of ancient items such as salting jars, oil containers, pitchers, finials and vases that were made locally.
La Borne still continues to be a thriving pottery precinct and a collection of pieces from the local  artists are on display below.


France-La-Borne-pottery atelier

La Borne’s wooded laneways are scattered with lots of pottery workshops.



Nearby to la borne - Sancerre-vineyards

Sancerre vineyards are nearby to La Borne




Yves Monty, 1974





Elisabeth Joulia


Photographie de Thibault Breton




Alicia-Rochina ceramic dish

Ceramic berry bowl – Alicia Rochina




Alicia-Rochina--garden planter

Alicia Rochina




Anne-Reverdy - charger with motif bust of woman in black

Anne Reverdy




Bernard-David - strong textured vessel

Bernard David




Brigitte-Marionneau-h-36cm -

‘At the edge of landscape II’ –7 series, Brigitte Marionneau

2014  height-36cm





‘Mask, 3-III Series’ – Brigitte Marionneau

2010  h.32cm

photo – Pascal Vangysel



Charlotte-poulsen-Giraffe sculpture

Charlotte Poulsen




Charlotte Poulsen




Christine-Limosino-Favretto ceramic dish

Christine Limosino Favretto




Claude-Gaget - ceramique tree sculpture

Claude Gaget





Claude Voisin, Bourges

After more than 3 years of experimental theater, jazz dance, African dance, and after more than 30 years of architecture, Claude Voisin egan creating ceramic sculptures in 2000.



Claude-Voisin---ceramique- sculptures

Claude Voisin




Claude Voisin




Claudie-Guillaume-Charnaux triangular ceramic box

Claudie Guillaume Charnaux, Morogues





Corinne Decoux, Saint Satur





Corinne Decoux, Saint Satur



La-Borne-old pottery kiln

La Borne kiln




Dalloun, La Borne

Dalloun likes to  explore a forgotten technique which is very very old (2500 years): sigillata earth – the many opportunities for cooking and the infinite variety of wild clays, provides a wealth of colors and tones, thanks to the iron oxide present in the earth.




Dalloun, La Borne




Dalloun-French contemporary ceramic cup

Dalloun, La Borne




David-Louveau-de-La-Guigneraye ceramiste a La Borne

David Louveau

Photos Pascal Vangysel




David_Louveau_punchong vessel French ceramique

David Louveau – punchong vessel





David Louveau




David-Whitehead-- ceramic sculpture

David Whitehead




Eric-Astoul----abstract sculptural ceramic

Eric Astoul

Technique: Wood Baking anagama, 1300c, 5-6 days

Photo – Pascal Vangysel



Eric-Astoul---photo by Pascal-Vangysel

Eric Astoul

Photo – Pascal Vangysel




Eric Astoul





Eric Astoul




Francine-Michel contemporary pottery

Francine Michel




Françoise-Blain-raku vessel

Raky vessel – Françoise Blain, Crézancy en Sancerre



François Maréchal-photo by Pascal-Vangysel

François Maréchal




Georges Sybesma-raku vase

Georges Sybesma




Georges-Sybesma-----La Borne ceramique

Georges Sybesma




Georges-Sybesma----incised surface vase

Georges Sybesma




Lucien-Petit raku ceramic sculpture

Lucien Petit




Lulu-Rozay pitcher

Lulu Rozay pitchet



Maya-Micenmacher-Rousseau-Photo by-Pascal-Vangysel

Maya Micenmacher Rousseau,  Ivoy le Pré




Nicolas-Rousseau-----French ceramic figurine

Nicolas Rousseau,  Ivoy le Pré




Nicolas Rousseau





Pep Gomez, Les Girardins



Seugho-Yang ceramic

Seugho Yang, Montigny





Ceramic teapot – Seugho Yang, Montigny



Norwegian potter Svein-Hjorth-Jensen

 Svein Hjorth Jensen




Svein-Hjorth-Jensen----ceramic tile

 Svein Hjorth Jensen



Sylvie Rigal-ceramic bowl

Sylvie Rigal, Sens Beaujeu



Sylvie-Rigal ceramique sculpture

Sylvie Rigal, Sens Beaujeu




Viola Hering ceramic tray with rooster motif

Viola Hering




Hervé-Rousseau ceramic sculpture

Hervé Rousseau




Hervé Rousseau




Isabelle-Coeur nude female sculpture

Isabelle Coeur




‘Man With Tie’ – Jean Guillaume

photo – Claude Friess



Isabelle-Pammachius ceramic tumblers

Isabelle Pammachius

Photo – Pascal Vangysel





Isabelle Pammachius




Jacques-Laroussinie-Petite-Chapelle ceramic sculpture

‘Petite Chapelle’ – Jacques Laroussinie




Karina-Schneider raku ceramic bottle

Karina Schneider, La Gibonnière




Karina-Schneider--lidded ceramic vessel

Karina Schneider, La Gibonnière



Jean-Luc-Belleville-Pascal-Vangysel Dragon standing on a ball sculpture

Dragon – Jean Luc Belleville

Photo – Pascal Vangysel




Labbrigitte- ceramic dog figurine




Labbrigitte--colorful ceramic birthday cake




Labbrigitte--ceramic figurine




Suzanne-Daigeler footed crescent moon ceramic vessel

Suzanne Daigeler footed ceramic vessel




la_borne-Cathederal-de-Linard - mosaic facade, sculpture garden

‘Cathederal de Linard’ with mosaic facade –   La Borne 


More information on all the above artists can be seen here

La Borne Ceramique Contemporaine website





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